Rain Rile

Too much of something was sometimes annoying.

The rain which had had started a few days back and still was falling noisily like the gloomy grey sky possessed an eternity of coalescing clouds was pissing off Misaki. Misaki was unable to attend his classes for the whimsical rain which meant staying at home with a perverted lover. Misaki was cultivating a valid qualm about if he was going to adopt a disease called 'sperm deficiency' someday and more than that if he would be able to walk properly again. His sore back and other private areas which had had been violated by his lover's affection were growing impatient with the constant rain.

But the main reason for which he wanted the rain to stop was something completely different and embarrassing.

Just thinking of it made Misaki shudder. His cheeks got flushed and he snuggled more into Akihiko's embrace.

But there was it again, Misaki could see the bright flash of the sky, the sudden silver crack making its way through the dark clouds like some slim roots of a tree, then it was pitch black again as the silence awaited for a roaring thunder.

Misaki shut his eyes, stiffened his body and inched close to Akihiko's chest. His fingers clutched at the unbuttoned shirt of his lover as Misaki prayed for the bombarding sound to pass away quickly.

Misaki didn't notice a pair of lips curving into a warm smile, a sturdy body warping around him like a strong creeper, twin violet eyes glaring at the brawling sky as a pair of gentle and large palms covered his ears.

The clogged rumble of the clashing clouds soon faded away leaving behind a protective Akihiko and his mortified lover. Akihiko slowly cupped Misaki's reddened cheeks and made a retreating eye-contact.

'Misaki look at me.'

'SHUT UP, stupid rain..'

Misaki muttered and tried to hide his secret childish fear for loud thunder-storms.

'Misaki it's okay, don't be scared.'

Akihiko whispered, rubbing on Misaki's bruised manliness.

'I am not scared.'

Akihiko smirked when Misaki's face paled. Another blinding white flare flickered as the sky warned him about the impending monstrous clamor of the rain.

Misaki just complied with the accommodations as Akihiko hugged him again, covered his ears and mumbled some encouraging words.

At least it was better than last night. At least this time Akihiko was not inside him as Misaki knew that how his inner muscles would tense around his lover's manhood when he would get so scared and weak, and how Akihiko made it worse by embracing him so intimately. And Misaki could never forget and forgive Akihiko for his comment about the pure honesty of Misaki's body with comparison to his words.

When the rain grew silent again and there remained just a hissing sound of the falling water drops, Akihiko looked at Misaki again with his usual smug smirk on his lips. It didn't take any time for Misaki to understand what exactly the rabbit was thinking. The sarcasm in those hungry lavender orbs angered Misaki but Misaki couldn't protest as the flaming lust in that look overpowered the timid sense of mockery.

A sneaky finger probed at his raw entrance through the thin material of his boxers. Warm lips sucked on the junction of his neck and shoulder.

Misaki could feel the heat burning his cheeks and his sensitive skin reacting and twitching.

Misaki was sure that he hated the rain. But Misaki's abhorrence for rain was more before he met Akihiko….

That was a short one. It raining so much here, we can even swim on the streets….