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Sing a Different Song; A World's Biggest Jerichoholic Fic.
Chapter 1: In the Beginning...

Randal Keith Orton. How do words even begin to describe Randal Keith Orton. Evil, manipulative, angry, arrogant, disruptive, selfish oh god, that's not even the half of it! Those, and many others, are the reasons as to why I am sharing a room with him. No. I do not get turned on my angry men. They are usually a major turn off. I am rooming with him mainly because I am the only person brave enough to. Not even his best friend, Cena, will share with him. That's saying something. Vince has this messed up rule that everyone must have at least one room mate. No one wanted to share with me, probably because I play my guitar 24/7. Randy, being the prick that he is, thought I was hot, and I was forced to share a room with him.

"Must you listen to that shit?" he snapped for the umpteenth time.

"My head phones are in." I said pulling it out, "And Randal, if I can hear you, they're not loud enough!" I put it back in. I was listening to music to gain inspiration for my own songs. That's right, I write music. I play music. I listen to music. Much to the horror of Randy. The only good music he listens to is AC/DC, all the other crap I don't care for and I am usually one of the most compliant people when it comes to genres of music, only… Screamo should never be considered music. I'll even except Rap into music, anything but Screamo. I rolled over to face the wall, not wanting to look at a shirtless Randy. Okay, he was a conceited asshole, but he did have an amazing body. So typical, you hate the man, love the body.


Great way to wake up Randy. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. On my guitar, night next to his little head. Adding to his pain, I was singing off tune.

"Fuck off! Its early!" he grumbled still half asleep,

"Man, its 9:30. You have to be on the road in 30 minutes!" I said evilly. He shot straight up and glared at me. I was sitting right beside his bed, my acoustic guitar resting on my leg.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"You yell at me if I wake you to early. So I thought I'd leave it til later, ya know?" I stated calmly putting my guitar away in its case. "I'm leaving now. I'll be seeing you in Orlando then?" I asked confident, knowing that Randy wouldn't do anything but yell. He didn't reply, he just walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. "Bye!" I shouted through the door. I didn't bother to check to make sure I had everything. I knew Randy would check, even if he had little time to leave. I walked down to the lobby and saw my best friend Maryse.

"Sarah! I see you made eet out alive," the Blonde greeted me with a hug. Closely followed by the French-Canadian.

"Yeah, no thanks to you," I joked back. "I'm going home!" I said excitedly, "It's been to long!"

"I know. I 'aven't been 'ome, to Canada or LA in a long vile," she said back and I nodded, feeling her pain.

"I suppose we better get a move on. If I want to get home and have a few days spare!" I said picking up my luggage again starting to head towards the car, "Well come on! I do want to get there before I have a heart attack!" I said excitedly, dropping by bags and holding out my hand, she skipped up and spoke,

"I'm coming!" I loved her accent, even after just under 3 years, it still amused me.


Half way to Miami Maryse and I changed seats, she started driving so I could take a break. I searched through my bag for my beloved iPod and almost had a heart attack when I couldn't find it. When Maryse saw me empty the contents of my bag onto my lap she knew what was wrong.

"I'm sure it eesn't lost. Call Randy, 'e may 'ave eet." she suggested and I found my phone underneath the rubbish I had emptied from my bag.

"Ah, the she-devil calls,"

"Must you answer that way? What if it was your mother?" I asked, even though I knew he always checked caller ID,

"What do you want?"

"Please tell me you have my iPod!" I asked unable to believe the worried tone of my voice,

"Luckily for you, I check the room before I leave," he replied,

"Thank you. That's all, bye!" I said hanging up.

"You should be nicer to 'im you know. You do 'ave to leeve with 'im." Maryse said to me,

"You try living with him and you be nice. Its harder than it looks," I told her laughing a bit.

"'e can't be zat bad. Especially someone zat hot," she turned to face me for a millisecond.

"If you weren't driving Mare, I would so hit you right now." I told her seriously,

"Well, I am driving, am I not?" she protected herself with her hand as I pretended to slap her.


"Its great to be home!" I said to myself as I opened my front door,

"Your 'ouse 'asn't changed a bit Sarah!" Maryse chorused walking into my small, yet beautiful, house.

"Mare, I haven't been here in so long, it hasn't had time to change!" I reminded her. I had just sat down on the couch when my cell rang,

"Randal," I answered it,

"Where are you? I'm kinda supposed to be sharing with you."

"Randy. You freakin idiot. We're in Miami. Miami is home. Which means I am in my house, and you were supposed to find a new roomie!" I grumbled knowing I should have reminded him last week.

"Oh," was all he said. "I guess I'll be seeing you round… that is, if you want your iPod back." my iPod!

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow." I said through gritted teeth and I hung up.

"You do not want to see 'im then?" Maryse asked reappearing,

"Of course not Mare. Who would?" I asked her.


This is what I get for being so in love with my iPod. Having to meet Randy, when I'm not even supposed to see him, just to get it. When I saw him I walked forward, and saw he was with Cena.

"You grew a pair and roomed with him then?" I directed at John.

"I don't understand why I couldn't just stay at your place," Randy said harshly.

"My place isn't a mansion like yours Randal. It's a house. A two room house. It fits me and Mare. No room for you and your oversized head!" I snapped snatching my iPod from his hands. "Nice seeing you again Felix." I said to Cena and walked off in a hurry. Putting the headphones in my ears, I walked back to my house. Which is small, but has great ocean views. I walked through the front door,

"'Ow did eet go?" Maryse asked when she saw me,

"He is an ass." I stated plainly.

"So I 'ave been told." she said back. I laughed to myself, I'm sure she is sick of hearing it. The blonde walked towards me and hugged me, "You 'ang in there. You are stronger than 'im." she encouraged me.

"What would I do without you Mare?"

"I do not know. But 'ow about we go to ze beach!" she said pulling out a bag with a towel and other things in it,"

"To the Beach!" I said following her. Living in Miami, you grow up knowing to wear a swimsuit under your clothes. You never know when you might want to go to the beach!


"It looks like everybody else on Raw had the same idea…" I groaned when I noticed my co-workers either laying on the sand or playing in the water.

"Eet is a lovely beach Sare. Of course zey want to come 'ere!" she said stripping down to her bikini. I did the same. Hers was red, it matched her ring attire. Mine on the other hand, was quite the opposite. It was pink, I never wear pink. It was a pink string bikini.

"People are staring at us Mare!" I shrieked,

"Sarah! You 'ave to get used to this! We are famous! Of course they are going to stare!" I rolled my eyes, cursing myself for forgetting. Guess what I did next. I put my iPod on. A bit of Panic at the Disco never hurt anybody. I laid my towel down on the sand and sat on top of it, before stretching and lying on it.


Oh God. There's Randy. Shirtless. Again. I shit. He's looking this way. Avert your eyes Sarah! Mission failed. Locking eyes. Tear way! Now! You must! He smiled. Don't smile back! Failed. Smile. Break eye contact! Yes! Accomplished. Don't stare at his abs! Sarah Lee James! Look at Maryse now! Phew, done.

"Are you alright Sarah? Are you burnt? Or bright red." oops,

"Yeah, I think I'm a bit burnt. I'm going to head back. I'll see you later," I said standing up and getting my belongings. I walked up to the footpath that connected my house to the beach. I put my key into the gate and opened it. I turned around one last time and Randy waved. Don't wave back. Don't wave back. I waved back! Damn him for being so good looking.

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