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My hands trembled painfully as I clutched the razor blade close to my wrist. A snug fit against my blue veins. Blue inside, red outside. A simple routine. A negotiation with the monster inside of me.

Kill yourself or cut yourself.

I sobbed as I continued to slice into the tender flesh of my wrist. I cut all the way up my arm until there was a row of fresh marks. Bleeding marks. I sobbed harder.

Sobbing eventually became laughter and I couldn't control myself anymore. I began to hyperventilate. My breathing was uneven. My voice shook almost as uncontrollably as my hands. One false cut and I would bleed to death. I laughed harder. I had control.

This was the only control I would receive.

I trembled and the razor blade fell from my fingers.

Landing quietly on the floor; a mere whisper in comparison to my hoarse voice. Whimpering unintelligible words; incomprehensible even to myself.

I felt myself falling onto the floor. Dizzy. The room began to spiral out of control. I continued to sob. I sobbed until my vision began to blur and colours began to smudge into one another. Everything slowly faded to black.

The scene could only be described as the Death of an Optimist.


Naruto was an average student at school. His grades were mediocre in comparison to most of the students in his class, however, that was fine with him. He could have easily pulled his mark up in the class if he wanted to. Easily. He was loud, obnoxious and very popular amongst his peers.

Although his grades were somewhat pathetic; everyone wanted to be like Naruto. He was always determined. He was very easy on the eyes. He was confident. He was, above all else, an optimist. The girls oo'd and the boys ah'd.

He was Naruto Uzumaki and one day he would have it all.


Sasuke Uchiha was a prodigy. He was a seventeen year old genius and his grades were impeccable. He was raised within a wealthy family and one day he would inherit his father's million dollar company. Sasuke didn't enjoy socializing with others. He avoided human contact during school. He sat alone during lunch. He was attractive. He was a prick. The teachers loved him but only talked to him when they needed too.

He was Sasuke Uchiha and one day he would lose it all.


He came into class wearing suit pants and a dress shirt. He wore an orange tie with the get-up and strolled confidently into an empty seat. It was the first day of school and Naruto knew how to make a first-impression. The class snickered around him. The guys shouted and whistled and Naruto simply stood up and bowed.

It had been less than five minutes.

The teacher walked into class. As soon as he saw Naruto he smiled and let out a sigh. "What am I going to do with you Naruto? First day of school and you're already making a scene." Naruto chuckled and the teacher laughed along.

His first class was English and they spent the entire class going over rules and regulations (which half the class practically knew by heart). Naruto had fallen asleep before the halfway mark and some of his classmates had drawn whiskers on his face. The teacher didn't bother to yell at them (Kakashi-Sensei enjoyed a good prank now and then—especially when they were his ideas).

Naruto slept throughout the rest of the class and was (rudely) woken up thirty two seconds before the bell. Kakashi kept throwing pieces of chalk onto his head until he eventually woke up.

He quickly threw everything into his orange back-pack before hurrying to his next class.


Sasuke walked into class and sat down in his seat. He didn't need to take any notes during his first class. It was only review. He still had books filled with his notes from last year so all of these lessons were really pointless. He sighed. He spent the entire class reading. Once the bell rang, he quickly exited the classroom. He didn't talk to anyone and avoided eye contact.

His next class was with Naruto.

The Blonde quickly waved him over and he simply ignored. He took the seat furthest away from him and silently prayed that Naruto would give up.

His prayers remained unanswered as the Blonde sat beside him and began to engage in a rhetorical conversation.

"Sasuke, I haven't seen you all Summer. You really need to start picking up your phone when I call, it's not flattering. You do need some human contact. Pull an E.T! Stay in touch!"

The Blonde's smile was infectious as he smirked at the girl sitting in front of them. She smiled back. Sasuke merely sighed.

"You're not going to leave me alone, are you?"

Naruto chuckled softly from the seat beside him, "You catch on quick." Sasuke glared hotly. He knew this was going to be a long year. Especially with the Blonde Idiot beside him. He couldn't stand him last year and this year wasn't going to be different.

Naruto playfully leaned over his desk and he grunted. "Neh, Sasuke. You're neglecting me. How do you expect this relationship to grow with that kind of attitude?" He said before poking Sasuke's forehead with a pencil.

"I'll kill you one day." Sasuke muttered and Naruto smirked. "Well, it's not a 'hi, how are you?' but I guess it's a start, eh?"

"Naruto-kun!" A squeal from the front and Naruto quickly turned to look. His eyes brightened and Sasuke hit his head against his desk. "Sakura-chan!"


Sakura Haruno was a very pretty girl. She was physically strong yet elegant. She was emotionally mature and supportive. She was funny and playful. She was slender. She was smart. She wanted to be a Doctor when she grew up. She was everything a boy could want in a girl.

