The Unknown Heirs

Chapter Three

All in the Family

Draco spent five days getting to know his brother and sister before he had to head back to Hogwarts. He did take the time to place a locating charm on the twins to ensure that Ginny didn't take off again, and he made a point of letting her know about it. Draco felt Lucius certainly had a right to know of the twins, but it was Ginny's place to tell Lucius, not his. She promised to return to England in three months' time. Being a Professor, he understood how important it was for the children to finish out the school year where they were.

When he arrived back at Hogwarts, he received word that the Headmistress wanted to speak with him.

As he walked into her office, she greeted him from behind her desk, a pot of tea sat to her right. "Draco, it's good to see you back. Have a seat." Draco sat in the chair in front of her. "Did you find anything of interest in Edmonton?"

As Draco took in the woman he once believed hated him, he realized that to her, every child that came through the doors of this school was her child and in her stern way she loved each and every one, and she did what she felt they needed to to become better people. He used to believe she would give points to her Gryffindors out of favouritism, but looking back, she was simply trying to show the Slytherins how favouritism felt. "Yes, but not in the way you think, Headmistress," Draco replied.

"Oh? The twins of Jennifer Gideon--"

"The Malfoy twins of Ginevra Weasley are not my children."

"Go on," McGonagall encouraged.

"They're my half brother and sister. It would seem that Ginny was able to get past what my father did to her in her first year."

"Little Ginny and Lucius? Wow! Does he know?"

"Not yet. Ginny asked me to let the twins finish their school year, then she will return to England and she will tell Father herself. Why didn't you tell me what you suspected?"

"Because I wasn't entirely sure myself, but you saw the boy! Would you not have thought the same thing?"

"I guess so, and in your place I would seem the type. One look at him and, well... I knew I had never been with her."

"Your father's going to hit the roof."

"Why do you think I'm willing to wait for her to return so she can tell him herself? I plan to be out of the country when she does."

"His temper never was the best," the woman mused.

Draco had written to Gavin and Lucy regularly over the remainder of the school year. He was looking forward to them arriving in England, and an evil part of him wished he could be at the Burrow when Ginny explained things to her family.

Today they would arrive in London and were coming by airplane. Ginny claimed she felt a little too rusty about magic to Apparate overseas with two children. Draco met them at the airport, and as Ginny and the twins got closer to the arrivals gate Ginny felt more and more nervous. She knew the next few days would be very stressful for her. The twins, on the other hand, were excited to see Draco again. The world Draco had told them about was Gavin's personal fantasy world, with wizards and magic, and he couldn't wait to see a wizard duel and hockey on brooms! Lucy, however, had listened very closely to Draco and had realized that her father was beyond well off, and that the only difference between her and a princess was the fact that, unlike a princess, she won't have to worry about advisers telling her how to live!

Ginny's mind was also on the tasks she needed to get done, like find a place to live, furnish it, find a job, tell her family, and inform Lucius Malfoy. Not to mention the regular things like getting the children ready to start Hogwarts in the fall.

As they walked through the arrivals gate, Gavin announced for the world to hear, "Look, there's Draco!"

Lucy, a much quieter child, whispered to her mother, "He's very handsome."

"Yes, he looks so much like your father," Ginny commented. Gavin had run ahead to Draco.

"Do you still love our dad?"

"Your father is an unforgettable force," Ginny finished sadly.

"Welcome home, Ginny," Draco greeted warmly.

"Thanks, I think."

"Let's find your luggage," Draco offered. As they made their way to the baggage claim, Draco continued, "I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of readying one of the Malfoy properties for you to stay at until things are settled."

"Draco, you didn't have to do that!"

"What, you were going to live in a hotel with the twins? Look, it's just a townhouse here in London, nothing too fancy. Grandmother Malfoy lived there after Grandfather passed away, and as Malfoys it's the twins' right to stay in one of the properties."

"Draco, I am capable of providing for my children!" Ginny protested.

"I never said you weren't, but trust me, this is easier. Now you can take your time and find something you really like."

"I don't feel right about this, though!"

When they arrived at the townhouse, which was a lot brighter and had a happier feeling to it than the last townhouse in London Ginny had stayed at, the twins headed upstairs to look for a room to claim. "I have some news for you," Draco reported.

Ginny looked at him. "What's that?"

"You have been granted a reprieve. Father had to leave the country on business and won't be back for quite some time."

For a second relief washed over Ginny, until she realized that her stomach would remain in knots until she told Lucius. "Oh."

"So when are you going to talk to your family? I did some checking and it seems they all have supper at the Burrow on the first Sunday of each month."

