Authors Note: This is it, the ending. My first story written in third person and maybe my last. I hope you enjoy it. This story depressed me more so than any other. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I do not own Naruto.


"Hinata?" The pink haired girl asked. "What is it Sakura-kun?" Asked the shyer of the two. Sakura took a short pause before clenching her hand into a fist. "I have something to confess." She murmured softly. Never making eye contact.

Inwardly she rejoiced. Everything had been going exactly as plan. This would be the final step. This would be the final push before Naruto took the final plunge.

"What?" Hinata asked, curiosity evident in her tone.

"I think I'm pregnant."


Sasuke sat down against Naruto's front door. He knew it was futile. He knew nothing would go his way, but he couldn't give up. He didn't want this to end up like last time. He at least wanted a final goodbye. He wanted Naruto to talk to him and hold him in his arm. He wanted all of the hurt to go away.

He wrapped his arms around himself and waited. He waited for his nerves to calm down. He waited for the tears to stop. He didn't want Naruto to see him like this. He at least wanted to be strong for Naruto.

He wanted to make this as easy as possible for both of them.

He shakily stood up and took a deep breath. He moved his hands to his sides and gave the door a quiet rap.

He heard muffled footsteps and his heart gave a painful lurch as he saw the door slowly open. "Naruto?" He asked. His tone indifferent and calm (the complete opposite of what he was feeling now).

The Blonde's eyes widened slightly before he gave a nervous smile. "Sasuke? What're you doing here?" He looked cautiously around before looking at Sasuke once more. Sasuke stuffed his hands in his pockets before speaking. Lines he had rehearsed for hours in his head evaporated from his mind.

"I wanted to see you." Sasuke murmured. His heart rammed painfully against his chest. He knew it would burst if this kept up. "Come in" Naruto practically whispered.

Sasuke moved awkwardly into the Blonde's house. He nervously made his way over to the couch and promptly sat on it. Every moment he had ever spent with Naruto in his little apartment suddenly came back. Ghosts reawoken from the grave. He felt his body lightly shudder.

"Sasuke. You heard Sakura" the Blonde started. Sasuke knew how the conversation would turn out. Was he a masochist? Dragging himself to Naruto's home so he could hear the words himself? "It was almost my fault that she killed herself" his voice lowered a tone. Sasuke felt himself grow colder. "I can't do that to her again, Sasuke. I care about her. She's my best friend." Sasuke couldn't breath. "Then what the fuck am I Naruto? Just a fuck toy? Easy to replace? Just as easy to forget?" Sasuke snapped.

Naruto felt his eyes widen and he averted his gaze immediately. "Sasuke, you know you mean more to me than that. After everything we've been through…"

"Everything we've been through? Everything you so easily threw away? Everything you're throwing away for the second time!" Sasuke was yelling now.

"Sasuke. Stop it, please." Naruto pleaded softly. His heart ached. The soft voice Naruto had used to whisper sweet nothings was suddenly asking him to stitch up the gaping wound in his chest. Naruto's eyes were widened once more as he noticed the tears in Sasuke's eyes.

"You were the only good thing I had left, Naruto." He murmured. "What am I going to do without you?" He cried softly. Before Naruto knew just what he was doing, his body moved towards Sasuke's and he held him in his arms. "It's okay" Naruto murmured; rubbing his hands against his back. Pressing their bodies together. Offering Sasuke the warmth he needed.

Sasuke couldn't stop crying.


"What should I do, Hinata?" She asked her. Hinata tried to calm herself down enough to give the other a proper answer. "Why don't you try talking to Naruto about it for now?" Hinata suggested. Trying to be helpful in a situation she had never quite seen herself in.

"You really think so?" She asked. Hinata gave her a small smile before nodding. Sakura smiled back before grabbing her phone and dialling the blonde's number. After two rings, Naïve Naruto answered his phone.

"Sakura?" He asked. His voice was different than usual. Soft and detached. Like it normally was when he was either with Sasuke or thinking of Sasuke. She heard a door slam. She heard Naruto let out a breath, "Sakura, I can't really talk right now. I'm sort of busy. I'll call you back right away though, okay?" The Pink-Haired girl silently agreed. Noting the fact that if Naruto hung up the phone with her he usually told her what he would be doing, and when he would call her back.