She was Sakura Haruno and one day she would have to make a choice.


Naruto and Sakura had been dating for a little over a year now. Naruto quickly motioned for the seat on his other side and Sakura sat down with a smile. "What's with the get-up?" She asked with a smirk. He laughed softly, "clearly to make an impression on the first-years." He smirked and she returned his expression easily.

They had been meant to be together. Sakura was one of the most popular girls and Naruto was one of the most popular boys. Naruto had had a crush on Sakura all through elementary and Sakura had a crush on Naruto all through the beginning of high school. They had gotten together during their third year of High-School.

They were meant to be together.

A perfect couple.

Or so everyone typically thought.


Sasuke spent the rest of the class ignoring the couple beside him and attempting to pay attention during Math. Maybe he should ask to switch classes. The noises they were making made him sick. Disgusting.

He had lunch now and he was almost grateful. Almost.

However, approximately twenty minutes from now Sasuke would wish he were back in class and Sasuke would be wishing he could hear them once more.

He stood up threw everything in his bag and walked out of the room quickly. He had been ticking off the seconds before the bell would ring. "Wait! Sasuke! Come eat lunch with us!" Naruto called out, "Naruto, just leave him alone." Sakura murmured. Sasuke quickly left without another word.

He walked outside and sat in his usually shady spot. He leaned against the school building and simply read his book. Sasuke had been minding his own business.

"Faggot." Sasuke ignored them. "Fucking pussy." More taunts. He continued to read. "Hey, faggot. C'mere. Wanna good time?" Sasuke growled. They were drunk. Who honestly drank alcohol at eleven AM in the morning? "Leave me alone." He warned them.

They advanced towards him and he stood up.

"Sasuke?" A voice called out from behind them. Naruto had come to save the day. Sasuke was getting angry. "Sasuke, what the fuck is going on here?" Naruto snapped instantly glaring at the group of boys.

"They're drunk and looking for a fight. Don't get yourself involved in my business." Sasuke snapped back. The boys laughed. "Fucking faggots. Both of you. We don't need people like you in our school. Get the fuck out."

Naruto easily punched one in the gut. The boy toppled over grabbing his stomach. Sasuke glared at the Blonde before picking up his things and getting ready to leave. Before he could however.

One of the boys had crushed his lips against his. Sasuke's eyes widened. His body didn't react as quickly as he'd wanted it too. He felt a tongue in his mouth when suddenly all contact disappeared. Naruto had punched the boy in the face.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" Sasuke shouted. The Dark-Haired teen attempted to leave once more. Naruto had grabbed the sleeve of his sweater.

"Sasuke?" Naruto spoke softly, in a useless attempt to calm the other boy down.

Sasuke was embarrassed, humiliated and degraded. He hated physical contact. The very idea of someone touching him. Kissing him. Shoving their tongue. He felt bile rise to his throat. Disgusting. Naruto tugged on his sleeve and he pulled his arm away. "You're disgusting." Sasuke muttered before quickly walking away. Naruto didn't bother to stop him this time.


Sasuke had fallen in love with Naruto a long time ago. Some punks had found out Sasuke was gay and had raped him. Sasuke had never told anyone, however, he had stopped all contact with Naruto. He had stopped talking to anyone after that. No one knew why Sasuke had suddenly changed. Theory was he was gay, but that was only an assumption. Naruto continued to try to talk to him.

Sasuke continued to cringe away.


Naruto followed Sasuke home that day. Sasuke fumed as he attempted to ignore the blatantly obvious blonde. Naruto hid behind trees. Naruto hid behind walls. Naruto thought he was a ninja.

"If you keep fucking following me I'm going to castrate you." Sasuke growled. Pronunciating every syllable. Grinding his teeth together.

He had been following him for the past thirty minutes and Sasuke had had enough. "Sasuke. I want to talk to you."

Sasuke had avoided Naruto for the past three years and the Blonde had chosen this moment to talk to him? To sort things out? Sasuke's hands trembled in anger. Naruto was an inconsiderate asshole.

"Well, I'm not really in the mood right now Naruto. Leave me the fuck alone." Sasuke snapped at the other. Naruto paused patiently. Waiting for Sasuke's breath to even out. Sasuke averted his gaze from Naruto's and quickly began to walk again.

Naruto continued to follow.


Naruto had pinned Sasuke against a tree and held his wrist above his head. They glared at one another. More specifically; Sasuke glared at Naruto and the Blonde simply smirked in response.

"Get the fuck away from me." Sasuke seethed as he struggled within the others grip. Naruto stared directly into his eyes and Sasuke maintained contact.

"No." Naruto murmured with a smile before leaning in for a kiss.