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(A.N: I had the idea to write about a number of characters and what led them to pursue the Dark Arts and eventually end up in service to Voldemort. Lucius Malfoy's story will be the first in this series. The others I've decided to do are Severus Snape, Regulus Black, Barty Crouch Jr and Peter Pettigrew. However, if anyone particularly wants be to write about any other Death Eater feel free to request that I write their story as well)

The Hollow Men: Lucius Malfoy
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I. First Impressions

Lucius Malfoy was ten years old when his parents finally decided that he was old enough to attend the Yule Ball that was held at the Malfoy Manor each year. Normally children did not attend the Yule Ball until they had started Hogwarts, but Lucius' mother had insisted that her husband make an exception for their son, mature, talented and wonderful as he was. Lucius privately thought that his mother had no idea as to the full extent of his brilliance, but that was hardly surprising given the fact that he only really saw her once a week, if that.

The majority of ten-year-old boys would have been quite horrified at the prospect of having to socialise with adults for a whole evening, having to wear smart dress robes, having to speak only when spoken to, having to be shown off to large groups of people, and generally just having to be perfectly-behaved. Lucius, however, looked forward to it with relish; he knew that it would be a good opportunity to ingratiate himself with people, to get them to tell him (innocent child as he was) things that were supposed to be secret and use said secrets against them at a later date if necessary. Yes, even though he was only a child Lucius had the makings of a most perfect Slytherin.

On the morning before the Yule Ball took place, Agrippina Malfoy decided that it was of the utmost necessity to buy new dress robes (she would go herself, for the purchasing of dress robes was certainly not a task that could be entrusted to house elves) and made up her mind to take her young son with her whether he liked it or not. Unlike most children Lucius did not complain when faced with this task, for he had been taught that the image one showed to the world decided ones fate; it a man looked dull and uninspired, people would assume he was and so he wouldn't get anywhere, but if a man looked astute and sharp people would assume so and thus he would be able to go far in life.

The only bit of the shopping trip idea that Lucius had any problem with was the fact that his mother was insisting that they travel by floo power. He didn't see why they couldn't just travel by side-along apparition – it may have felt slightly uncomfortable, but at least it never resulted in his being completely covered in soot. Having dirt of any sort on his robes made Lucius feel ill; after all, he wouldn't want anyone to mistake him, a noble member of the house of Malfoy, for a filthy little mudblood, would he?

However, his mother won the argument, as usual, and the ended up travelling directly to Twilfitt and Tatting's via the floo network (his mother absolutely refused to shop anywhere else for fear of running the risk of encountering a mudblood).

Lucius sulked momentarily while he waited for his mother to spell the coal-dust off their robes, and made up his mind that the first thing he was going to do upon arriving at Hogwarts was to come up with a way to make the floo system a lot cleaner and thus far more pleasant to travel by.

"Get that look off your face, Lucius; its unbecoming of you," Agrippina chided her son before turning to the shopkeeper, whom Lucius quickly learnt was Arachne Twilfitt.

As his mother fussed about what robes she was going to buy, Lucius decided to spend some time looking around the shop. It was really rather interesting, he decided. There were rails upon rails of brightly coloured cloaks and robes, all made of different materials – some dour enough that they reminded him of his great-grandmother, others so brightly coloured that he knew his father wouldn't even allow them in the house.

Eventually Agrippina managed to decide on a set of dress robes, midnight blue ones that complimented the darkness of her hair yet brought out the brilliant blue of her eyes. Lucius had inherited his colouring from his father.

"Now, what shall we dress you in?" Arachne Twilfitt began fussing over Lucius, as pleased as a young girl who had been given a new doll to dress up.

"Slytherin green?" his mother suggested and Arachne Twilfitt gave her a horrified look.

"Absolutely not, Lady Malfoy. With your son's complexion green will make him look like an inferius!"

Lucius scowled at her. Evidently this woman had no skill with words.

"No. I recommend this," she pulled out a set of pale gold robes that made Lucius want to gag. There was no way on earth that he was willingly going to wear Gryffindor colours, and he promptly told the shopkeeper that.

"I like these," Lucius stated, pointing to a set of black, velvet dress robes, which had silver piping around the edges of the sleeves and the high-necked collar.

Agrippina shook her head in astonishment. "Ten-years-old and he already insists on dressing like his father."

"I see nothing wrong with that, mother," Lucius replied. "Father looks like a perfectly respectable Slytherin gentleman, and I don't see why I shouldn't as well." He was somewhat annoyed when he noticed that both women were trying to suppress laughter.

"I suppose we'll take those, then," his mother said. She handed the money over to Arachne Twilfitt, and was about to leave when someone else came into the shop. Agrippina suppressed a cry of delight.