"He's with Sasuke." She murmured. Hinata's eyes widened slightly.

"I don't want a baby with him, Hinata. I don't know if he'd be able to take it. He can hardly handle a relationship with me." She forced her eyes to tear up and Hinata edged towards her, wrapping her arms around her.

"It's okay Sakura. Whatever decision you make, I'll be there for you"

Sakura smiled against the other girl as she laid her head against her shoulder.


They wrestled on the floor and suddenly Sasuke was pinned underneath Naruto. "Let go of me, Dobe." Sasuke muttered, struggling beneath him. Naruto huffed angrily against the other before trying to calm down his breathing.

"Wait, Sasuke. You wanted to talk, so let's talk." Naruto said with a smile. Sasuke's eyes widened. He knew what that smile meant. Naruto was feeling playful. The Blonde began kissing up his jaw and moving closer and closer to his soft lips. "I'm undoubtedly attracted to you." Naruto murmured softly. Sasuke held his breath.

Naruto paused before kissing him, "but I can't be with you." He said pressing his lips against Sasuke's. Sasuke felt his heart race, his pulse quicken. He felt dizzy. He felt complete.

"Don't tease me like this, Naruto." Sasuke murmured. Naruto chuckled softly. "Sasuke, I want to be close to you; even if that means not being able to do these things. I love you." Sasuke's eyes widened as he thrashed underneath the Blonde.

"Don't fucking lie to me, Naruto." Naruto closed his eyes before rubbing his face against Sasuke's cheek. "I know how you feel, Sasuke. I'm sorry. Maybe if I can talk to Sakura, we can fix things. But for now, it has to be this way."

Sasuke avoided eye contact and eventually Naruto let go of him and stood up. He reached down to give Sasuke his hand but Sasuke hotly refused. Sasuke stood up by himself and shook his head.

"This isn't love, Naruto. This is you being confused. If it was love, it would be an easy choice wouldn't it?" Sasuke yelled.

Sasuke stormed off. This time, Naruto didn't follow.


"Maybe I should keep it?" Sakura murmured softly against Hinata, "I love him, right? Even if this is the only part of him I can keep completely to myself. Is that selfish?" She continued. Sakura sighed softly before her body began to shake. "Hinata, I think I just need to talk to him like you said. I'm in love with him. I want him to be part of my life no matter what."

Hinata nodded.


"Naruto?" Sakura asked nervously fidgeting. Naruto looked exhausted. He had been thinking all day. Maybe he should. Maybe he shouldn't. He was in love with Sasuke. He cared about Sakura. Maybe she would understand?

"Sakura?" He answered, "I need to tell you something." She looked up at him curiously before nodding.

"I'm in love with Sasuke and I always have been. I care about you. But, I need him in my life Sakura. He's all I ever think about. I love him. I didn't mean to hurt you by cheating on you with him. I just, I can't stay away from him. Please understand, Sakura." Naruto asked with a nervous smile.

Sakura's heart raced. Everything was coming together so nicely.

"I understand, Naruto."

She murmured.

Naruto smiled widely at her before leaning towards her and giving her a hug. He held her carefully before pulling away. The smile never leaving his face. "Thank-you Sakura, thank-you so much." She smiled back.

It would be the last time she would ever see him.

That much, she knew.



"Sorry, he's actually not home right now. F'kn brat." Itachi slurred.

"Alright." Naruto said before hanging up.

He would look for him, and he would find him. He decided with a smirk. When he found him, he would kiss him. He would smother him. He would never let him go—not anymore.

Naruto's heart raced as he quickly darted out of the house.


"Who was that, Itachi?" Sasuke asked curiously, miserably. "None of your business" he shouted at the younger Uchiha. Sasuke nodded before going back into his room and lying in his bed.

He looked at the ceiling and attempted to hold back the tears.

He wouldn't cry for Naruto.

Not anymore.


"Hinata?" Naruto asked curiously over the phone.

"You're fucking impossible!" She screamed into the phone. The once quiet Hinata losing all semblance of composure. His eyes widened slightly. "What's wrong Hinata?" He heard the other sobbing on the phone.

