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"flach back talking'

flashback or dream


~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* The "outcasts"~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~*


"Wu Fei my love!!!!" The violet eyed boy swung his braid as he posed in a very dramatic manner as he greeted his friend. The said boy shook his head only slightly annoyed by his loud friend as he continued past him. The chestnut braid swung rapidly behind the loud boy as he ran up to the Chinese boy. "You can't ignore your feelings for me, wuuuuuufy" the boy all but sang as he fell into step next to his friend.

"Duo....How many times do i have to tell you...its Wu Fei!" the boy all but growled out, quickening his pace. " Such injustice to my name..." he mumbled under his breath. Though he couldn't help a small smile creep across his face from his friend's antics. Christ! It's been a while since he heard that loud mouth of his..in fact almost a whole summer since any of their group has seen one another. Rounding the corner of the old stone building the walked into the middle of the courtyard that lays just in front of the parking lot. "So..Maxwell..any news i should be aware of?" the raven haired boy inquired turning to the slightly taller boy.

As the big apple tree in the middle of the courtyard came into view Duo turned to face the other boy walking backwards he placed his hand behind his head smiling sheepishly." Nothing really.. Hilde came out to her parents...they weren't angry one bit...Said they kinda' figured and all" he chuckled then added. "I also came out to my mother...she knew..said.." at this he stopped walking placed one hand in front of himself and cleared his voice and tried to mimik his mom "Well..D'uh! Birds of a feather seem to flock together..just who in your little group isn't?" He laughed at the memory of it. His mother is really so easy going and kind. He had to be proud of himself, anyone could have taken him in...but Father Maxwell's sister decided to take him under her wing without a second thought. "Before you even ask..mom's doing fine she finally got her natural foods store up and running!".

Shaking his head chuckling only slightly at his friend's continued antics, signalling Duo to turn around before he backed up into their tree. "Dishonor!! No son of mine will love a man!" Wu Fei tried to imitate his father the best he could. " Both of you are quite lucky to have understanding parents...my mother doesn't mind..but my father wasn't to happy.." He shook his head as he slouched down against the tree, Duo followed suit with a worried glance in his direction. Wu Fei's father took it so bad..that he even went as far as to disown the young boy, but Wu Fei didn't care he kept the vow that he and his four other friends made to come out of the closet this summer. His mother a very compassionate woman...though a very traditional one took it in stride and would always love her son no matter what. " You going to start working there Maxwell?" He inquired looking ahead his smile grew slightly bigger at an approaching figure.

"hmm?....oh!!! Of course!! in fact i already started working partime" the violet eyed boy leaned against the other as he answered closing his eyes oblivious to the figure in front of him.

"Work?! you?!...where is my calender!!" a female voice asked incredously. Flipping her blonde hair over her shoulders as she flung herself at the frail braided haired boy hugging him close. " So did ya' miss me sexy?" She joked jabbing Duo in his ribs while winking a teal blue eye at Wu Fei "So..how are my two sexy men doing?" Still clinging to Duo she looked between the two waiting for an answer.

Flailing under the strong tomboyish girl, Duo sat up clearing his throat "Mom opened her Natural Foods store...and she already knew apparently" Trying to shake off his friend he inquires " By the way Dorothy, where is Quatre?". It was rare to see the two platinum blonde youths apart. They are practically joined at the hips!...Though Dorothy is the stronger of the two..in fact her and Wu Fei are practically in the same ranks..both in wits, sword play and strength. As Quatre is mother hen of the group.

Dorothy, finally letting go of the flailing boy sat up bringing her finger infront of her. "Mother and grandfather took it very well, and Quatre's family completely understood..them blaming it on him being raised with what twelve sisters?." She chuckled then added "He's over there with Hilde...Wu Fei..and yours?" She finished looking pointedly over at the Chinese boy leaning against the tree quietly.

Smirking only slightly over at the blonde girl. "Mother loves me no matter what...father on the other hand said it was a dishonour.." He shrugged as he replied, kicking one foot out and jumping to stand up he nodded at the two making their way to the tree. "It's a good thing i live with mother anyways huh?" He leaned back against the tree crossing his legs seemingly unphased with everything.

