AN: This is just a story I'm trying out... obviously


I knew life to come would at a first be strained

Later it would be wrong

But I also knew I couldn't not follow through with it

I thought that one part of me was gone forever

That I was broken beyond repair

But I was proven wrong

It was inevitable.

It was known but denied into the last moment

You start to think how this could have happened

Why it happened

I always hated the term "meant to be" like someone was meant to be robbed or raped... that life was allready made and we are following a path that has already been written for us

I have my own analogy

Think of it like rich and creamy mud pie

You look at it and your mouth water and it's almost impossible to resist taking a bite...

AN: Do you want more? Even if you don't I'm updating soon... And also... Instead of apologizing for future mistakes and error in the text in later chapters, I'll say it now. Sorry. I'm sure there will be mistakes… it's what makes us human. But like I've written on other stories; if it's so much it's uncomfortable to read, tell me where and I'll fix it...