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Missing Alice: BREAKING NEWS: Ten year old Alice Cullen has gone missing. It's a mysterious case and one the police cannot solve. If you know information on her whereabouts, we urge you to come forwards. We pray that she is found… We pray that she is safe… We pray that she is alive…

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Disclaimer: Copyright of original story & characters Stephenie Meyer.

POVs: Esme, Carlisle and Alice

August 3rd 2001. Friday.


12:00pm - Forks, Washington. WA News


We are reporting today, the devastating news that one of our local residents, ten year old Alice Cullen has disappeared, less than 24 hours ago. Chief Swan and his team from the local police force are interviewing everyone close to the Cullen family and anyone who could be under suspicion.

So far no clues have lead to anyone who is suspicious of kidnapping Alice Cullen and there are no reports of a struggle or break-in to the house. This is a most peculiar case that has puzzled the police of Forks. They have checked all windows for breakages; the doors are still in a perfect condition with no signs of forced entry.

We had a chance to speak with Chief Swan who had this to report. "We received a phone call at 6:00am this morning from Dr. Carlisle Cullen, after he got up for work and found his daughter missing from her bed. This news has devastated his wife Esme and their two other children, ten year old Edward and eleven year old Emmett." Doctor Carlisle Cullen and the well known interior designer, Esme Cullen will be releasing a statement later today pleading their child's case for anyone who knows information on the whereabouts on where Alice could be, or if someone knows anything at all.

"There are no signs that a kidnapper actually entered the house, we can only assume for now that she let herself out. Which is why it is important that we interview everyone who is close to the Cullen family and the other local town members for any information on the early hours of this morning." Chief Swan further reported. "We do ask if anyone has any information to please come forwards, this news is a struggle to her entire family who are missing her dearly, so please come forwards." Chief Swan walks away with his head low and tears in his eyes. It is truly horrifying news for everyone in the small town of Forks, as other parents worries increase over their own children's safety.

"This is just horrible… I don't know what I'd do if my little Jessica was to go missing. My wishes go out the Cullen's, they are the most genuine, nicest family I have ever met, and they do not deserve this to happen to them." Mrs. Stanely shares in tears as she hugs her daughter close to her chest. "I know Alice is adopted along with Edward and Emmett, but they have loved those children like their own flesh and blood, never once treated them differently… its just heartbreaking to know what they are going through. I can't even begin to understand what this is like for little Edward and Emmett… poor things." Sympathy is written all over her face, as is all over everyone else's faces. The Cullen's are a much loved family by a lot of residents in Forks.

"Were doing everything we can to comfort the Cullen's through this time, they are close family friends to ours and my son Jasper is heartbroken over this news." Mrs. Hale struggles to hold in her tears as she continues. "Alice and Jasper have been inseparable since they were babies. Esme was fortunate to have taken Alice into her home as her own; this is just so… difficult, for him not seeing her. He will be interviewed later to see if he knows anything about Alice from yesterday, I just pray that they find her… she means everything to us… she's practically family." Mrs. Hale hugs her daughter Rosalie close to her chest as she walks off towards the Cullen's house.

For now that's all we have to report. We will keep everyone updated as more news on Alice comes to our attentions. We pray that she is found… We pray that she is safe… We pray that she is alive…


2:00pm - Fox News

We are reporting today with the news of a missing child. Chief of Police, Charlie Swan from Forks, Washington has put together an investigation team who are currently combing the backyard of Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's home to find any clue from the mysterious disappearance of their missing ten year old daughter, Alice Cullen.

Specially trained German Shepherds were at the scene, scanning the backyard for any signs of a struggle, so far nothing has been found, this case continues to puzzle the police. Earlier today as reported by Forks, Washington, WA news, no one broke into the house, so the only conclusion is that Alice let herself out, but the question that looms over the town, is why?

At 6:00am Alice Cullen was reported missing by her father, the local doctor at Forks, Carlisle Cullen. No one has yet seen Mr. Cullen or his well known wife Esme Cullen, or their other children Edward and Emmett. We assume they are still in questioning or preparing for their statement which will later be released at around 6:00pm on all news and radio stations.

