This is really a little drabble I thought up regarding Missingno. It just exsists, in a way more complex than a glitch. So I took the time to wonder WHAT Missingno is. The fic is short, and wanders all over the place, as our thoughts do. Please read, and give me your comments on this puzzling topic. Support, denial, or philosophical, I don't really care.

But, what is Missingno? Will you find out?

They call me Missingno, Pokemon Zero. Some call me Glitchimon, because I am a glitch in the system. Really, can they be so naive?

I am Missingno. No one created me, and no one defines my existence except myself. You could call me a real pokemon, I guess. You could, but you really shouldn't. Because in truth, why would I be a pokemon? I am a glitch in the system, something spontaneously created.

But I exist. I am as real as you are. Really, for a glitch, there's a lot of strange stuff about me. Such as consistent stats, a recurring image, not to mention the fact that I always have the same type, normal/flying. So, why do they call me a glitch?

Because I'm not a glitch. I was created out of computer data, and I continue to thrive. But really, I'm not a porygon. Why would I be? None of my images look any thing like a porygon.

So, what am I, if I'm not a glitch, and I'm not a Pokemon?

I already told you what I am.

I'm a digital creation, an entity made of computer data.

A Digital pocket Monster.

Figure it out yet?


Then I'll tell you. Glitchimon is an okay name, but really. You call me Missingno, pokemon zero.

Missing number. Zero. Perhaps a name in relation? No. I am Missingno. But I am the first, perhaps the only.

Data. I am data. A wild beast really.

I am Missingno.

The first, the last, the only of my kind.

The others, they aren't real... not yet...I think.

But... I exist, so... do they?

Or am I the only...