"That's tomorrow!" she exclaimed, looking panicked.

"The sooner you do it, the easier it will be. I'll stay with the twins while you do it," he offered.

The next afternoon, Ginny stood at the edge of the Weasley property, looking at the Burrow. It was in better shape than it had been years before. Ginny remembered that shortly after she left, she had sent a letter to the Granger home for Hermione, explaining that she had something to deal with and that leaving had nothing to do with her family, and that she would be back once she figured things out. But once she had the twins, she could never bring herself to do it! She hoped they understood and now, twelve years later, she prayed they would be able to forgive her. She made her way up the path to the kitchen door and as she got closer, she could hear the sound of a large family get-together. She knocked on the door, and when it opened, there was a blond girl about Lucy's age standing there. "Grandma, there's zome lady 'ere,"she said with a hint of a French accent.

"Well, invite her in," came the reply.

"Ginny?" Percy asked as he came into view. All other noise in the house stopped, with the exception of the sounds of children playing.

"I said I'd be back when I figured things out," Ginny explained quietly. The door was yanked open and Arthur pulled her into the house and into a fierce bear hug.


For the next few minutes, Ginny couldn't hear herself think for the many questions that were being thrown at her. Finally, Molly took control. "Children, outside now! And don't even think about the broom shed! Everyone else, sit down and give Ginny some room to breathe. Ginny, let me look at you." Molly wrapped her arms around her only daughter. Ginny didn't think one could look at a person while hugging them at the same time. "Twelve long years and only one letter? You better start explaining yourself!"

Ginny looked around the room. There were only a couple of faces she didn't know. Bill still looked happy and Fleur still looked amazing. Charlie looked like he always did. Percy's hair was receding and the woman next to him was one of the faces she didn't recognize. George sat next to Angelina. Ron was standing behind a woman Ginny wasn't sure if she knew. Arthur's hair had lost some of it's color, but otherwise he looked the same. And Molly had a few more wrinkles, but hadn't changed much either.

"It's a long story and I'm not really sure where to begin." No one spoke. "I guess it all really started when I found out Harry was cheating on me." The whole family seemed to harden at the mention of Harry's name. "After I joined the Harpies I started to have an affair with a married man. I was still hurting after what happened with all of you. At first it was just about sex and perhaps a little payback towards you all, but I began to care greatly about him. Then, after almost three years with him, I found out I was pregnant despite the contraceptive charms we both used."

"'Hoo waz it?" Fleur asked.

"Like I said, it was about payback. I'm sorry! I wish I could give you a better reason for having an affair with... Lucius Malfoy."


"No bloody way!"


"How could you?"

"Wow!" Percy's wife said, which earned her cold looks from the rest of the family.

"Can I continue?" Ginny asked. No one spoke further. "I then took that hit."

"You miscarried, right?" Molly asked.

"No, I didn't. I knew fate needed me to have the baby, but I was scared of Lucius' reaction, and of yours. I needed time to think, so I took off. At first I told myself it was only going to be for a few weeks, but before I knew it I was giving birth. As soon as I saw my son, I knew I couldn't return. He would be proof of my affair with Lucius. I then made a life for me and my children, until three months back."

"Did you say 'children?'" Bill asked.

"Yes, a boy and a girl. Twins."

"Do you have pictures?" Molly asked, smiling

Ginny reached into her purse and pulled out a photo of the twins, then passed it to her mother.

"What happened three months ago?" Ron asked innocently.

"Merlin, Ron, think! Three months ago would have been their eleventh birthday, so the letter from Hogwarts would have arrived," Percy's wife explained.

"Not quite. I was living as a Muggle," Ginny informed them.

"Someone from Hogwarts showed up, right?" the woman with Ron guessed.

"Ginny, they're beautiful," Molly said as she dabbed at her eyes, then passed the photo to Arthur.

"Thanks, Mum. Yes, Draco Malfoy showed up." Arthur passed the photo to Ron, who was on his right.

"Bloody hell, Ginny! This kid looks just like the ferret!" came his reply.

"I know. Draco knew right away as well, and he basically blackmailed me into returning. But he has been rather mature about the whole thing."

"Where are they now?" Molly asked.

"Draco offered to watch them while I came to talk to you all. He was rather upset that I was raising Pureblood children as Muggles. I think he felt they had a right to their magical past more that anything else."

"Does Lucius know?" Arthur asked.

"No. I never told him, and Draco said he will be away on business for a while yet."

Arthur let out a heavy sigh. He realized that all of this happened in the past and there was little he could do about it now. "When can we meet your children?"