This news is reaching all areas of America; as this case continues to intensify as the hours tick by. Esme Cullen, a well known interior designer will be pleading her daughter's case later today. Everyone who is a fan of Mrs. Cullen will know that she is devoted to her adopted children more than life itself and should know how much of a struggle and heartbreak this is for her and her husband and children. It came as a huge shock when she quit her work to move to a small town away from the media eye to settle down with her children and finally be a family. But now her family is missing a large peace and we plead that anyone with any information, to please come forward and give in that evidence.

We had a chance to speak with some of the local residents as the day grows darker and the news slowly comes to a stand still, as the puzzle grows harder. "We heard nothing… nothing at all. I live next door to the Cullen's and there were no loud noises to signal of a break-in or anything. Nothing at all interrupted my family; it's a complete mystery to us all, as to how this happened." Mrs. Newton confirms, her face white as snow, as she is clearly shaken by this news.

"It must be them… if no one broke in, then they must have done it, there's no other conclusion." An anonymous town resident shares her views on the situation. And surprisingly she is not the only one who is to come to this conclusion. It has been whispered around the town that if no one broke in, then someone let her out… again the question that is on everyone's mind, is why?

Alice Cullen was described as a caring girl who would do anything for her friends and family. The Cullen's are all described as very close, but yet a quiet and close family who keep themselves to themselves, but do often participate in town activities and town events. Alice's appearance is revealed, she is a short, black haired girl, spiky short hair and always wears fashionable clothing. She is commonly described as a pixie among her town friends.

We were able to receive a few words from Chief Swan himself as he clears off some local attention as people gather around, eager to know more information on this case. "Were doing everything we can, as you can see-" He points to the locals who are staring intensely onto the Cullen property "-were getting a lot of unneeded attention right now which makes it difficult to do our job. We understand this is devastating news and it's difficult for me to work under the circumstances as it is." When asked more about that, he continued. "My daughter Bella Swan is the same age as Alice and she's very fond of her brother Edward; she is very close to the family and spends nearly all her time with them. She is being questioned on information and we hope she knows something about what's happened. It is very difficult for all youngsters involved to give us information; it's not as easy for them to remember things as clearly as an adult can." He ended the statement and continued to clear off the local residents.

That's all we have to report on this case for now, please stay tuned and we will share more as the day moves on, for now, please contact the police if you have any information on this missing child. Our thoughts and prays go out to the Cullen family, this must be a terrible struggle for her entire family and her friends.


4:00pm - CNN

Its headline news as America reports about the devastating news that struck a town in Washington, Forks. Ten year old, Alice Cullen has disappeared with no clues as to how it happened. It's been reported by nearly every news station that there was no forced entry and have finally come to a solid conclusion that she was let out of the house, either by herself or by someone else in the house that night.

The small town of Forks grows crowded as more news stations crowd in to report this news, we just pray that all this media helps to find Mr. and Mrs. Cullen's daughter. Its not only the media that is pouring in, but more policemen and women have drove into the small town to help with the search, we can say now that this is the biggest case that has hit the news in years.

Chief Swan and the other Forks police have moved on from the garden and are scouring through the house once again for any clues that lead to Alice's whereabouts. They are working hard; none stop and will continue to do so, until they find even the smallest of evidence that helps them solve this case. While Chief Swan works in the house, the newly arrived police from Seattle and Port Angeles and other towns closer have moved onto wider locations and are searching the forest nearby, for any signs of Alice or a struggle or evidence leading to her been taken. And as we report this, more police have just pulled up now; the manhunt grows larger as they all disappear into the nearby forest.

Locals are devastated. Friends are heartbroken. Parents are panicked. The Cullen's are distraught…This is the news that we are reporting today. Alice Cullen who is described to have short, black, spiky hair. She is small for her age, yet caring and loving with her family and friends. She is popular among her group of friends at the low populated school in Forks; her friends are known to call her a pixie. Well, we hope this pixie flies home soon; she is dearly missed during this sad time.

