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Unexpected Results

Chapter 12: Party planning and World domination

Erasa sat cross legged on the table standing next to the wall of Videl Satan's private gym. Filing her nails she watched as her friend beat the living daylights out of a sand filled boxing bag. It was the second one today and like its predecessor it was dieing a slow and painful death. Erasa felt sorry for the poor bag, it was not a pleasant way to go, but its sacrifice was necessary.

Videl had returned from the City Hall in even a worst temper than when she had left. She had flatly refused to speak about what had happened. After Erasa had explained about the strange malfunction of the fire sprinkles and that classes had been cancelled, she had left with the crime fighting teen to sign out at the office. She had then decided that Videl in her current mood should not be alone and had gone with Videl to her house. The reason for Videl's black mood had become clear the moment she had switched on the television while Videl was getting them some snacks. There in an, unscheduled news brought cast was scenes from the fight that had taken place at the city hall and pieces of the interview with Videl.

In the fore ground was a female reporter taking into her microphone while in the background was Videl being gently held in the Gold fighter's arms as they slowly landed in front of the ruined city hall. "As you can see the rumours that Miss Videl Satan and the unknown Gold fighter has been fighting crime together has now been proven to be accurate. It will even appear that there may be more to the partnership than just crime fighting. Can it be that there is love blooming in Satan City?" The blond haired reporter asked with a smile. It was of course on that unfortunate note that Videl had entered the room. Seeing what was on the TV and hearing what the reporter was saying was the last straw for the black haired teenager.

With a heartfelt and anger driven scream Videl had thrown the plate of snacks at the TV and had stormed off to her private gym to massacre some poor innocent and completely helpless boxing bags. Erasa had followed at a somewhat more subdued pace to ensure that her best friend contain herself to killing sandbags and not any of her father's students.

So this is how Erasa found herself almost three hours later filing her nails and waiting for Videl to calm down enough to actually talk without swearing and muttering about painful torture techniques and how to apply them to one mystery Gold fighter.

With a strange sound that sounded suspiciously like a sigh the bag tore in the centre and sand spilled out to fall to the floor. Inanely Erasa wondered if the dead boxing bags have their own little place in other world away from fighters or were they recreated to be tortured and killed again and again. Shaking her head to clear away the very random and strange thought she focused on her friend who stood panting softly next to the now deceased bag. "Ready to talk or do you want to kill another one?" Erasa asked in a cheerfully bright voice as she opened her handbag to put away the nail file and to pull out a bottle of soft pink nail polish.

"Talk! Talk! What is there to talk about?" Videl shrieked in a voice that slowly climbed in decibels. "You saw the news brought cast. I can't believe people can be that stupid. This is going to ruin my reputation and I don't even want to think what my father is going to say about this." She ranted as a small vein in her forehead started to swell.

Erasa deftly applied a layer of paint to one of her nails before she replied. "I rather doubt that this will damage your reputation as for your father, tell him the truth. He adores you so if you are honest he will believe you." Holding her hand up to make sure that all the nails had gotten an even coat of paint she waited for Videl to process what she had said.

With a soft hump Videl got up onto the table next to Erasa and watched her friend apply another layer of paint to one of the nails that she wasn't happy with. "And what about this ridiculous story that I and the Gold fighter are 'involved'" She asked as she made air quotes when she said the word involved. "I mean I don't even know who he is. I have never even seen his face." The last came out sounding just a little petulantly.

Erasa laughed at how much like a young child Videl sounded when she said that. "Well that can be our special project for the year. Find out the identity of the mysterious Gold fighter."

"Well it can be one of our projects." Videl muttered.

Turning to face her friend Erasa raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. "Oh and what other projects do you have in mind?" she asked.

Flopping backwards onto the table and stretching out her hands above her head Videl suddenly grinned. "Find out what Gohan and his friends secrets are, because believe me, those lot have secrets and I plan to expose them all."

*_*_*_*_*_* Tuesday morning *_*_*_*_*_*

Gohan, Mirai and Perigus walked into the classroom together, talking softly about the fact that the brat pack has been suspiciously quiet and well behaved for the last week and wondering what the 5 little demons had planned. Everyone in their community knew that those five were only well behaved when they were planning something major.

Gohan had caught up with the two cousins just outside of the city and they had decided to walk to school together to plan the coming weekend. Now that they were no longer grounded they had some work on the Hybrid that they needed to catch up with. Making plans had ultimately led to the brats and how to keep them out of their hair and the very suspicious fact they were pretending to be model children.

Gohan looked up to where their seats were to see Lime and Valla all ready there talking animatedly about something. He also noted Videl was glaring at him from her seat next to Erasa. He couldn't help the very smug little smirk that tried to pull the corners of his lips up and truth be told he didn't try very hard either.

Videl glared at Gohan feeling her stomach tie itself into knots of anger at the smirk on his lips. One of these days she was going to beat the crap out of him and then he would have no choice but to lose the attitude and act like the nerdy little geek that he was.

As always Lime was the first to notice the boys or more precisely she noticed Perigus first. Waving and smiling at the three boys as they made their way up to their seats Gohan wondered how it felt to have another person so invested in you that is was physically painful to be apart from one another.

"Perigus!" Lime laughed as she threw herself at the teen walking beside Gohan. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled his head down for a long kiss.

Gohan just sighed and shook his head. Those two were ridiculous.

"Knock it of you two, you are in public." Mirai grated out through clenched teeth.

Lime giggled as she came up for air and winked at Mirai.

