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Writer's Block
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Eiri Yuki had finally remembered the reason why he attempted to avoid actual relationships as much as possible. Shindou Shuichi had only moved into his apartment three days ago, and already Yuki's writing was beginning to suffer. He needed peace, quiet and cigarettes in order to write properly – and with the younger man now living with him, he was chronically deprived of the first two and relying far too heavily on the latter to prevent him from going completely insane.

No matter how interesting his life had suddenly became (well, if interesting could be used as a synonym for annoying…), it wasn't doing his writing any favours. He was stuck half-way through a chapter for no apparent reason, and there was nothing he could do to get his imagination working again. He had tried his usual tricks – he put some music on and Shuichi had immediately changed the radio station. He had made coffee, but Shuichi had drunk some as well and spent half the evening jumping on the sofa like a hyperactive five-year-old. He had even tried going for a walk, but Shuichi had decided to hang off his arm and chatter mindlessly, and so all of Yuki's efforts so far had been in vain.

Yuki took another drag of yet another cigarette and stared mindlessly at the smoke as it drifted past the computer screen. Then the idea hit him – what if it was her partner's irritating, immature behaviour that drove his protagonist into the arms of another man? Yes, that would work. He started to write.

And then Shuichi bounded into the room with mugs of steaming tea in his hands.

"Hey Yuki, I've brought you some t…" the pink-haired boy started, but then he tripped over the computer cable. Scalding hot tea went flying everywhere and Yuki's computer turned itself off. He glared up at Shuichi in fury; he had just lost everything he had written that day!

"I'm sorry!" Shuichi squealed. "Oh my god I'm sorry! I'll clean this up now. I didn't mean to…" with that he rushed out of the room.

Yuki groaned. Evidently the world just wasn't going to allow him to write anything today.