Earlier we had a chance to speak with some of the attention crowding the Cullen mansion. "I can't believe this has happened. As you can see, its just scared the whole town and parents are keeping a close eye on their own children, its not a nice time for anyone and our main thoughts and prays are that she is found soon and brought home safely…The Cullen's do not deserve this." Mr. Gregory contributes, echoing a lot of the town's words.

Parents have shared a few words on their thoughts and we were fortunate enough to speak with a few of Alice's friends who were holding tightly onto their parents. "Alice was one of my best friends, I miss her so much." Lauren Mallory cries, clearly heartbroken over her missing friend. "She was just like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan." She added when asked what Alice was like. "She would always dress in the best clothes, she was really kind too. She always stood up for kids who got bullied. I want her back." Lauren choked out her final words and gripped tightly onto her mother.

"Alice was the best… she… would never… run away… she loves everyone… too much." Jessica Stanely stammers as the tears continue to pour. He mother shared a few words early today on the matter, its clear they were close to the Cullen's.


A few moments later…

Chief Swan appeared from the house causing locals to gather around and fire questions at him. He held up his hand signally he has nothing to share right now, disappointing the whole town. We were lucky enough to speak with him. "Were doing everything we can." He shook his head, clearly stressed with all this attention. "We can confirm that she took her blanket with her… Alice never goes anywhere without that blanket, so were now thinking that she left on her own, no one else let her out. But were still puzzled as to why she wanted to leave in the early hours of last night, it's just a mystery to us all." More media attention gathers around as he shares this new information. "We just hope that when Carlisle and Esme make their statement in a few hours, we gain some news on what's happened. We are very thankful for all this media attention and bringing it to everyone's knowledge, all we can do for now is pray it works or pray that more evidence is found around here." He nodded his head once and turned on his heal, showing he had no further comments. Once again tears spring in his eyes, being a close family friend of the Cullen's; this must be the most difficult case he has ever worked on.

That's all we have right now, the manhunt continues, the attention grows, the seconds grow to minutes, the minutes grow to hours and soon the hours will grow to days… lets hope she is found safe and alive.


6:00pm – The Statement.

Esme's POV -"She's my baby… my darling baby girl." I struggled to hold in the tears, the cameras facing me, the lights flashing in front of my eyes as cameras clicked, but the only presence I could feel was my husband who gripped onto my hand tightly. "I never, ever thought this would happen to us, and to have to tell my other children who are around the same age as her, that their sister has gone missing, was the must difficult thing I have ever had to do." The tears began, my eyes already puffy and sore from crying since Carlisle found her bed empty this morning. "Looking into their eyes and saying the words I most dreaded to say…" I couldn't continue that sentence, my voice cracking at every word. I had to get through this statement for my Alice.

I swallowed past the lump in my throat. "We plead with whoever knows where she is. We plead with who ever has seen our darling Alice, to come forwards. Please… please help us find her… please help us bring her home. She's just a baby out on her own." I sobbed hard, my throat threatening to close up and stop my speech at a short. "I love her with all my heart… she is my child… my only girl. She's one of the only reasons I go on living in this world. Without my children, I am a broken woman, an empty shell… without her, my heart is open and is missing a large part, help us find her." I brought the tissue which was clenched in my hand up to my face and wiped the tears away.

"We miss her… my sweetheart Edward and my caring Emmett miss her terribly. They want their sister back, please, if you have taken my baby, give her back to us, please…" I couldn't talk anymore, my voice breaking on the very last word, suffocating me as my sobs took over my every sense and emotion.


Carlisle's POV - "As you can see by my wife's reaction, this news has broken us as a family… were missing a large potion and that can never be filled by someone else other than Alice. She was a caring child." I spoke for the first time, my voice full of tears but I managed to hold them back for now. I held tightly onto my wife's hand, wanting this to be over with so I could hold her close to me, along with my sons Edward and Emmett and wait for our Alice to come home. "She was a lovable daughter, sister and friend. She was our daughter, the piece of our family that held us together, without her we will never be truly hole again." I could feel the sob, fighting its way up my chest and my throat, I gritted my teeth together, determined not to let it beat me.

