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Ziva winced as he pulled off her shirt as it scraped against all the cuts and bruises on her body. She shivered. He pushed her from the sitting position she was in against the wall onto the floor so she was lying on the dirty ground. He straddled her, and she avoided his eyes.

She hardly felt the incision as he traced his knife down the right side of her face. Hot, sticky blood ran into her mouth and onto the ground. She spat it at him, and he laughed at her defiance. He raised the knife and brought it down again. She did feel it this time. She bucked in pain as the sharp blade slid through her hand and hit the floor beneath. She felt him harden and was disgusted at this man who was turned on by her pain.

He rested the knife on her stomach, and she could feel the blood, her blood on it. He cupped her face in his hand and gently stroked the incision he had just made down the side of her face. She tried not to wince as his fingers touched the open cut.

"Such a waste of beauty." He said, leaning back and letting go of her face. He pulled a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket, and lit the cigarette. Ziva turned her face away from him, but he grabbed her hair and turned her face back to him. She turned away again, and felt the searing heat as he stubbed his cigarette out on the skin under her collarbone. He stood up.

She coughed when his boot came into contact with his stomach, time and time again. Then her head, even when she tried to protect herself with her arms. She could feel herself losing consciousness.

"Federal agents!" She faintly recognized the voice, but the kicking stopped at least. She heard a gun shot, two… three.

"Ziva? Ziva? Can you hear me, Ziva? Ziva?" She felt herself slipping away.

"Tony…" She whispered, before everything went black.

"I've got her boss." Tony put his ear to her mouth. Her breathing was faint, dying away. He held her nose with his thumb and forefinger, and breathed life back into her lungs while Gibbs phoned for an ambulance.

When the paramedics arrived, Tony wanted to go with Ziva, but the medics told him to drive after them. When he tried to get past them to Ziva, Gibbs held him back.

"But… Gibbs… Ziva…" Tony whispered.

"She'll be fine." Gibbs promised, shaking Tony by the shoulders. "Come on. McGee's waiting outside."

When they arrived at the hospital, Ziva was already in surgery. Tony's eyes glazed over at the list of her injuries.

Punctured lung.

Broken leg.

Fractured wrist.

Second degree burns.

Infected cuts.

Internal haemorrhaging.

A doctor approached them after four hours.

"Esmee Hakim Bishara. Al anesah David –" Tony stopped him.

My name is Doctor Bishara. Miss David…

"Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah?" He asked the man.

Do you speak English?

"Qaleelan…" The doctor replied, and began again. "Miss David is out of surgery."

Just a little.

"Can we see her?" Tony asked, but the doctor shook his head.

"Laa, aasef." The doctor shook his head. "She is… how you say? Asleep?"

No, sorry.

"Oh. Okay. Shokran." Tony sighed and Gibbs looked at him.

Thank you.

"I didn't know you spoke Arabic." He commented.

"Well, you and Ziva do, so I decided I should learn it. I thought it might come in handy…" Tony trailed off and McGee glanced at him.

"What did he say?" McGee asked and Gibbs relayed the conversation in English to him. "Oh."

Eventually McGee fell asleep in his chair, so Gibbs said that they should find a hotel nearby.

"I'll stay." Tony said, and Gibbs raised his eyebrows. "In case her… condition changes."

"You need sleep, Tony." Gibbs reminded him. Tony shrugged.

"I'll be fine. I'm staying here."

"Who gives out the orders, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, and Tony returned his glare.

"Normally you, but I'm not leaving this hospital." Tony said fiercely. Gibbs knew he wouldn't be able to talk sense into the man, so he and McGee walked over to the receptionist.

"Men fathleki. Al yamimkafnun alifnun yarar alifqafbaa raaha?" Gibbs said, gesturing to Tony.

Excuse me. Could you keep an eye on him for me, please?

"La moshkelah." The receptionist smiled.

No problem.

Gibbs and McGee left the hospital after getting directions to the nearest hotels. The first they came to the looked at the outside and decided that they would prefer not to stay there, but the second one seemed pretty decent, and when they went inside, the rooms were in good order. McGee wondered whether the bars on the window were to stop people getting out, or people getting in.

Tony sat back in the uncomfortable hospital chair. He closed his eyes, and an image of Ziva, how she'd been when they found her, flashed into his head. He opened his eyes, trying to blink the picture away. He got out his cell phone, and flicked through his contacts, until he found 'Ziva'. The image was the photo Abby had taken on her cell, and it was a nicer image than what she had looked like earlier.

His phone rang, and he glanced at the screen. A photo of him and Abby, smiling flashed up at him. He answered the call.

"Yeah, Abs?" He greeted her.

"Tony! How is Ziva? Can I talk to her?" Abby spoke in a rush.

"She's asleep." He replied.

"Oh are you with her?" Abby asked.

"No, that's what the doctor said." Tony answered sadly, wishing he was with Ziva. And she was not in a hospital or had any need to be in a hospital.

"Oh." Abby's voice was sad. "Say hi for me when she wakes up, alright?"

"Okay." Tony replied. "Bye."

"Bye." Abby said back, with a sigh. Tony was about to end the call, but then added,

"Sorry, Abby." Then he pressed the red button and was once again silent.

"Men fathlek?" Tony looked up to see Doctor Bishara and a female nurse standing in front of him.

Excuse me

"Na'am? Maljadeed?" Tony asked, hoping Ziva was awake. Bishara said something in Arabic, which Tony couldn't quite translate, but the nurse said it in English.

Yes? What's new?

"Miss David's condition has worsened and she has slipped into a coma. We were wondering if you would like to speak to her. Patients often respond better to a familiar voice and they sometimes awaken." She relayed in English. Tony stood up.

"Shokran. Ayn?"

Thank you. Where?

"Ta'ala ma'ee, min fadlek." Tony hurried after the doctor.

Follow me, please.

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