Well hello everyone and thank you for reading my story.

Important Notice: I don't own DBZ. I wish I did, I really wish I did.

I would like to thank Shia who finally got me so far as to write this story, I have been carrying this around in my head for months now and with her encouragement I now get to put it down on paper, so to speak. I always wondered how different Gohan would have been if there were more Saiyans around, especially more Saiyans his own age.

Before I begin there are some things I feel that I need to explain since it clear up some things in this story.

First of this is a slight AU story most of the events will have taken place as in the series but here and there something's will differ in my story as it have an effect on the characters.

The first change is with Vegeta. In my story he was much older when Freeza took him and destroyed planet Vegeta. He was around 16 years of age and as such he was raised and trained to be the next ruler of his people, because of this he isn't as cold as he is in the series and has a much stronger sense protection to his people.

The second is the number of Saiyan's to have survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Most of these have found their way to earth shortly after the cell games. There are now about 200 saiyan families living on earth. Most of these work of planet as mercenaries. Due to this there are about 50 teenagers in Gohan's age group. There are also a lot of younger ones in the 8 and younger club.

The most notable of the teenage scene is "The 5" as they are known to the rest of the Z group and saiyan community. They are the ones that always take the lead and get into the most trouble. First is Gohan who is the leader of the group.

Second is Valla, she is the daughter of Brolly and the dark Fay sorceress KaVal. She had a twin sister who was murdered along with her mother and the rest of their people when Brolly's father destroyed the planet they lived on. Valla was the only survivor of that, due to the fact that at the last moment her mother cast a spell that teleported her of the planet and to earth. Valla blames herself for the death of her family and people. She arrived on earth about 2 moths before the androids appeared. Krillian found her and as she was severely traumatised she refused to talk to any one but Krillian and later 18. After the Cell games Krillian and 18 adopted Valla. She, Gohan and Lime became good friends when 18 suggested that they talk to each other over the death of their parents. 6 Months after the Cell games Valla found her mothers spell book that her mother had sent with her, in her grief and depression she decided to cast a spell that would remove her saiyan blood and turn her into a pure blooded Fay. The spell went awry and instead of removing her saiyan side the spell turned Krillian, Chi-Chi, Bulma and Lime into Saiyans.

The third member of the group is Lime a year after the Cell games, Lime's grandfather died of natural causes. 18 and Krillian decided to adopt Lime as well, since she and Valla had become as close as sister.

Fourth is Perigus. His mother is Fruta who is Vegeta's cousin and his father is a saiyan scientist named Patat. They arrived on earth a year and 6 months after the Cell games along with a large group of saiyans looking for a new world to live. Perigus takes after his father in that he is also scientific inclined. The four along with Shento and Flow (Tien and Launch's twin son and daughter) was tutored by Chi-Chi for most of the time.

The fifth member of the group joined the gang a year before the story starts. Miria Trunks had returned from the alternate timeline on the command of his mother just before she died from cancer. A difference between my story and the show is that Trunks is about 2 years younger than in the show. So now he and Gohan is the same age. The 5 have spent their time when not studying with Chi-Chi training with Vegeta or Goku and learning about their saiyan heritage.

Next up is the brats of the apocalypse or also called the brats from hell by the Z gang and saiyan community. They are young Trunks, Goten, Marron (I have made Marron older she is 6 in this story also remember she is half saiyan), Bardock (he is the son of Raditz and Snow. He is 5 years old.) and last but not least Citra she is Perigus's younger sister she is also 6.

Also the most important difference in my story is that Goku never spoke to the group at the lookout when they wanted to wish him back to live. It was in fact King Kai that told the Z warriors not to wish Goku back to live. When ask why not, he refused to answer the question. This affected Gohan rather intensely and he fell into a bleak depression, blaming himself for Goku's death. A year after the Cell games Goku returned to the land of the living along with Raditz and Turles. Goku never spoke about what had happen in the other world or how he returned to live but it had change him, he was still Goku but now he had all of his memories of Kakkarot also be had more his attitude as well. He is still good hearted and happy go lucky but he isn't as naïve and is slightly darker than he used to be.

Raditz met Snow (remember her from Dragonball) and they got married shortly after meeting.

All the saiyans have their tails.

Okay this is the background of my story if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Also if you have any suggestions feel free to well suggest I'm always open to new ideas also I will give the credit if I use an idea.

And also Valla and KaVal belong to Shia. She has generously allowed me to borrow them for this story. So please enjoy.