Hey there! You might've noticed this story is listed as complete. I didn't want to put this in the summary, so here you go, my official explanation!

My interest in this story was kind of starting to wane around the late teen chapters; there's some scenes I was really proud of, but some of the storylines of my own creation were really starting to bore me, while I wasn't paying enough attention to some others. I've re-read over the entire story, made a list of points to hit and other things to cover in the new semester, so I will definitely be much more careful to avoid being a scatterbrain in the future.

That being said, I decided to start fresh in a part 2; my longest story to-date has been 35 chapters, and that was an enormous pain in the ass. Considering DWC is already at 20 chapters (this note doesn't count!), I decided to cut it short and switch to a second story to use as a part 2.

Expect the second story to pop up in a day or two (it will be called Dynasty Warriors College: Part 2), I've been a lot busier than I anticipated this semester so I've been working my tail off with IRL stuff. Thanks a million for the reviews (115 reviews!) and hopefully I'll see you for 2nd semester :)