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His fingers were long, lithe and cold. I'd watched them flitting over the strings of his guitar for hours. I watched them so often that they began haunting my dreams. My husband asked me why I'd stopped talking in my sleep but I didn't think I should tell him it was because there were no words in my dreams, only the soft cords of a guitar providing a soundtrack to the image of his dancing fingers.

Sometimes I would dream of his long sure fingers moving over me playing me like a fine instrument and then my husband would be gone when I woke for fear that I would expect him to fulfill his husbandly duties.

So I sat on the couch watching Jasper's graceful sure fingers playing across the strings while he watches me. When he stops playing I drag my eyes away from his now still fingers and up to his eyes. They look sad and confused so I look back down to his fingers; just as beautiful still as when they dance.

For a long time Jasper watches me watching him and then one day when he stops playing Edward sits beside me on the couch and something clicks in his eyes. He stares at Edward for a long moment and then he puts his guitar down and walks away.

A week later Jasper pulls me with him onto the couch and he settles his guitar on my lap, his arms cradling around me teaching my fingers to dance like his.

The first day he teaches me notes and cords, showing my fingers where to go. The second day his fingers slowly stroke across mine venturing up to my wrists. It's hard to focus with those amazing fingers dancing on my skin. Part of me thinks he knows that and he doesn't seem mad at me.

On the third day his fingers travel up my arms and his thumbs brush the edges of my breasts as he sends small waves of pleasure into me. It feels so good to be touched. I'm not mad at him.

On the last day his fingers wrapped around my wrists turning me to face him as his fingers traveled much further than my arms. The pleasure he sends me now shivers through me until me knees are weak and he shows me just how well his fingers can play me.

He teaches me that his fingers aren't the only thing that is beautiful and I feel as though I'm alive for the first time. He lay me down on the rug that we had to burn because I bled and he showed me something more amazing than his music.

Edward didn't come home and Alice was quiet. I didn't need lessons anymore but Jasper sat behind me watching me play. This time his fingers are wound together at my stomach because his arms are around me tight and he smiles when I lean back into him and laughs when I moan as his fingers follow mine across the frets.

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