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Macy quickly decided that the best option would be avoidance and ignorance; she would just sneak out of the house, steer clear of Kevin for the rest of the trip and when questioned pretend like nothing had happened. She was vaguely aware that there were some pretty large holes in the plan (like the fact that the Malones and Lucases pretty much ate dinner together every night at the lake), but it was all she had. There was no way she could face him after falling asleep in his bed like that. What if he thought she had planned it as some sort of trick to get close to him? And why on earth hadn't he let her leave last night? Just thinking about it made her head spin, so she was going to stick with the plan of not dealing with it.

Except she was still going to give her mother a piece of her mind.

As she slid out of bed, she realized someone had taken her shoes off, but it only took her a second to find them neatly arranged on the floor at the foot of the bed. She slipped them on before carefully creeping through the hallway and down the stairs, thankful that there was just a small entry way between her and freedom. Tip toeing quietly, she made it safely to the front door, slowly unlocked the latch and turned the knob.

She sighed in relief as the brisk morning air hit her face. Pausing for just a moment, she sprinted across the lawn towards Stella's house, so intent on her escape that she didn't see Kevin standing in the kitchen window in a chef's hat and apron.

Kevin waved at Macy, hoping to attract her attention so she'd come back and eat the chocolate chip pancakes he was making her for breakfast. When she didn't look up, he ran to the front door, but by the time he threw it open, she was already gone. He'd never really appreciated just how fast she was. Closing the door, he turned around to find his brothers coming down the stairs.

"Oh, man," Joe said excitedly. "Are you making pancakes?"

Kevin frowned. "Yeah, I was going to make them for…" he hesitated before finishing, "my favorite brothers. I'll go get them started."

Joe waited until his oldest brother had left the room before saying, "He wasn't making those for us, was he?"

"Not a chance," Nick agreed. "My guess is he was trying to make them for Macy but she panicked and left."

"She's obviously never had Kevin's special pancakes."

"I know. If this rock start things doesn't work out for us, he could totally open a pancake place."

"I still don't get how he can make the best pancakes in the world, but ruin everything else."

"You, me and the Fire Chief, man. Remember the grilled cheese debacle of '07?"

Joe laughed, "Ah, good times."

"I think that with Kevin it's better to not ask too many questions and just enjoy the pancakes."

As the two teens contemplated the mystery that was their brother, they heard him ask, "Do you want your pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse, lemurs or Cheetahs with chocolate chip spots?"

Nick and Joe shared a meaningful glance before they both yelled, "Cheetahs!"

Macy was feeling better – it was almost four and she hadn't seen any of the Lucas brothers all day. Of course, that had required her hiding in her room and now she was about ready to explode. Macy didn't like being inactive (she was the type of girl who needed to be outside doing something), so when she heard Stella call to her mom that she was going to go watch a movie at the Lucas', Macy had taken the opportunity to head for the docks.

After buckling her life jacket and grabbing a paddle, she was just starting towards the canoe when she heard steps behind her.

"Hi, Macy."

She froze and silently cursed. She knew that voice. Turning around, she replied, "Hi, Kevin."

"What are you doing?"

She tried not to roll her eyes. She was standing on a boat dock, holding a paddle. What did he think she was doing?

"I was just going to take a canoe out."

"Oh. Can I come?"

Without even thinking, Macy burst out, waving her paddle in frustration, "Are you insane? Do you have a death wish?"

"What?" Kevin asked, obviously taken aback at her response.

"Me, you, a paddle, water? How does that sound like a good idea?"

"I'm sure it'd be fine," he replied, quickly taking the paddle out of her hand as it swung dangerously close to his forehead.

"Of course it won't be fine. Think about it. I've slammed your hand in a locker, dropped a bowling ball on your foot, rendered you unconscious with my singing, and then fell asleep in your bed causing everything to be horrible and awkward. I can't do anything right around you!"

Kevin winced, "Mace, the last one wasn't your fault."

"Why? Did someone put sleeping pills in the apple pie?"

"I don't think so."

"Then just like everything else, it's my fault."

"No, Macy. It was me." He hesitated before adding, "I could have woken you up, but I just let you sleep. I didn't think you'd mind."

Macy's eyes went wide. "You were the one who covered me with a blanket and took off my shoes and everything?"

He nodded.


Shrugging, he said, "You just looked so peaceful, I guess, so I wanted to let you sleep. I sort of figured your mom or Stella would come get you eventually."

Macy felt vindicated that she wasn't the only person who thought it was strange that her mother had left her in bed with a teenage boy, but chose not to comment on that. Instead she asked, "Why didn't you let me leave then?"


She nodded, desperate to know the answer to the question that had plagued her all day.

"It was nice," he looked down at the ground, his voice so quiet that she had to strain to hear what he was saying. "Holding you was nice - better than my teddy bear. You were so warm and cuddly and you smelled like vanilla."

"I'm better than Mr. Bumble?" Macy said in awe.

"Yeah," Kevin replied nervously. "Are you mad?"

She looked thoughtful, "I'm not mad at you." Then frowning she added, "But I can't believe I got to snuggle with Kevin of JONAS, and I was too freaked out to enjoy it!"

He hesitated a moment before smiling shyly at her, "We could always try again."

"I talked to my mom this morning; I don't think she's going to go for the bed sharing a second time."

He blushed before saying, "I meant the snuggling, not the bed part. My mom wasn't so keen on it either."

"Oh," Macy gulped. "Really?"

Kevin nodded. Placing the paddle carefully on the ground, he reached out and began slowly unbuckling her life jacket. She remained totally still, her eyes wide as he gently took off the vest and tossed it on top of the oar. Then he took a step towards her and wrapped his arms around her; she buried her head in his chest as her hands went around his waist. She felt his cheek rest on her head as he mumbled, "You smell really good."

"Thanks," she replied. "It's my shampoo."

She closed her eyes and leaned against him, enjoying the sensation of being held.

"Is this okay?" He asked after a moment.

"Amazing," she breathed before realizing how that might sound. She was about to apologize for sounding like an idiot, when she heard him say, "I'm glad."

"Do you still want to go on a canoe ride?" She finally asked.

"Maybe later. For now, I'm good where I am," he replied, kissing the top of her head. She sighed happily, perfectly willing to stand there forever.