Hello my awesome readers! I'd like to thank all of you for sticking with Sarah, and the terrible decisions she seemed to make…

All my lovely reviewers are as follows…

QueenOfYourWorld; RainbowChaingangPrincess; ShannonxMoore'sxLover; KiwiStar; XO-Dani-OX; ThereAre666Ways2Love; BourneBetter67; Just A Bit Natty; LegacyChick; apartmentstairs; ashleyorton; fairytink101; RatedRGoddess; Rhodes Princess; ILoveJohnCena54; Yakitori-Chan; xXRiaHardyOrtonXx and last but not least SBMFanatic!

Thanks everyone =)

I have ideas… Okay?

I think Sarah James deserves a sequel… What do you all think? It will be awesome, and possibly filled with as much drama as Sing a Different Song! I have no idea what it will be called… So if you could all tell me in a review (or a message, whatever suits) whether you would like a sequel, and if you would… Help me with names?

Thanks in advance!!

Demi xx