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Words Can Hurt, In More Ways Then One

Chapter One-Prologue.

16 year old Cody Martin was sat on his bed in the room he shared with his friend Woody. He was sat looking at some photos on his laptop screen, sighing as he looked at each one. Woody was out and he was finally enjoying some alone time. Ever since he and his twin brother Zack had boarded the SS Tipton for a Semester at Sea program, he had fallen for a sweet country girl and was having trouble getting her off his mind. He had tried to tell her many times how he felt but it wasn't easy. Things would get in the way, ex boyfriends, groundhog days. But he was determined to pluck up the courage to tell her how he felt. He was meant to be finishing his history paper but had become stuck. He couldn't find a way to end it, he just kept thinking of Bailey.

"Okay, how am I meant to do a 2000 word essay on Babe Ruth?" Zack said as he came walking into Cody's room and fell on Woody's bed. Cody looked up from the computer screen and looked over to his brother.

"Miss Tuttweiler said to do a paper on an important historical figure who helped shaped the country we live in, not a guy who is know for his jump shots." Cody said. Zack shot up.

"He was a baseball player, not a basketball player. And he did shape the country will live in." Zack said.

"I don't think that is what she meant Zack. I am doing mine on Martin Luther King." Cody said. Zack leaned over the computer.

"That doesn't look like a project to me. That looks like Bailey."

"Okay okay. I can't stop thinking about her okay." Cody said getting up and pacing the room.

"Then quit being a baby and ask her out." Zack said.

"It's easy for you, girls flock to you." Cody said. Zack smiled in that cheeky way he does.

"Well I can't help being the ship's stud!" He said with a cocky tone as he adjusted his collar.

"More like a dud." Cody replied. Zack didn't reply he just stared at his brother.

"Okay Codester, I am going to work with you and turn you into me."

"I am you, just more intelligent and someone who actually washes everyday." Cody said.

"No I meant I am going to help you get Bailey." Zack said.

"I am not going to do anything you suggest that will end up getting me in trouble with Mr Moseby."

"I promise you Cody, when I am done with you, you will be a babe magnet.......more like a Bailey magnet."

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