"Cassandra Pyrites!" she cried. "Why, I haven't seen you in months, my dear. How are you? I hope that Argo's writing isn't keeping him away from home too much."

The woman in question was as fair as his mother was dark, and had a small boy of around Lucius' age tagging along behind her. The boy caught sight of Lucius and rolled his eyes as their mothers and the shopkeeper engaged in rapid conversation.

The boy walked over to Lucius, smirking in the way that alls Slytherins and Slytherins-to-be seem want to do. He looked like a miniature version of his mother, with shoulder length dark-blonde curls and startlingly green eyes.

"Talaus Pyrites," the boy said, offering his hand to Lucius, who noticed that he was wearing white gloves that appeared to be made of silk.

"Lucius Malfoy," Lucius replied, taking the boy's hand. Yes, those gloves were definitely made of silk. How peculiar.

"So you start Hogwarts next year too, I presume."

"Indeed I do. Hopefully I'll see you in Slytherin."


It was then that their mothers interrupted their conversation.

"Now I really must be getting on with buying Talaus some new gloves," Cassandra Pyrites was saying. "It's my way of apologising for having to leave him with those dreadful house elves while we come to your ball this evening."

Talaus leaned over to Lucius and whispered, "I'm not complaining. I get to practice my curses while she's out of the house."

Lucius suppressed a snigger. Here was someone who had his own way over thinking, finally.

"We ought to be going now," Lucius' mother was saying. "Very nice to see you again, Arachne. And Cassandra, you must bring your son with you next time you come over for tea; that way our sons can get to know each other better before they start school."

Lucius was feeling rather pleased with himself at having made a new contact before the Yule Ball had even begun – so pleased with himself, in fact, that he even forgot to complain about the fact that they had to make the journey home to the manor by floo.

Lucius Malfoy flinched slightly as his mother yanked his hair back into a ponytail and fastened a black, silk bow into place. The bow was not something the Lucius was too fond of (he remembered last Yuletide in particular, when they had gone to visit the Blacks and Bellatrix Black had taunted him mercilessly, saying that it made him look like a girl) but alas it was something that could not be avoided on formal occasions such as this one.

His fathered entered the room and appraised the situation, then nodded approvingly.

"Excellent. Now that we all look presentable, I suppose it's time to go and greet our guests." Abraxas Malfoy looked strikingly similar to his son, the only difference being that his hair was cut short enough that he did not have to bother humiliating himself by tying it up with a silk bow. He was wearing robes of Slytherin green, and Lucius couldn't help but notice that he did look slightly ill – either Arachne Twilfitt was right about green not suiting their colouring or his father's nerves were playing up again. As Abraxas Malfoy was far from the most sociable of people, Lucius strongly suspected the latter.

His father led them downstairs into the main ballroom, where a large number of the guests had already arrived. Among them he noticed, to his dismay, Bellatrix Black, though luckily he rather-nicer sister Andromeda was present as well. The only other young people present were the Lestrange brothers, Rodolphus and Rabastan, Augustus Rookwood, Janus Yaxley and Linus Travers. Lucius quickly made up his mind that any attempts at ingratiating himself with them would be rather a waste of his time, and instead decided to stick close to his mother for the remainder of the evening – at least insofar as possible.

The beginning of the evening went smoothly enough: all Lucius was required to do was be polite and charming to his mother's friends, who all immediately seemed amazed by what a perfect little Slytherin he was. Sadly this was doomed not to last, as his mother was called away to deal with troublesome house elves that weren't preparing the cakes exactly as she'd commanded (no, the stupid creatures had decided to edit them somewhat!), and Lucius found himself in the clutches of the beautiful, deadly Bellatrix Black.

The dark girl was already in her fourth year at Hogwarts, and her tales of the dark magic she had learnt were enough to send chills up Lucius' spine. He hoped that he would be at least as powerful as her by the time he reached the fourth year. Actually he didn't hope – he knew, and he knew he could easily surpass her, too. However, that didn't make her any less intimidating at that moment in time.

"Why, young Lucius!" she exclaimed in mock-surprise, grabbing his arm and all but dragging him over to the table where the group of Slytherins had seated themselves. "You haven't said hello to us yet. And you haven't asked me to dance. I must say I'm quite offended!"

Lucius flinched. Perhaps his manners had slipped a little there, but he had no wish to dance with Bellatrix Black. Her sister Andromeda, perhaps, but certainly not Bellatrix; she would probably hex him in the middle of the ballroom for her own amusement.

He muttered a barely audible apology to the older girl, who was now busy showing him off to her fellow Slytherins.

