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Notes: Before I start, I'd like to mention that France x South Korea (to many's surprise) is historically accurate. Here is a little background on actual France-South Korea relations from Wikipedia (because as much as I want to link to its references, the mentioned are in French, and I unfortunately do not speak French):

"France–South Korea relations have spanned over a period from the 19th century to the present….France and the Republic of Korea still maintain very good relations. They collaborate on many topics and issues that are facing the world today. This was seen especially on the question of North Korea, which is of course a matter of great importance for both countries. Besides bilateral cooperation, France and South Korea also work together in international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, the OECD, etc.….The French government describes its relations with South Korea as "excellent"

#1 – Taekwondo (+)

Yong Soo considers Francis to be his best friend in the whole world. They seem like such a strange pair at first that it makes one wonder how they even manage to get along. But they do, and that's all that matters to them.

Surprisingly, they have similar hobbies and interests and enjoy doing them together. The Korean can do anything with the Frenchman, and the latter never tried to shut him off because of his hyperactive personality. (He can't even count the number of times Aniki and old man Japan did that to him.) The European never scoffs at his ideas nor treats him as if he were some kind of recalcitrant child. Maybe it's because of Francis' brotherly side, but he always listens patiently with a sincere, kind smile on his face to all of Yong Soo's ideas (even to the ones that the Asian found outrageous himself) and laughs at the Korean's attempts at humor.

This proves to be very advantageous when Francis started to frequently fly to the peninsula to strengthen the France-South Korea relations. And although the blond's visits were because of political reasons, the raven-haired youth was just delighted. He always treasured his friend's presence, and he went out of his way just to give the other the best accommodation possible (because great accommodation was invented in Korea after all). After meetings, Yong Soo and Francis would sneak past their ambassadors and go to night festivals. The days the two spent together were some of the happiest times the young nation had in a long time, and much to Yong Soo's joy, it seemed to be the same for Francis…

…which is why he is so concerned when he sees the Frenchman's crestfallen face during one of their dinners.

"What's the matter, France-ssi?" Yong soo asks across the round, white, lace table clothed table the two are sitting around.

"A-ah!" Francis snaps back to reality, looking scandalized to be caught in such an ungraceful stance, and he regains his senses. "No-nothing, mon ami. I'm just tired," he replied softly. He brings up his hand to suppress a yawn.

"Is it because of your constant flights to my house?"

Francis seems to be surprised by the question, his hand in mid-air, as if he doesn't know what to do with it. Yong Soo can tell by the way the Francis' eyes shift from side to side that he's considering his answer. Finally, the blond sighs. "A-actually, oui. It is because of my constant flights. I was never one that could handle trips on planes very well…Maybe I am getting older," he says the last line with a chuckle.

But even the chuckle can't lighten the mood, as the young Asian lowers his head shamefully with a small pout on his lips. "O-oh! I'm really sorry! That was really selfish of me… I knew that I should have suggested that I should go to France instead, but I just wanted to show you all the things I invented and…" he trails off.

"Non!" Francis chirps, shaking his palms in front of his chest to assure the other. "It's fine, mon ami! Ju- just don't feel bad! I really like being in La Corée. Really! It's just-"

But before he's able to finish his apologies, Yong Soo quickly snaps his head upright with a twinkle in his inky eyes. "Hey, France-shi! I just thought of something!"

The European promptly stops shaking his palms and prefers to raise one of his eyebrows in curiosity instead. "Wha-what is it, mon ami?"

"Remember the martial art that I told you I invented?!" he says with a huge grin.

"Oui. Taekwondo, was it?"

"Yes! That! And what does Taekwondo specialize in?"

"Ummm…kicking, right? Taekwondo practitioners have very strong and accurate kicks?"


"Wha-what about it, Corée?" At this point, one can tell the nervousness in Francis' voice.

The youth's smile just grows even wider. "Hey! Wanna faster and cheaper way to fly back to France?! I can't guarantee the landing though…"


Arthur stops mixing his potion, hands still clutching on to the wooden spoon. For some strange reason, he has the strangest urge to fly to South Korea and learn Taekwondo.

#2 – Trash Can

Francis is a little more than surprised to find Yong Soo sprawled inside the Frenchman's dumpster, seemingly half-dead.

"Corée! What are you doing in there?!"

"Aniki and old man Japan threw me in here! Just because I told them that Asia originated in me!" the Korean mumbles, swatting away an offending banana peel off his head.

Francis just laughs as he assisted the Korean out of the trash bin and gave the young Asian a peck on the forehead.

Yong Soo was surely not a piece of trash. He was Francis' treasure.

#3 - Teaching

Francis has always loved being a teacher, spending time with his students and opening their eyes to new horizons and making them think in new perspectives…

…so when Yong Soo goes up to him and excitedly asks him to teach him some new French dance moves, Francis immediately perks up, takes the Korean's hands into his own and says:

"Ah! Oui Oui! It's something that I wanted to teach you for some time now! Have you heard of this move? It's called the FRENCH KISS! Non? Here! Let me show you, mon ami!"

He then sharply pulls the young Asian towards him and gives Yong Soo a demonstration that put all of Francis' past executions of the technique to shame.

Ah…the joys of teaching…

#4 – Soufflé (+)

Sometimes, when he isn't hanging out with his brother or America nor engaging in Taekwondo training nor practicing his break dance moves, Yong Soo spends his afternoons baking cakes.

