The Miko and the

chapter 1

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Kagome was crying in the hot springs leasing to her iPod. She couldn't
believe what happen. How could Inuyasha do this?


Kagome was in a light sleep when she saw blue lights in the sky. She open her
eyes just in time to see Inuyasha running into the woods. She knew where he
was going but she wanted to see it herself she followed him. Then she saw him
talking to someone. That someone was Kikyo. They were kissing then Kikyo said

"Inuyasha do you love me?"


"Well you let me join your group?"


That was all it toke before she felt the tears running down her face. Kagome
couldn't take it anymore she ran back to camp and toke her bag leaving a note
for Sango. Kagome ran away in tell she found a hot springs.

End flashback

Kagome's POV

I kept crying and crying. I could not believe Inuyasha had done it. I have my
iPod on so I flipped it to my favorite song, White horse by Taylor Swift.

I closed my eyes and listening to the beat of the song. I didn't notice that
I have a silent visitor watching me.

Sesshoumaru's POV

I watched the Miko by the hot spring with some kind of weird device in her

She closed her eyes and started to dance around. I thought

'She looks so silly doing that'

'Mate does not look silly'

'Who said she was out mate'


'Well she is not our mate, She probably hates us for what we tried to pull'

'Well go and see'

'Do not boss this Sesshomaru around'

'I am you so I can'


My inner beast left and I walked out from behind the bush's I was in and over
to the hot spring.

The Miko still did not notice me so finally I cleared my throat. I seen her
jump and her head turned around and her eyes went wide.

Kagome's POV

I was in my own little world until I heard someone clear there throat behind
me. I turned my head around to look and there stands none other than

I took my feet out of the water and stood up. I shut my iPod off and stuck it
in my pocket. I looked right at Sesshomaru and he is looking right back at

We had a staring contest for a while until he finally said

"What are you doing out here by yourself Miko? Where is the hanyou?"

"Why do you care?"

"None of your business now tell this Sesshomaru"

"Ok, I left the group because I found Inuyasha with Kikyo, So just take a
guess where he is"

"Well it is not safe out in these woods for you to be by yourself."

"Well what do you suppose I do?"

"Travel with me"

I knew that I probably have a shocked look all over my face. I can't
believe that Sesshomaru is offering me to travel with him. I then quickly
regained my composer and said


"Follow me then Miko"


So he started to walk off to the south so I grabbed my pack, and bow and
arrows and slung them over my shoulder and started to walk behind him.

Author's Note

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