"Look who has come to join us," Bellatrix exclaimed.

Rabastan Lestrange frowned, confused. "I thought you didn't start Hogwarts until next year. At least I haven't seen you in the common room; one would have thought that you'd be hard to miss. Unless of course you've been sorted into another house."

Lucius flushed angrily at that, wishing he had a wand and knew enough curses to make Rabastan Lestrange shut up permanently.

"Of course he hasn't started Hogwarts yet, you fool," Rodolphus corrected his brother, rolling his eyes as he did so. "I believe his mother made a special exception in allowing him to come to the ball early, just like she did for Andromeda when she was ten. Besides, how could a Malfoy be sorted into anything other than Slytherin?"

Rabastan did shut up then, and Lucius said a silent thank you to Rodolphus. If he had decided to protect Lucius from any daft jibes then that meant that he was safe from Bellatrix – at least for now. Rodolphus was the only one to whom Bellatrix Black actually listened.

As luck would have it Lucius turned out not to be in need of Rodolphus' protection for very much longer, as his father appeared and led him away by the arm.

"Apologies for stealing my son away from you, children, but we have business to attend to," Abraxas Malfoy said coldly, leading Lucius across to the other side of the ballroom. Lucius was very surprised when his father led him out of the ballroom and down the corridor. He wondered whether he had done anything wrong, but then he noticed that his father didn't have the annoyed look in his eyes that he always had whenever Lucius did something that displeased him. This was a very confusing situation.

Eventually, after having taken so many turns and been up so many staircases that Lucius felt lost, they stopped. Lucius realised that they were in the east wing of the house, which hadn't been used in years. What on earth were they doing there? Before he had time to ask, his father had opened the door and led him into one of the guest rooms.

A tall, pale man with jet-black hair was sitting on the bed. He wore the same Slytherin-green robes as Abraxas Malfoy did, but they made him look striking rather than ill. Lucius noted with shock that the man's eyes were red, and wondered if he was a vampire.

A cold grin appeared on the man's face. "No, my dear boy. I am no vampire." Lucius shivered – the man's voice was even icier than his grin, and it was very disconcerting that he just seemed to have read his thoughts. His father had mentioned that there were people who could do that (Lucius couldn't remember what the proper name for them was) but he had never met one in person.

"Lucius, this is Lord Voldemort," Abraxas Malfoy said at last. "My lord, this is my son, Lucius Ajax Malfoy."

Lucius briefly wondered why his father was addressing this man as 'my lord' (after all, he knew very well that there were no wizarding families that were superior to his own), and then realised that he had never heard of the house of Voldemort. It sounded French, but Lucius was quite certain that he knew all the names of the French pureblood dynasties. Evidently his history of magic needed work before he went off to Hogwarts, as this man must be a pureblood or his father wouldn't be addressing him at all, let alone in such respectful tones.

"It is my pleasure to meet you, Lord Voldemort," Lucius said, bowing as he had been taught.

"Lord Voldemort is a descendent of Slytherin himself," Abraxas told his son, who looked up at the dark-haired man in surprise upon hearing that.

"Indeed I am," Lord Voldemort replied. "And I can tell that your son will make a fine Slytherin, too, from the way his mind is working. I will keep an eye on him in particular."

"Why are you here instead of at the party?" Lucius blurted out, curiosity getting the better of him. "I'm sure everyone would be delighted to meet a wizard of such pure and noble heritage, and…"

Abraxas looked at him pointedly and he fell silent. "Lord Voldemort has much more pressing concerns than having to mingle with hundreds of wizards, all of whom he already knows."

"Don't be too harsh on the boy," Lord Voldemort drawled. "A thirst for knowledge is good; after all, knowledge is power, is it not?"

"Y…yes, my lord."

"You see, Lucius Ajax Malfoy, I am here to see your father and a select few others later this evening," Lord Voldemort explained. "You have only been allowed to meet me because I requested in specifically. And my suspicions were right – you will do very well in my ancestor's house."

Lucius flushed wish pride, "Thank you, my lord," he said, copying the form of address his father had used with this man. He noticed Abraxas pale slightly, though luckily Lord Voldemort did not.

"Now get back to your party; you have guests to entertain," Lord Voldemort said coldly. "I will speak to you all later in the evening."

"Yes, my lord," Abraxas replied, bowing again as they left the room.

They began to walk down the corridor. Abraxas turned to his son and said, "You must not tell anyone that you saw the Dark Lord here tonight, understood?"

"Yes, father" Lucius replied. "But why do they call him the Dark Lord?"

"Because he is the most powerful wizard ever to have lived," came Abraxas' reply.

Thus went Lucius Malfoy's first meeting with Lord Voldemort.