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Bella pov

I turned to my best friend as i realised i was totally in love! He was tall, bronzed hair and new me better then i knew myself.

i was scared, i had never been in love and i had never had a boyfriend!

"BELLA?" he called my back to reality,"do you want to come over tonight? alice is having a movie night and i can invite someone, yes I did say ONE person." he laughed. I giggled along but of course i ended up embarrassing myself by falling, but this was not abnormal well not from me at least. Edward was flawless, perfect in almost every way.

" Bella are you okay?" he picked me up his hands gripping my hips. i gasped as he pulled me up." Oh1 hun i'm so sorry i didnt mean to hurt you."

" Oh um, no its my fault you know how i am." He laughed, still holding onto me?" edward, i know this is not usually me...but um why do like me, i mean sure me falling over every time i walk is funny but im so plain and you could have every girl in the 11th grade." I blushed so red it mus have looked like my face was covered in tomato.

"Bella you still dont see your self clearly, every one else here is a whore!" I was giggling when laurant walked up!

" OH Eddie why dont you come hang out with some real..." edward obviously new she was going to say 'woman', but she was inturupted by 'Eddie" .

"Whores!" She looked shocked,hurt and as always dumbfounded. Ha like there was anything in her head. " I'm sorry that was rude of me. But still true...and as you can see im with my bella!" Whoa my bella where in hell did that come from?

Edward Pov

God i love bella! i know, i know. it's wrong but i can't seem to get her out of my head, se beautiful, smart Witty and knows me inside and out. I just asked to come to my house tonight for a movie night, alice always has these things. Bella just tripped over her feet. i picked her up, my hands firm on her hips. She gasped, as loosened my grip, but not letting go.

We talked a little longer and walked more, in the halls, then who would come over Laurent , the school top whore. after that was over i was giddy with excitement for Bella to come over.

" he i was just wondering if you would come over after school, i mean we have lot to do." urgh the we in that sentence was i wouldn't care what we do.

"Sure, but umm how long is it going to be?" ahh leaving it up to me, if i could ave my way you'd never leave....good idea!

"Bella, why dont you sat over i mean with alice...if you dont want to hang out with me." Please please stay!

"Umm.. i guess but i don't mind hanging out with you...you don't torture me with make up and shopping!"

(later after school..)

"hey bella, you ready?' she looked up from her long eye lashes, i was complete aw struck. i need to tell her how i feel and soon... maybe to night she could sleep in my bed and i could have the couch in my room, perfect...

"okay"i lead her to my car and helped her in, we drove to my scilents wasn't awkward, it gave me time to think of how i was going to tell her. umm i could kiss her, i could tell her, i need to tell her.

"Bella, were almost there..and i was just remember that you for got PJ's..and clothes for tomorrow...do you want to go get them ?" She giggled and looked up threw her eye lashes, it kills me when she did was clear on her face and it was getting darker."Bella, hunny you cn ask me anything you that right."

" oaky, umm could i borrow some clothes?" Ha would i love nothing more that that...

" Sure babe..they might be a little big1"

When we pulled up in front of my house i help her out, leading her to the door. Alice was jumping up and downm ready tow me to her room...not a chance, i grabbed her waist and pulled to the top and the stairs..

"Shes mine...for the entier night...got it!" I heard alice groan an stalk off.


he guided me to his room, his hand on the small of my back. He sighed and i looked at him from under my eye lashes, it pained me to think he was happy as only friends ..oh how I wish we where more, to hug him and kiss him, his full lips crushed on mine..urghh bella snap out of it he doesn't feel that way bout you, just deal with it.

"here we are , um you can sleep on my bed and i''ll take the couch..um unless you want to saty in alice's room?" Hell no.

" ohh i don't mind but you have to let me have the couch.." he just nodded, not a fight, knowing Edward he would have me arguing bout my back and how he didn't mind ? what ever.." Hey do you have anything to read?" he opened his bedroom door to let me see a wall full of Cd's and one was all glass, books ever where piled on top of his piano and on the floor. i was so stunted he had to pull me into threw the door. he sat me on the end of his bed and ran over to his book then looked back at me.

"edward what are you doing?" he laughed and handed me whithering heights. "Oh thanks i love this book, what time do we need to start supper?' he laughed," whats wrong did i say something?" fear ran through my body,

"' No,no..um guess i just know you well... hahah." He looked down at me. I thought about all the time we shared and how this was the first time i was ever near..in his house ...his room. My heart beat speed up and i felt like exploding." come on, " he held out his hand...."

"Edward, where are we going?" He helped me stand then was pulling me to the door.."okay Edward,what the hell!"

"Bella, stop worring. You just need to follow me..don't you trust me?" Urgh !!!

"Yes but i cant when you just stanrt pulling me somewhere, your not going to kill me are you?....i mean im sorry for laughing at you and umm...i really do like your hair!" hahah this should take him over the edge. "oh god..Edward you know me, dont hurt me!"HA! that gets him from not telling me where we are going!

" oh no god, my poor Bella...um were just going into the garden.....do you want to rest?" we where standing in the hallway he was holding my wrists,looking down into my eyes. then it all came crashing down. the memories of Phil and his drinking the memories of being hit and cut. i can't have a break down...not now not here.

"umm Edward..im sorry i was just joking....JASPER!" he could calm me! Edward picked me up bridal style. His hand rubbing soothing circles on my back."I'm so sorry ...i'm good just dont let go of me!" he chuckled and kissed my for head, he kissed me not where I'd wish but it sent my heart sputtering just the same.

"why dont we go back to my room!" i agreed and he carried me there.

Edward pov

okay when we get in my room I'm going to tell her how i feel..maybe? no no i need to d this

" okay , so Bella i need to tell you something.." she was sitting in my lap, listening to music as she reads, her almost breakdown made me realise how vulnerable she was. I need to protect her, and love her. She was so beautiful , her long drown hair curled at the ends was flowing over her shoulder, i brushed it behind her ear and she looked up at me.

" Edward i need to tell you something..." she was blushing

" I do to, but i don't know how to tell you," i picked her up and placed her on my knees.

" okay but umm if you don't want to be friends with me tell me now before i make a fool out of myself." well i don't technically ...

" Okay, i dont want us to be 'friends'....." i was just about to ask her to be mine when she started crying....

"oh...w-well if that's how you feel I'll just leave...." she was sobbing and tried to hide it. her pain hurt me.

"NO1, nonono god Bella i don't want you to go anywhere!"

" but you just said..." she was confused

" i know what i said .. i don't want to be friends.. i want to be mor-ee" i looked in her eyes for what seemed like eterinty then she leand in. Her face millimeters from her and her luscious pinlfull lips...


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