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~Finding Heaven~

Chapter 1

The carriage came into a stop as soon as it entered the big iron gates of the Swan mansion. The driver leaped off his seat and opened the door to the carriage with an almost dull expression on his rough face.

A female figure opened the door to the manor and leaned against it, a slow smile forming on her face.

"It's very rude to come earlier than expected, miss." The woman stated with a serious expression even though her eyes were twinkling with mischief.

"It's also rude to not welcome your guests, Mrs. Turner." A young female voice called softly.

"It is, isn't it?" The woman leaning against the door pursed her lips before she quickly moved towards the carriage.

She opened her arms wide and her visitor came into her embrace happily.

"It's so good to see you, Jane." Elizabeth whispered.

"You too, Elizabeth." Jane Walton whispered back before breaking the embrace.

"How was your journey?" Elizabeth asked as she stepped back to regard the slightly younger woman in front of her.

"Oh, exhausting…It's quite a long distance from London." Jane said as she pushed a stray lock of auburn hair behind her ear.

"Well come inside then. I've been looking forward to your company." Elizabeth said as a frown came over her face.

"Is something wrong?" Jane asked concerned as they walked inside the large house.

"No…nothing too important. Emma! Please take Miss Jane's things to her room." Elizabeth called as they entered the parlor.

The maid nodded and excused herself from their presence. Jane took off her hat and placed it on the table while Elizabeth moved around the room.

"How is London?" she asked as Jane took a seat.

"It's…busy…and rainy as always. But beautiful all the same." Jane replied with a smile as she fumbled with her dress.

"Hmm…How is your father?" Elizabeth asked.

"My father is still being tormented with his shop…"

"I see…Jane…thank you for coming." Elizabeth said suddenly.

"I am glad that I am here…You've changed." Jane commented with a soft smile as she let go of her dress.

"You too…but for the better…" Elizabeth said with a small smile.

"Nonsense...but thank you. I can say the same about you…but…not that carefree…" Jane said softly while Elizabeth shrugged.

"Spending time with pirates changes you." Elizabeth said and Jane frowned.

"Yes…I heard about that…How's Will?" she asked and a shadow passed over Elizabeth's features.

"I hope well. I haven't seen him since …I haven't seen him for almost two years…I suppose you've heard."

"Yes…I mean what you told me…but…I am not sure if…"

"If it's true. It's true, Jane. He's gone…for now…"

"I see. Then I'll take your word for it." Jane said quietly, seeing that talking about Will somehow bothered her childhood friend.

"What about you? Are you…I mean…"

"I am alone, Elizabeth. And to tell you the truth…I like it." Jane smiled a bit.

"You like it? Young women usually love to be in the presence of men."

"I didn't say I don't like it…You know me…I'm not good at this kind of thing…"

"Hmm…you prefer to sidestep those kinds of situations."

"I guess I do." Jane murmured while nodding her head with nervousness. Elizabeth chuckled and bit her lip.

"Tea?" she offered as she picked up the teapot and Jane nodded.

"How's your son?" Jane asked after a while.

"He's growing. He's only one year old…"

"You must be happy…" Jane said as she took another sip.

"I am not." Elizabeth whispered and Jane frowned.

"Elizabeth…I am sure William will be back."

"I hope he was here…but he's not." Elizabeth whispered.

Jane didn't know what to say. She knew something was wrong since the moment she looked at her.

"I betrayed him, Jane." Elizabeth whispered, looking up at her.


"I betrayed Will…and I still am continuing doing so."

"Liz…I am sure you didn't…"

"But I did." The other woman insisted.

"How could you possibly have betrayed him?" Jane asked as she stood up and took a seat next to her.

"I…I've been with someone else, Jane."

"Someone else? Do I know him?" Jane asked slowly, carefully.

"No…no you couldn't possibly know him. You're still a proper woman…unlike me."

"Nonsense. I am not like you. I never was…" Jane said shaking her head.

"You are better and it's not about money."