"We thank all of the media who has been reporting this case today and for bringing it to everyone's attention. Without you, we will never find her… we hope that who ever is watching this and knows information on my daughters disappearance, will come forwards." I turned my gaze away from the flashing lights and the cameras, looking deeply at my wife's broken posture as she bent over herself, weak and torn, whose gaze was fixed onto a photo of our Alice and away from everyone else. "I want my wife to feel complete." The tears started as I stared at her. "I want my wife to have her daughter back… My wife and family are the people I care most about in this world… please give her back to us." I turned my gaze down to the photo too, which started the tears flowing… I only had a matter of minutes before I was shunned to silence by a choking sob, just like Esme.

"She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Watching her grow up into the young lady she is today was an experience I will treasure forever. Please let us share more days with her, who ever knows information on her whereabouts, we want her back home and safe with her family… share your information. I want to see my darling Alice grows up to be a wonderful young lady, one I hope she will be one day." It was coming faster than I thought it would, my throat growing tighter at every word.

"Sense our despair. See our hearts on the table, broken and in mercy. Give her… give her back… to us… please…" That was all I could say, as my words stopped short. I turned once again to my loving wife and grabbed her tightly against my chest… We can only hope now, we can only pray, that one day we will see our baby, Alice Cullen again.


About 24 hours ago.


I held onto Jaspers hand tightly as we ran fast… faster than the wind, which was whipping me across the face causing me to squint as we shot forwards. My laugher catching in my throat, a stitch began to form in my stomach but we ran and kept on going.

"Alice." My mummy called behind me. "No too far!" I was going to carry on but Jasper pulled me to a stop and I spun around him as my legs wasn't prepared for it and I slammed into him hard, pushing him back against the ground. I fell on top of him, our laughter never stopping.

"What do you want to play?" His voice held a hint of excitement. My body was still lying on top of him as he placed his hands lightly on my back, trapping me against him.

I sighed and scrunched my face up in thought, making him giggle underneath me, my body vibrating with his. "HIDE AND SEEK!" I squealed out in happiness, my favourite game.

"OK." He smiled at me warmly, making me blush slightly. I rolled off of him and he got to his feet, holding a hand out. I grabbed it and he pulled me up to my feet. I looked around at the green and the trees, I wasn't going to hide in the playground because it's so open and there isn't a hiding place there where he can't find me. I decided to hide in the trees… I bit my lips, hiding my plan and my wicked smile.

"You first, I'm going to count to-" I interrupted him.

"100!" I squealed out again my eyes dancing in excitement.

"100 it is." He winked at me and ran off to our mummy's, probably telling them that were playing hide and seek so they wont worry when they can't see me.

I ran a little into the forest, not far because I didn't like it in there, but I had to run in there before he could see were I'd gone. I held a hand over my mouth as I walked a little into the trees, they towered over me, I couldn't see the tops of them they were so high. I stopped when I found a really big tree to hide behind.

"Hello." Someone spoke to me, walking through the trees with his dog.

"Hi." I spoke back timidly.

"What are you doing in here? It's very dangerous." I relaxed as he lectured me, sensing no danger with this man.

"Oh, I'm ok. I'm playing hide and seek with my boyfriend, Jasper." I smiled as I spoke.

"You're a little young to have a boyfriend aren't you?" I blushed as he stopped in front of me, his dog licking my face playfully.

"No." I said straight away. "We love each other." I spoke proudly.

"That's nice." He smiled back friendly. "This is Sam by the way; he seems to really like you." He bent down and patted his dog's head, his body only a few feet away from me as he bent down in a crouch, but I still sensed no danger in his close proximity.

"I really like him too." I giggled as he licked my face again, he panted happily as I scratched him behind the ear.

"Is that your mummy back there? Does she know you're in here?" He asked strictly again, I sensed from him that he didn't like me being in here… it was almost like he cared about me.