"Oi Maxwell!!" a girl with midnight blue hair called out across the feild waving her arms above her head. The smaller blonde boy next to her had to duck a few times in order not to be whacked as she continued to wave she called out again. "Hel!! also..Thanatos!!". It became second nature to tell the braided boy these random names of mythology. His reply was just that wry grin of his and it was more than worth it. Hell! The two of them were like brother and sister..same quirks same humor and same spunk. Hilde ran the rest of the way leaving the blonde behind hearing him faintly laughing. She crashed into Duo hugging him tightly. "I missed you brat!! all of you!" She laughed out pulling Dorothy into the hug and smiling widely at Wu Fei who reluctantly wrapped an arm around the group the best he could.

Waiting for Quatre to meet them Duo slipped under and out of the group hug and flung his arms around the tiny arabian boy's neck and hugged him close. "Kitten! i missed you!" he mused smooshing his cheek against the blonde's. "Before the two of you ask... Wu Fei's mom took it well his father didn't Doro's took it well so did Hilde's and my mom did plus she opened her store..." He took a deep breath patting Quatre in the back hard chuckling good naturedly. "Looks like everyone's here..orgy time!!!" with that he dodged a kick from Wu Fei while Quatre tried to shoosh him down while the two girls just guffawed at his joke.

"I...I'm so sorry Wu Fei...and Duo!!! Would you calm down?" He couldn't help but laugh at Duo and the girl's behavior he indeed miss this alot. Having all been friends since the seventh grade, they all formed a strong tight bond among one another. " She did? Splendid!...where did she end up opening it?" He inquired behind a head full of Dorothy's long hair as she flung herself at him making him stumble back laughing all the while.

Smiling so wide that his brilliant violet eyes were just slits he spun around his braid whipping Wu Fei's face in the process and he stopped laughing nervously as the other boy gritted his teeth half heartedly at Duo. "Right there..the second building on the left" He pointed across the parking lot and street as he spoke dodging another swift kick but was punched in the left shoulder." Hey..No fair!!!...WOOO Heya Doing Sexeh?! " Duo whistled as a Jaguar XF pulled into the parking lot the owner of the czar and its passenger looked towards him"Oh..not you pretty boy! the car!" he called out to the grinning sheepishly all the while Quatre pushing him to follow the rest of the group inside the school.

~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* The "Royals"~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~*

Zechs Marquis a 6'0 light blonde haired young man stared in awe much as the same way his younger sister is doing right beside him. He watched as the group made their way into the building as the loud one still continued to whistle 'my car?' he chuckled at the thought while openeing the car door and stepping out of the sleek automobile his light blue eyes scanned over the top of his younger sister's head. "Relena?" he inquired then she began to laugh shaking her head. At this he had to smile. Finally being reunited with his birth mother and sister, made him feel whole once again. The elegant man went around the car and nodded to the other three as the hazel haired girl got out and smiled at the others.

"So..Ze..i mean Milliardo..what was that all about?" a navy blue haired girl asked jerking her head over to the building with a sly smile beginning to curl at the ends of her mouth as she leaned up against the now present Relena. She smiled down at the elegant girl and gave her a warm hug and pulled the older man in it. "Trowa..Heero you want in?" She asked she got from the japanese boy in the green tank was a "hn. And a hand on her shoulder from the other.

"Please...just Zechs..i shall always use that name..so would you all." He rubbed his temples while pulling away from the hug. Noin loves to agitate him with that...and the worst part was..it worked. Fixing his jacket he turned around abruptly nodding to the other boys and lead the group over to the building. "So Trowa how'd the tour go for you?" He looked over his shoulder to the tall gentle looking boy with long spiky bangs. Quirking an elegant brow he shakes his head ' will he ever cut those? they've become insanely long' he mused.

Walking then falling into pace next to Zechs he shrugged" It went alright..Catherine as always had a blast...just last month though one of our show tigers had twins..very healthy ones in fact."

"awwwwww" The petite brunette girl giggled at this, she looked over at Heero and fell behind to match his slow pace letting the other three carry on talking. " And you Yuy? what did you end up doing?" She smiled warmly at her friend who in return just stared straight ahead. His messy hair hiding those cobalt blue eyes. "Earth to Yuy" she giggles flipping her hair over her shoulder her charm bracelet catching in her hair 'i really hate this thing' she thought as she tried to detangle it from her hair.