"You're just jealous, that you don't have such a gorgeous girlfriend." Perigus said as he untangled Lime's arms from around his neck and manoeuvred her into her chair.

"Oh please I can pretty much have any girl I want; beside I was thinking of taking Vesca to mum's company party next month." The lavender haired teen replied in a coldly superior tone as he pushed a strand of hair behind his ears.

Valla who had been snickering at the expression on Mirai's face felt herself first grew cold and then boiling hot with fury. How dare he think about asking that, that little tart out? Before she could say anything Lime spoke up again distracting her from the sudden burst of irrational fury.

"Oh, please Mirai be serous. Vesca is such a slut, sure she is quite attractive but with an attitude like that." She waved a hand in a rude saiyan gesture signalling what she would not say out loud. "Besides your father would have a fit if you showed up at the function with such a third class."

Mirai opened his mouth to protest but Lime just flapped her hand at him. "Oh hush, we have something to tell you." She waited until everybody had seated themselves glaring at Mirai until he sat down. "We are having a party!" She proclaimed in a happy voice beaming at the three boys.

Gohan leaned back in his chair as he watched the force of nature that was called Lime. A party sounded like a wonderful idea. "When, where and who?" he asked. He needed not asked anything more elaborate, years of close association had made that unnecessary.

"Saturday at Dende's, the usual suspects." Valla replied as she fiddled with her phone again, before looking up Gohan to smile a smile that was just slightly predatory.

Gohan felt him smile a similar smile in reply. Saturday was a dark moon it would be the perfect time to have a party. The small children were always put to bed early and the adult's well they usually found a way to get rid of the teens so that they could spent time alone.

"You do realise that we will have to get someone to chaperone? Not a single one of our parents will allow us to have a dark moon party unsupervised." Gohan asked leaning back in his chair to look Valla in the eyes.

Valla smile grew bigger and turned moderately evil. Gohan suddenly had a very bad feeling in the pit of stomach that he was going to seriously regret what Valla was about to say.

"Well yes we thought about that. So Lime and I decided that you will ask Piccolo to chaperone." The reply came in the soft and just vaguely seductive voice that Valla used when she wanted one of her male friends to do something for her. Gohan winced inwardly he was in no way attracted to Valla but when she used that tone there was no way he could say no to her.

"He will never agree to it." He sighed dismally.

"He will if you ask him. He never can say no to you." Valla pointed out. Her cell phone beep and she pulled it out to type at it for a few minutes before looking up at Lime who had an eyebrow raised in question and grinned. "That's from Zucca. Raspt will be back by the weekend and he has agreed to DJ."

"Cool." Lime responded smugly before pulling out her blackberry and making some notes on it. "Well then everything is set, that was the last thing on our list not sorted."

Erasa and Videl who had quietly been listing to the whole conversation since the three boys had joined the two girls suddenly piped up. "You are having a party?" Erasa asked in an excited voice. Erasa loved parties and she was always invited to every single one.

Lime turned to look at the blond haired girl and rolled her eyes before turning back to her phone. She poked at it before looking up at her sister. Something seemed to pass between the two girls before Valla turned to look at Erasa.

"Yes we are having a party." The reply came in a clipped tone. "A private party. Invitation only and no you are not invited." She continued cruelly before turning her back on the two girls.

Gohan sighed and shook his head. His uncle had warned him about female saiyans. He grimaced as he remembered the talk he and Raditz had, had not long after his mother and the others where turned into saiyans. Female saiyans were territorial in the extreme and could be vicious and malicious in the protection of what they considered to be there males. He would apologies to Videl and Erasa later. He did not stop to think why he had felt the need to apologies. Not to Erasa but more to Videl.

Videl felt her cheeks heat up in anger. She was always invited to all the parties. Not that she went but the thing was every one invited Videl Satan. But these five were treating her like she was some kind on common hussy and that could not be seen socialising with her. She turned to the front of the class as the teacher entered. They would pay for this and every other insult. She turned to look at her friend to see the sad expression on Erasa's face. Oh they were so going to pay.


The man knelt in front of the large throne like chair that stood with its back to him. He could not see the person sitting in the chair. He looked up at the man standing next to the chair. He had cold green eyes with cat like pupils. His hair was ice blond and shoulder length and pulled into a pony tail on top of his head. The band holding his hair together was silver and etched with runes that made the man kneeling in front of him blood run cold. He was dressed in a black and red military looking uniform.

"I have retrieved the object you desired Darkness." The kneeling man said softly before slowly pulling out the three star dragon ball. He held it up so that the fire light that reflected around the chair danced on the surface of the ball.

The blond haired man took the ball before handing to the person seated in the chair. "Did you have any trouble?" He asked as he returned his gaze to the man kneeling on the ground in front of him. His voice soft and alien in a way that the kneeling man could not described.

"No commander Kolya. It all went just as planned. The only unexpected thing was when the gold fighter arrived and rescued the hostages, but he did not suspect anything." The reply came.

"Good then leave." Kolya said as he turned back to the person seated in the chair. The dismals clear. Kolya waited until the door closed behind the solder before he relaxed.

He looked down at the woman seated in the chair. She was holding the dragon ball in her elegant hand her long and delicate fingers tenderly stroking the ball as she turned it so that it would catch the flickering light of the fire.

"One down, six to go. Only six more then I will have what should have been mine from the beginning. You have done well Kolya when this is over your loyalty will be richly rewarded." She pointed at the door with one finger the nail painted in a dark red colour. "Leave me now."

Kolya bowed and slowly back away to the door. "Your will is mine Darkness."


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