"I could have Draco bring them around now."

"Am I the only one who thinks it's odd that she's talking about Malfoy like he's a friend?" Ron pondered.

Ginny shook her head. "No! I was surprised too, but he has shown he cares about the twins. He even took an immediate interest in them to the point of coming to a Muggle sporting event just to understand what my son was talking about."

"Draco at a Muggle event?" the woman next to Ron said in disbelief.

"I'm sorry; you look familiar, but I can't place you."

"Well Ginny, it seems you're not the only one with a thing for Slytherins," George stated.

"I'm Pansy Parkinson Weasley, and have been for eight years now." She smiled at Ron.

"But what happened to-"

"We found out that Harry wasn't the only one who was a cheater."


"Ginny dear, what are their names?" Molly asked.

Ginny smiled. "Gavin and Lucy."

No one made a comment about the names, so Molly continued, "Well, I think you need to have Draco bring them around now. And of course, Draco is welcome to stay for dinner." Ginny expected a reaction from the table, but none came.

"Before they arrive, I want to thank you all for being so understanding. I never dreamed it would be this easy."

"Ginny, we all make mistakes. While the father of your children would be one of the last people I would ever pick for you, it seems you have realized your mistake, and living as a Muggle couldn't have been easy. I'd say you did your time for your crime," Arthur explained. "Go inform Draco he can bring your children here."

After Ginny used the Floo in the living room, she turned around to see George and Pansy. Her brother spoke, "Ginny, just so you know; the topics of both Harry and Hermione are something we try to avoid around here."

"Why? What happened?"

"The night before Ron and Hermione were to get married, Ron and I found them shagging in what was just hours away from being their marriage bed. It was horrid; she was telling Harry how much better he was than Ron."

"Ron lost both his best friend and his teenage love that night," Pansy said. "He got over her, but Harry is still a big sore spot."

"Next you're going to tell me Draco and Ron are now best friends," Ginny said exasperatedly.

"No, but they have learned to get along for my sake. Ron never really trusted him until the night before our wedding. He walked in on Draco talking me out of my cold feet."

Ginny sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Merlin's beard! I go away for a decade and the whole world changes. Hey, how many nieces and nephews do I have?"

"Well, let's see: Bill and Fleur have three, Victorie you remember, Philippe, and Charity. Percy and Audrey have two, Claire and Faith, Angelina and I have two, Fred and Sarah."

"Ron and I have four, Ryan, Arthur, Molly, and," Pansy patted her flat stomach, "Well, we don't know yet. So that's ten."

"I should go meet the twins and Draco,"Ginny said, then stopped and looked at Pansy. "What happened to Harry and Hermione?"

Pansy smiled. "The reason I had cold feet before the wedding was because she came back wanting Ron to forgive her. Seems Potter continued his playboy ways. They both work at the Ministry."

Ginny then made her way to the door to greet Draco and the twins. As they approached the house, Gavin gasped, "Mom, that was so cool! Can we do it again?"

Draco looked at her and smiled, holding up an old tennis shoe. "Portkey," he explained.

"Mum says you're welcome to stay for dinner."

"No," he started, then stopped and thought about it. "Yeah, maybe. Just to help you all plan the best way to deal with Father when he returns."

"Thanks again. 'Kay, you two, are you ready to meet the Weasleys?"

Lucy was still eyeballing the Burrow. "Are you sure it's safe in there?"

Draco almost choked as Ginny replied, "Perfectly, unless George offers you something to eat."

Draco then commented, "She is her father's daughter."

"Shut up!" Ginny snorted, knowing full well he was right. Everyone was still around the table. As they entered the kitchen, she said loud enough for all to hear, "Let's see if I've got it straight; everyone, this is Lucy and her brother, Gavin. Lucy and Gavin, I don't expect you to remember all the names, but here we go. There's your grandmother, then Percy and his wife Audrey, then Fleur and Bill, then Charlie, Ron and his wife Pansy, your grandfather, then George and Angelina, and somewhere around here there are about ten cousins for you to play with."

"Mom, that's twenty one people! That's not a family, that's a--"

"Shut up, Lucy! I think it's great!" Gavin chortled.

Molly walked up to them, hugging each in turn. "Gavin, it looks like we'll need to feed you a bit more."

"Mrs. Weasley, trust me, I've seen that boy eat. He eats like Ron, but it seems he has the Malfoy metabolism," Draco offered.

Molly nodded, then looked at Lucy. "And you look just like your mother. You'll be a heartbreaker one day."

Lucy smiled at her 'new' grandma, then said, "Thank you."