"She knows." I nodded turning my gaze to him. "Jasper will have told her." I smiled back as his face grew understanding. "It's my mummy's birthday in a few days." I added conversationally.

"Oh really?" He asked kindly. "And what are you getting her?" His voice showed great interested, I was beginning to like this guy.

"Hmmm." I hummed, deep in thought. "I don't know yet." I laughed and he joined in, shaking his blonde hair. "What's your name?" I asked shyly, not knowing if it was ok to ask.

"My name is James." He held out his hand for me to take and I grabbed it softly.

"Hello, I'm Alice." I introduced myself polity.

"It's nice to meet you." He dropped my hand after a few seconds then he scrunched his face up as if he were deep in thought, it intrigued me.

"What are you thinking?" I whispered.

"Well… it's really about your mummy and that present." His face softened as he whispered back, sharing his secret with me. "I can help you get a present for her if you want? I can see you love her very much." He smiled friendly again and I paused for a second, looking him deep in the eyes to see if he can be trusted. I decided then and there that he can.

"I would really like that." I smiled hugely, thankful for the kind gesture.

"OK, well…" He looked deep in thought again. "We best do it when your mummy isn't around, we don't want her to know that you're getting her something, do we?" He spoke in a whisper again.

"No…" I trailed off. "I know!" I squealed out and giggled as he shushed me playfully. "How about on a night?! Shops are still open aren't they? She will never know!" I was almost jumping up and down at the thought.

"That's perfect!" His face brightened. "I know just the store that will still be open too." He studied my face again, his facial features showed he was a kind gentleman; his eyes were alight with happiness. "Ok, how about… we meet back here at 1:00am tonight. We can go buy your mummy that present and I can have you back in a few hours and your mummy will never ever know you left and when it comes to her birthday she will really love you and your present to her." He smiled again, excitement lacing his voice. I nodded my head eagerly and he looked past me. "I think your boyfriend is coming, I better go. Remember, 1:00am tonight. Meet here at the park. And don't spend long in here, it's not safe." He warned me once and just before disappearing off into the trees with Sam he turned to me once more. "And don't tell anyone!" He smiled kindly and walked off; I followed his form until he disappeared.

This was going to be so great. Mummy is going to love me forever… I have money saved up in my piggybank too… I trailed off in thought, completely forgetting where I was.

"FOUND YOU!" Jasper shouted around the tree, causing me to jump and scream a little. I laughed when I saw his face, he helped me to my feet and we ran off to our mummies, once again. I couldn't get James out of my head; I was so excited to buy my mummy a present. It was going to be perfect.




I'd heard my mummy and daddy going to bed around 11:00pm. I was just waiting for the right time to leave… I knew I couldn't wait any longer; I had to get to the park and meet him. James was in every thought I had had since the park, I couldn't stop thinking about how kind he was for doing this for me. I would make sure to buy him a little present to say thank you while we are at the shops.

I climbed out of my bed, tiptoeing across the floor, avoiding the spots I knew that creaked when you put pressure on certain floorboards. I worked my way over to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of jeans and a thick top, I knew it was going to be cold out there. I pulled them over my PJ's, it would save me time taking them off when I got in; I could just slip these clothes off and get some sleep.

A yawn attacked me, catching me off guard, instantly sending a shock of panic through me as I worried about staying awake. I finished putting my clothes on, dragging my sleepy body across the room, again avoiding all the creaking spots in the floor once again. I picked up Mr. Piggy, my piggybank and unscrewed the bottom, emptying its contents onto the bed. I froze on the spot as each coin crashed into one another, landing in a pile on my mattress. I stayed still and kept an ear out to see if I'd woken someone… I was safe. I scooped up my loose change, putting it into my little bag, I didn't know how much I had but I'm sure it would be enough to buy a lovely present.

I turned on my heel about to leave but forgot one thing… my blanket. I couldn't go anywhere on a night without it. I picked it up and breathed in my own scent, it smelled of Chanel. I draped it over my bag and flunk it around my shoulder. I headed for the door, light as a feather with my steps and turned to look at my bedroom. I'd arranged my pillows under my quilt to make it look like someone was in my bed. I smiled at my handy work and shut my door, leaving a small gap.

