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"Why doesn't she call?" Tony asked, looking up at Gibbs.

"She call when she wants to, DiNozzo." Gibbs replied.

"That didn't make me feel any better, you know, boss." Tony frowned and stared at the phone.

"I know." Gibbs said, and went back to his work. Suddenly the phone rang, breaking the silence. Tony grabbed the receiver.

"Ziva?" he said. Gibbs looked up, curious.

"Ziva is here." The voice said on the other end, and Tony was worried immediately. The tone was harsh, cold and uncaring.

"Is she okay? What have you done?" Tony asked, and signaled at McGee to start a trace.

"Miss David is fine. It is your forensic scientist you should be worried about." The line went dead and Tony felt as if a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped over his head. He dropped the phone and sprinted to the stairs.

"It's Abby!" he said, for Gibbs' benefit. Gibbs jumped up and ran after Tony. By the time the duo reached Abby's lab they were well and truly out of breath. Tony ran into the lab.

"Abby!" He cried, and the woman turned.

"Oh hi Tony! Hi Gibbs!" Abby said. "Why have you been running?"

Tony was lost for words. Then a thought came into his head.

"Ducky?" He realized, and ran to the video phone Abby used to communicate with Ducky. He called the pathologist. "Ducky? Ducky?"

Gibbs looked over his shoulder, and swore. He ran off, closely followed by DiNozzo, and Abby stared at the picture on the screen.

"Oh... Ducky!" She murmured quietly, her forehead creasing with worry for the lovable Scotsman. As she watched, she saw Gibbs run through the door and run to Ducky. Tony was dialing, she noticed, and she guessed he was calling for an ambulance. She saw Gibbs roll Ducky over onto his back, revealing the open gash along his right side, over his ribs. Abby gasped, and recoiled back from the live video of the happenings in the morgue.

Soon, paramedics were arriving on the scene, and Ducky was soon taken away. He was alive, but had an oxygen mask. Abby took the lift up the the bullpen.

"Timmy!" She cried, when she saw the familiar face. McGee looked shocked at her tear streaked face.

"What's up, Abby?" He asked, and she hugged him tightly.

"Someone tried to kill Ducky!" She said, and turned at the sound of the lift. It was Tony and Gibbs. Gibbs had blood on his shirt, and Tony looked shaken.

"McGee, did you trace the number?" Tony asked, sitting down heavily at his desk.

"Yes. I traced it to a cell phone to someone of the name of Nadif Dalmar." McGee said. "I ran the name through our database. Nothing."

"Try running it through the databases of the Israeli authorities." Gibbs suggested, noting the nationality of the name.

"On it." McGee said, and ran it through. "Aha!"

"What is it?" Gibbs' voice was quite strained.

"Nadif Dalmar. Twenty seven years of age. Ex-Mossad operative. Wanted by the Israeli and Somalian authorities." McGee read, and Gibbs put his head in his hands.

"He probably came with a fake passport." He sighed.

"Or had someone else to do it for him." Abby suggested, since the call had been traced back to Somalia. Tony phone rang, and he jumped. He picked it up tentatively.

"DiNozzo." He said into the mouthpiece.

"Hello, Tony." The voice still scared him.

"Shalom, Nadif." Tony's voice was cheerful, but Gibbs could tell it was very much faked. Tony heard a sharp intake of breath from the caller.

"I am sending you a video. I want you to watch it. Carefully." Tony glanced at his computer. A new email, the sender's email address was hidden. It was a video link. Tony pressed play. His face grew pained as he watched it. The other's watched Tony, and listened to the sound from the video.

"Hello, Tony. I thought you might like to speak to Ziva." The man had the same voice as the man on the phone. Tony already hated the face of Nadif Dalmar. "Say hello, Ziva."

The camera shot panned to show Ziva, her face down, her matted hair hanging over her face. Tony winced as Nadif hit Ziva in the stomach.

"Look up." Nadif ordered, holding Ziva's head up to face the camera. "Say hello to your dear Tony DiNozzo."

"Tony... no..." Tony was almost heartbroken at Ziva's voice. It was rasping and sounded painful, and it sawed at his heart with a jagged knife.

"Tell him to come and save you from the big bad man. Are you going to beg him to come and save you?" Nadif hissed to Ziva, and her eyes rolled slightly.

"Tony... ignore everything... he says... please..." Ziva said, and Tony looked revolted as Nadif's face filled his screen.

"Say goodbye to Ziva. It might be your last chance." The video ended.

"You bastard." Tony growled to Nadif, whose laugh echoed horribly over the phone.

"That's more pain to be inflicted on Ziva tonight. Thank you." The call ended, and Tony was left, shocked and hurt. He turned to McGee.

"Do we have an address to go to?" McGee nodded.

"We are leaving for Somalia in... two hours. Go home, pack, and be back here in an hour." Gibbs ordered, and McGee and Tony sprinted from the building. Gibbs turned to Abby. "Stay here. Go and see Ducky in the hospital. Keep safe."

Gibbs handed her a Beretta, and she took it gingerly.

"Stay safe." He repeated, and kissed her cheek, before leaving himself. Abby stared after them, hoping this wouldn't be the last time she'd see any of them.

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