It's a hobby of Francis' that rubbed off on him over time. Francis would often bring a box of cake when he'd visit the Korean's house. The European brought many different kinds of various colors and fancy designs: some tall, others round, and others again unconventionally-shaped. However, no matter what kind of cake he would bring, he would always proudly proclaim that it was made with his infinite love for the Korean. Yong Soo would give the Frenchman a big, childish smile and give him a big hug as he silently vowed that he would give an even greater cake to the European the next time he would visit France…

…but this cake wasn't for Francis…

It was for his betrothed, Hyung. Due to their leaders' unanimous decision, the two of them were to be unified once and for all. The wedding would take place two weeks from now.

The South Korean prime minister said he should start becoming more accommodating to his northern brother and bake a cake for North Korea like he always does for France.

Yong Soo already mixed the ingredients and is just about to pop the mixture into the oven. He was preparing a soufflé, the cake that Francis liked the most. If he liked it, then his brother would too.

A small smile creeps to his lips when he remembers the first time he baked Francis a soufflé.

The raven-haired youth was clumsy enough to accidentally spill the concoction on himself.

After he was clean, Yong Soo was determined not to screw it up again and put all his effort into baking the cake. Much to his disappointment, it didn't come out nearly as beautifully as the soufflé that Francis had given him a day ago. He spun the tray around slowly, observing the cake from as many angles as he could. It was looked all beaten up and unsymmetrical that it made his heart sink. He wanted to make a cake that Francis would love!

He felt the pinpricks of tears forming at the edges of his eyes, but he quickly looked up when he felt the back of Francis' hand wipe away his tears.

"Don't be sad, mon ami! Look! It's still inflated!"

"S-so what! It isn't worth eating! I messed up like I always do!" Yong Soo whimpered, holding the tray with one hand to rub his eyes with the other.

Francis just placed a comforting hand on the Korean's shoulder. "Non! It may not look like other soufflés, but you didn't screw up! Usually, this kind of cake would deflate if not properly made." He smiled. "You put a lot of love into making this, didn't you?"

The young Asian couldn't bring himself to look at Francis, so he just nodded his head weakly.

"That's the secret of this cake: if you don't put love and care into making it, then it will deflate with just a prick! Oui, see here!"

Yong Soo turned his head in time to see the Frenchman produce a thin stick out of his apron. He twirled it in his fingers before he used it to stab the cake. "See! It's still inflated!"

He picked out a fork from his apron, tore off a piece, and brought it to his lips.

He had a big grin on his face when he said, "It's delicious, mon ami! Just see for yourself!"

The Frenchman took off another piece and prodded it against the Korean's lips.

Yong Soo hesitantly opened his mouth and chews on the cake Francis offered him. His lips crack into a smile. It was just as Francis had said.

"I'm really glad that you made me a cake for me," Francis said with a kind smile on his face. Merci beaucoup…"

Ever since then, the raven-haired youth has been practicing baking soufflés for the blond many times. Yong Soo smirks as he daydreams. He can proudly boast that none of the cakes had deflated yet.

And none of them ever would because he wouldn't be making cakes for Francis anymore. His leader cut the ties between the two nations, and he hasn't seen the Frenchman since…

…b-but it's okay because he wants to reunite with his brother, and he loves Hyung so very much, and…

The oven timer rings, snapping him back to reality. It was finished already?

He walks over to the oven and brings out a hot soufflé with mittened hands. He takes in a whiff of its scent. All that practice had paid off. He spun the tray around in his hands. It was the perfect shape of a soufflé.

It was time for the test…he licks his lips as he holds out a thin stick. After this, he can finally give it to Hyung and everyone would be happy and he would be happy and…

…the soufflé deflates, reduced into a flat, unappealing excuse of a cake.

A large frown is plastered on Yong Soo's face as he feels hot tears trail down his cheeks.

He was deceiving himself the whole time after all.

He wasn't in love with Hyung at all…

He is still madly in love with Francis…


+ (1) Taekwondo:

- Taekwondo is known for its powerful kicks. It uses balance, hip torque, and powerful, flexible legs. However, the real secret to its strong kicks is the manner in which the stationary foot pivots. When the stationary foot pivots, one's joints align, and balance improves, which positions one's body for better kicking power. Every kick has its own characteristic pivot, and the pivoting action for each kick differs from style to style. (Hallander, 1992).

- "Economic relations between the two nations are strong. French exports to South Korea were worth €2.6 billion in 2006, and France was the seventh largest investor in the Republic of Korea. South Korean exports to France during the same period were worth €4.1 billion. Cultural relations are enhanced by the presence of a French Cultural Centre in Korea, along with that of the Alliance française." (Wikipedia, 2012).

+ (4) Soufflé:

- "A soufflé is a lightly baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word soufflé is the past participle of the French verb souffler which means "to blow up" or more loosely "puff up"—an apt description of what happens to this combination of custard and egg whites…Due to soufflés' tendency to collapse quickly upon removal from the oven, the media frequently depicts the dessert in sitcoms, cartoons, children's programs and movies as a source of humor. Often the gag involves a loud noise or poke causing the soufflé to collapse." (Wikipedia, 2012).

- "On the matter of North Korea, France is one of the few European countries to not have official diplomatic relations with the DPRK. Also, France has supported the Six-party talks as well as the role of the IAEA in finding solutions to the nuclear issue." (Wikipedia, 2012).

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