A screen dropped over a chalk board, lights dimmed, and a movie began to play. "Welcome, new insert class here. We are going to take a briefly long moment

of your time to describe the situation against the BLUs and the REDs before we get to talking about where you're going." The narrator of the movie said.

"Ahem," the Narrator coughed. "At first glance, we both seem like friendly companies to each other. RED, Reliable Evacuation Demolition, is hired to clear

areas for companies to build factories, stores, parking lots, and other things, as well as fueling them. BLU, Builder's League United, builds on top of what the

RED do, as well as being a security company that keeps the world safe. But, there is a hidden secret behind all of this," The Narrator continues, his voice

growing deeper by the moment.

"Back in 1963, we were planning have a party with them. Laugh, tell jokes, and have a good time since we were buddies. Since BLU thought they were

friendly. Moments after our employees mentioned a party, they were attacked by several mercenaries. We were nice to them. We ask them if they want

wine, pop, food, cake and fun, and they answer with lead. Apparently, they're now doing a job for themselves now... The REDs are trying to destroy the

BLUs, and take our supplies, and become an Omnipotent company, and, if they keep on ambushing like they did to us, take over the world. BLU, as a

security company, can't let this happen. At all. Since we know negotiating will not work (we promised them cake), we have to take action and eradicate the

REDs. You, by joining the BLUs, have agreed with the rules of BLU, it's rules of engagement, and it's code of concept. And that you are NOT a RED Spy.

You will learn more about this from the Pyro who will spy check you in 3, 2..."

The new recruit was puffed with a blast of fire before he could grasp the situation. He didn't lit on fire, to his surprise. He opened his mouth to say something,

but the instructor pointed at the screen.

"If you are still alive, you are not a spy, and are officially part of BLU!" The Narrorator cheered. "Ahem, now onto the topic you probably didn't know already.

After your training with other trainees in the Lumberyard and Sawmill, you are classed as: SCOUT. Your results from the physical test prove that you are

light weight and fast, but because of your speed, you can't lift heavy weaponry and use your speed to your fullest potential. You will be tested on: 2FORT,

with BLU company: B.R.O., which stands for: BLU RECRUIT OUTFITTING. The soldiers here have prepared for your arrival since 2 days after you signed up

for BLU. They will welcome you with open arms... well, at leas the Heavy will. Thank you for helping us help you help us all!" The narrator said as the

slideshow ended, the lights flickered on, and the screen rolled up.

The new BLU was puzzled. "'Thank you for helping us help you help us all'? Jeez I don't think that could be any more unnecessarily complicated."

The old woman instructor stood. "Yes, I didn't write this, so why are you complaining to me? Anyway, your transport is right outside. It's the one with the RV.

You should notice him right away."

"Thanks, and bye." The scout said as he dashed out of the room.

"Heh," the woman said as the door slowly shut, sitting down and adjusting a microphone on her desk. "You won't hear the last of me."

The Scout rushed outside, to see the RV right in front of him with the engine running.

Scout knocked on the door. "Yello?"

"Hold up..." Said an English-Australian voice from inside the van. The door opened, and an Australian hunter was there at the door. "It's gonna be a long trip

to 2fort. Ya can sleep on the couch."

Scout hopped in and got his first impression:

Dude's a wackjob.

He has heads of Dingos and pictures of many other things he had caught in the outback. Those were all expected when he first got a look at the guy. What

he didn't expect was this: A head wearing a red ski mask mounted on the wall. Seriously what kind of sicko do you have to be to keep some guy's head and

feel proud of it like it was a golf trophy or something? Scout thought to himself. A big one no friggin' doubt.

Eventually, night came, and Scout was getting tired, so he kicked back and fell asleep.