"Fucksake Naruto! She fucking--killed it. She killed the fucking baby that she wanted to have with you. She kept talking about how it would bring you back to her. She fucking killed the baby you asshole. You monster. You fucking monster!"

"Baby?" Naruto whimpered.

"She was pregnant. For weeks she was fucking pregnant, Naruto. And you fucking killed the baby. It's your entire fault. You should see her now, Naruto. I can't believe you would fucking say those things to her. That you would just fucking leave her. I can't believe you" the hysterical teen sobbed into the phone.


Naruto's hands shook so violently he dropped the phone onto the floor.


"Do you know how madly in love with you I am?" Naruto slurred, having had drunk at least four bottles of beer. To say he was a lightweight would be an understatement. Sasuke chuckled softly before leaning in for a sweet kiss. He could taste the alcohol against the others lips.

"You're drunk, you idiot." Sasuke said with a smile. Naruto chuckled back before running his fingers in the others hair.

"I want to fuck you so hard, baby." He slurred once more. Sasuke had a hard time trying not to smile "you're cute, you know that?" Sasuke said. Naruto blushed hotly before leaning in for another kiss. "Fine, if you won't let me fuck'ya let me kiss you. Let me kiss you until you're just as drunk as I am."

Sasuke stared at him curiously, "I never knew you were so romantic when drunk, Naruto."

Naruto shut him up with his lips. They laughed in between kisses. Sasuke couldn't get enough of the Blonde. He wrapped his arms around his neck and Naruto shifted him until the dark-haired teen was in his lap.

"Sasuke" Naruto repeated the others name. Over and over. Like a mantra. "Never leave me okay?" He moaned against him. Sasuke pulled away and gave him an odd look. "Leave you? Why would I?" He asked. Naruto shook his head before kissing him once more.

"Because. What happens if you fall out of love with me?" Sasuke flushed, "I never said I loved you, Dobe." Naruto chuckled, "Well, I know better." He murmured. Sasuke looked away before Naruto kissed his cheek.

"Promise me, Sasuke?" Sasuke nodded embarrassedly. "Yeah, okay. Just shut up and kiss me."

It seemed like just yesterday. Naruto remembered so vividly. The ghosts of his memories coming back to haunt him. He knew he needed to call Sasuke.


"S-Sasuke?" Naruto sobbed into the phone.

"Go fucking kill yourself Naruto."

Sasuke snapped.

"I need to talk to you, Sasuke." He whimpered.


Sasuke said before hanging up.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke's window before smiling softly.

Kill himself?


I looked over at Sasuke before kissing his cheek.

My heart raced in my chest.

This is what I had waited so long for.

My Sasuke.

My beautiful Sasuke.

"Sakura?" He asked with tired eyes.

I had plotted and waited for this moment.

Ruining Sasuke and breaking him. Tearing Naruto apart from him. Destroying Naruto Uzumaki.

I smiled sweetly.

My beautiful Sasuke.

"Sasuke, I think Naruto would want this. For us to be happy." Sasuke looked at me before looking away. I knew he was still upset about everything. Of course he would be. It takes time to heal a broken heart.

I can give him everything Naruto couldn't.


"What happened to Hinata?" He asked me and I laughed softly. "She hasn't left the house since. It's been months Sasuke. She blames herself for his death. She thinks she single-handedly killed him." Sasuke looked away. His beautiful dark eyes became darker as he was lost deep in thought.

Thinking about Naruto, of course.

About his lost lover.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and simply held him. "I know you're lonely Sasuke. I'm lonely too. Let's help each other?"

He looked at me and I smiled hopefully.

"We can try" he said and I had never felt so happy in my entire life. My entire scheme had worked. Everything had worked in my favour. I smiled so cheerfully. So completely. I held his hand.

His cold hand.

Warming it up with my own.

We were next to Naruto's grave. Paying our respects.

To a man I never loved.

I gave Sasuke's hand a squeeze.

To a man I'll soon forget.

"Let's go, Sasuke."

I said, tugging him along.


He smiled at Sasuke and pulled him against him.

"I love you, okay?"

"Naruto, you idiot. I've always loved you."

They laughed together before leaning in for a kiss.

A bittersweet kiss.