I tiptoed to my mummy and daddy's bedroom and looked inside, checking they were asleep. "Night daddy." I whispered as quietly as I could, then I turned my gaze to my mummy's sleeping form. She was just a few feet away from the door, I was tempted to give her a small kiss on the head but I didn't want to chance it and wake her up. "Night mummy." I whispered quietly, which was barley audible to my own ears. "I love you both."

I turned around and made my way to Edward and Emmett's bedroom. "Night Eddie." I whispered once more. "Night Em. I love you both too." I smiled as I watched Em shift in his sleep, his big arms holding his bed sheets close to his chest. He looked just like a baby when he slept. "Too many big birds…" He moaned and trailed off into a deep sleep. I muffled a giggle with my hand and walked out of their room, heading down the steps and into the hallway. What was he dreaming about?

I smiled as I pulled my coat off the coat rack. I took my bag off and pulled on my coat, zipping it up tight. I once again flung my bag over my shoulder. I found the hidden spare key, one I think my mummy and daddy have completely forgotten about, it had gone kind of rusty under the plant pot it was hidden under. I cringed as I held in my palm. I silently as I could, unlocked the door and opened it, clenching my jaw together, praying they wouldn't hear. Once I was outside, the night air attacked my cheeks, freezing my face instantly. I locked the door silently and placed the key in my bag. I made sure I had everything before I set off.

Money. Check.

Blanket. Check.

I fingered my coat and smiled. I was ready to go.

I walked through the streets quietly, not making a sound. I was scared… very scared. I didn't like how dark it was. The trees blew in the wind, casting dark shadows in front of my path. Gates creaked as the wind pushed them open and pulled them closed. Bushes whipped widely, thrashing against wooden fences. "Relax Alice… The park is just at the end of the street. Remember… your doing this for mummy." I calmed myself down and picked up my pace, walking faster, practically sprinting until I saw the familiar blonde hair and friendly face waiting for me.

"Alice. You came!" He whispered as I approached him. He was pleased by my appearance. "I'm glad you brought a coat, it's so cold tonight. We best make this trip quick." He smiled and opened the passenger door. I hesitated and he noticed. "What's wrong?" He frowned.

"My mummy never lets me sit in the front." I whispered timidly, blushing as I revealed this to him.

"Well, what mummy doesn't know can't hurt her." He chuckled. "Plus, I don't see no baby here, I see a big girl who's going to shop for her mummy a birthday present." He smiled and held out his hand, the street lamp casting down onto his car and the sidewalk so I could see him clearly as if it were day.

"OK." I smiled and touched his hand, he didn't hold it tightly… in fact, if I hadn't have looked, I wouldn't have known he was holding me at all. He led me into the passenger seat and closed the door behind me. He really was a gentleman.

"You ready to go?" He smiled as he climbed into the driver's side. He turned on the heating full blast, warming up the car quickly. "I wish you would have brought gloves." He frowned disappointed.

I giggled. "Its ok James. I'm not a baby." I challenged him with a raised eyebrow.

"That's right. You're not." He smiled and turned on the engine. He noticed me yawn and gave me a flask. "Coffee. To keep you awake." He smiled and I took it from him, thankful once again that James came into my life.

"Thank you." I blushed as I unscrewed the flask lid. The aroma of coffee filming the car, I hummed as I drank it greedily, making sure not to spill any in his car. I screwed the lid back on and placed it in the cup holder. My mummy always put her coffees in her cup holder, so I knew it was ok.

5 minutes past by and the coffee wasn't working at all, in fact, it made me more sleepy than before. I was starting to feel really light headed and drowsy, my head drooping as I fort to keep my eyes open.

"Don't worry, if you fall asleep, I'll be sure to wake you up when we get to the shops." His voice called out from a distance. My eyes shutting… my head becoming more faint… my body relaxing into the chair… my…

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