"I went to Kyoto for Hanami Festival with father and mother...was alright i guess" He finally answered with a sigh shoveing his hands into his pants pocket as he continued to look foward Noin turned her head and winked at him and he shook his head smirking lightly. "also..Relena please tell your little clucking hens to stop bothering me..its very..unnerving." He pointedly directed his glare at a group of girls whispering and giggling as he and Relena walked by. His eye only twitched slightly from their shrill laughter and their hush whispers. "See what i mean?" he finally asked as they were out of earshot. " I really don't feel like going through another year of that."

"Alright..i'll tell them..but i don't think they'll listen" she spoke sighing exasperatedly as they rounded a corner this time her charm bracelet catching in her purse strap."Damned this thing!" she hissed trying to detach it from the purse strap. "Don't you laugh Milliardo! and you to Yuy!" she whined trying frantically to detach it. The older girl fell into step and easily unhooked the charm bracelet from the strap and winked at the younder girl. "Thanks Noin..." she mumbled quietly. The kind hearted fashion queen turned the corner with the others. "Noin do you have first period science...classroom 1b?" She inquired.

"Yep! same with everyone else " to emphasise her point she flung her arms over Heero's and Trowa's shoulder. Which earned her another "hn" from the stoic Japanese boy as Trowa chuckled softly. The older girl smiled as she saw a hint of a smirk on Heero's face. "Uh! bell!" the bell hadn't rung yet and she quickened her pace. Relena called after her "The bell hasn't even...-ring-..nevermind" she chuckled. Noin just smiled 'should know by now' Relena thought trying to keep up with the group. As they headed to their first period class.

~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~*

Duo got this devilish look in his eyes as the bell rang, he looked towards Hilde then over at Wu Fei. Quatre upon seeing this shook his head 'not good' he thought as he watched Duo walk behind Both of his unknowing victims and pinched their butts. Dorothy laughed so hard she was clutching at the small blonde boy who only looked on with mock worry. 'he's in for it now' he mused. Wu Fei yelped as did Hilde and they both scowled at the mischievous boy as he darted down the hallway to their first period science class. Laughing all the while his braided rope of hair flying behind him as the other two chased after him turning the corner he looked back and wiggled his brows then all of a sudden. WHAM! He twisted around and fell on his back as the other person fell cursing. Duo sitting up he laughed rubbing the back of his head.

"Watch where you are going baka!" The boy scowled his cobalt blue eyes bore into Duo's violet ones. Heero's eyes widened only slightly taking in the form of the boy infront of him, the boy was beautiful he shook his head as he wrenched his gaze from the other. "D-duo!!!" a voice called out and the boy looked up grinning sheepishly still rubbing the back of his head. ' Duo....' the name went and seared its way into Heero's unwilling memory. The Japanese got up brushing himself off he looked over to his friends then over to the other group each one eyeing the other curiously. "Heero are you alright?" Relena asked him worriedly rushing to his side he only nodded.

"jeez..lighten' up dude" Duo got up chuckling, he placed his hand on Heero's shoulder ignoring the scowl he got from the other boy as he smiled brightly. "Oh...you're the one who owns that sexy piece of metal out there huh?" He looked over at Zechs who kept glancing over at Wu Fei here and there. Zechs only nodded slightly, his eyes still glancing over at the chinese boy. "Model XJ right?" Duo whistled smirking then his eyes catch onto Relena's charm bracelet and he gasped and hopped over to her all the while smiling friendly. "A Phantom of the Opera..charm bracelet? Where'd ya get it?" He inquired happily. The petite brunette girl had to break her gaze with Dorothy's to smile up warmly at the tall boy. "You like it?" she asked giggling while Duo nodded furiously she blushed as she locked gazes with the other girl. Relena unlatched the silver bracelet and handed it to a very surprised Duo "Here you go..uhm.."

"Duo...and why are you giving me this?" he asked incredulously while holding it in his hand gaping at her. "It gets in the way of everything for me..i've come to hate it" she spoke slowly eyeing the other girl and getting eyed at. "T-thanks?" Duo quirked a brow as he slipped it on his left wrist "you sure?..." she just nodded as a reply.