"I am not. Have you looked in a mirror?" Jane asked chuckling.

"Jane, I am serious."

"Alright…does he know?"

"No, he doesn't."

"Then you could…end it?" Jane offered awkwardly.

"I can't."

"Why not? Do you love him?" Jane's eyes were wide.

"Even if I wanted…I couldn't"

"What do you mean?"

"You can't love, Jack." She whispered and Jane frowned.



"Why can't you?"

"Because he doesn't love anyone but himself…I think it's safe to say that he only loves his ship."

"Wait a moment…He has a ship?" Jane asked dumbfounded.

"He is a pirate, Jane."

"A what?" Jane asked wide eyed, her green eyes staring at Elizabeth with horror.

"He is a pirate. He is the one that…"

"He is the one that had threatened you." Jane stated.

"Yes." Elizabeth whispered, looking away.

"You have an affair with a man who…"

"It's not about him, Jane…He is…" Elizabeth trailed off.

"He is what?"

"He is a kind of diversion for me…" Elizabeth muttered at last with a sigh.

"Diversion…What about Will then?" Jane drew slightly back, her expression wary.

"I love Will."

"It doesn't seem like you do to me."

"I do…but I need something else…" Elizabeth hissed, standing up. Jane was confused.

"Let me see if I have understood. You love Will, but you have a relationship with someone else…A man who is a pirate."


"Is this why I am here?" Jane narrowed her eyes.

"You are here because I am lonely and you are my only friend. You are the only person I can trust." Elizabeth said and Jane nodded.

"Alright. That's good enough for me…So, where is he? Is he here?" Jane looked around cautiously.

"No, he's not back from the sea yet. Jane…please tell me you'll keep this a secret. No one here can know about this…He'll be dead if you do…and so will I." Elizabeth said and Jane stood up too.

"Of course I won't. You have my word, Liz." Jane said with a nod.

"You'll like him."

"Me? I don't think so…" Jane said shaking her head.

Elizabeth smiled a bit, "Come with me then. I'll show you your room and I'll give you some of my dresses." Elizabeth said as she took her hand.

"My clothes are fine." Jane muttered with a pout.

"No, they are not. They are too…decent."

"I like decent…You're not making me wear different clothes, Liz." Jane said with finality and Liz sighed.

"Fine…you're still stubborn."

"You are still scandalous." Jane said as they both started laughing.


Elizabeth's son was a gem. He was calm, never cried much and he was a sight to behold. Jane had never met Will, but she was sure that his son looked like him a lot. True to be told, she was very glad to be with Elizabeth and her son. It was over a month and she was more than happy to be in the Caribbean with them. When she had first received Liz's letter she hadn't been so sure if she should go to her. But she was glad that she had made the decision.

So, there she was, sitting outside in the terrace with little William on her lap.

"He sure likes you. I haven't seen him sitting for so long with someone." Liz commented as she looked at them from her seat.

"I like him too. He's very calm. I am sure he didn't get that from you." Jane joked, making Liz chuckle lightly.

"Liz…He is Will's right?" Jane dared to ask and Liz looked at her sharply.

"Of course he is. I've been with Jack for the last six months." She hissed and Jane flushed.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." Jane apologized and Liz shook her head.

"No…you were right to ask…with what I've told you." Liz murmured as she looked away.

"I am not judging. You know that. In fact, I wish I was like you." Jane murmured as she bounced William on her lap.

"It's great that you are not. Trust me, Jane…" Liz said as she stood up and started pacing up and down the terrace.

Jane turned to look at Emma as she walked out of the house, a letter in her hand.

"This for you, my lady." Emma curtsied as she gave the letter to Liz. Jane looked away and poked the baby's nose playfully, causing him to giggle.

"Who is it from?" Jane asked after a while. Elizabeth looked at her and held the letter close.

"Jack…" she whispered with a tiny smile.

Jane froze and looked at her friend.

After one month of living there she was finally going to meet the infamous Captain and she was certain that she wouldn't like it. Not at all.

End of chapter 1

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