In the background Noin and Hilde hungrily looked each other, Hilde winking at the taller girl and Noin winked back both giggling. As for Trowa he stared at Quatre almost in a trance as the blonde boy just blushed as he timidly looked over Trowa.

"Oh Wuffles!!! Bitch, Doro and Kitty-qat we need to get going" He chimed up breaking everyone's trance with each other.

"Maxwell...its Wu Fei....!" the Chinese boy scowled half heartedly as Hilde chimed in "Who are you calling bitch?" She grabbed Duo's braid and pulled him along as he began to protest being dragged backwards down the hall holding his hair. "T-thank you!!! and sorry about the tumbl--YEOUCH! Hilde be careful.." he whimpered out as they disapeared into the classroom.

"hn...obnoxious..." Heero mumbled looking where the boy had disappeared to with his friends.

Noin began to walk in to the classroom as well somewhat ecstatic to have the same class as that hottie she just devoured hungrily with her eyes not to long ago. "We..should get going yes?" she called back to them.

The rest of the group made their way into the classroom and in to the back where they all sat down stareing up at front where the other group was. Duo was sitting on the teachers desk tapping a ruler in his hand and laughing with Dorothy and Hilde.

"Oh Mr. Maxwell..what will you be teaching us?" Quatre inquired bringing his hand to his mouth trying to keep from laughing..he failed miserably. Unbeknownst to the blonde boy was a pair of soft green eyes stairing at him.

"Well.." Duo began, a mischivous glint formed in his eyes which made Quatre regret asking such a foolish question. " Necrophilia!..We are learning about necrophilia..or in other words the fornication with the dead" he exclaimed. "Wu Fei... you'll be the demonstrator!" at this Hilde and Dorothy were buckling over in their seats laughing so hard they were holding their stomachs and Quatre ended up laughing to while Wu Fei just growled over at the idiot.

"Mr. Maxwell..have your seat and may i have the ruler back." a short old man with long grey hair and a mustache hobbled in. Duo laid the ruler on the teacher's desk and sat down in between Hilde and Dorothy with Wu Fei and Quatre in front of him. He looked back discreetly to catch a glimpse of the boy he ran into earlier. Next to Heero was Relena, Duo waved his hand the bracelet clinking together slight, he mouthed a thank you and she nodded with a smile mouthing a You're welcome. Heero met those violet eyes in a gaze for a split second before the American turned back around.

"Class..I'm Mr. J" the old man spoke loud and clear catching everyones attention as he spoke. he went infront of each row of desks handing out a stack of papers. "These are permission slips for a two night field trip to the Aquarium, Science museum. Instead of staying in class and reviewing everything from last year..i thought a nice little feild trip would suffice!." He chuckled watching everyone's surprised faces light up. "Bring the forms to me tomorrow! Because Thursday is the day of the trip." he finished and he went around his desk and sat down picking up a book on cold fusion and flipped it open.

"Epic!!!!!" the only word that came out from Duo's big mouth as he spun around in his chair resting his arms on the back of it." Hey kitty Qat...whats up pussy Qat...whoa oh whoa!!ommmph" his off key singing was muffled by Dorothy's hand shaking her head.

"We..seriously need to jack a few sedatives for Duo when we're at the aquarium..eh Wu Fei?" She chuckled as she caught glimpses of the brunette girl in the back from the corner of her eyes.

"Why not just leave him there?" Wu Fei added grinning at the brunette boy in Dorothy's clutches. God he loved to tease Duo with Dorothy..its one of his favourite past times really.

"Well..i d-ewwwww" The blonde girl pulled her hand back and wiped it on Hilde's shoulder as Duo continued to have his tongue out smiling triumphantly. "See if i bring you any more Deadpool comics Maxikins" she commented with a sly grin.

Duo's face went paler and he placed his head down on the desk mumbling an apology while Quatre just chuckled patting his head soothingly. Hilde on the other hand just settled for staring at the girl in back smirking lightly as the other grinned back.

The group in the back only could stare at the group in the front. Somewhat captivated by them. Heero just shrugged it off and looked out the window. This year...was going to be..interesting to say the least..for all of them.


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