Lauren pov

How could she..she knew Edward was mine, and what did he see in that slut? I'm way prettier then her! She will pay! " Jess we need to show Bella her place..I'm head cheerleader and Eddie's the captain of almost every club. Where meant to be together!" I huffed and flipped my hair.

"Um, Lauran..edward isn't in any clubs!" She is shuch a a-hole! Did I need to explain everything to her.

"NO! He isn't but he would be if he tried to join them!" I walked away in a huff!


"Urgh i hate that whore..she's always all over me, i wouldn't mind the all over me part..if she was someone more like, uhhh i don't no my girlfriend!" Edward said, we where walking down the hall..posters were plastered everywhere about the masquerade ball... Alice ran up to me and Edward not three minutes of thinking that i didn't want to go! I wasn't very good at dancing and my balance problems made me worse.

"BellaWe'reGoingShoppingAftersShoolSoWeCanPickOutOurDressesForTheBall" She said in one breath making it hard to understand what she had said.

"Whoa Alice! First of all calm down, second of all i'm not going." I felt Edward go stiff next to me and Alice looked frozen. Edwards hand still in my, tightened his squeeze."Come on you know i can't dance and beside who would i go with!" Edward nudged my side and squeezed my hand. I giggled looked at my feet.

"Okay so...are you going, now?" Alice pushed it until lunch! She can be as stubborn as I am. I finally came up with a plan, I had told the whole table..."I would go, but no has asked me yet!" I knew my plan was flaud just by some-one asking me, but i would get to that when it happened!

After school ended i walked to my truck, hoping edward would still be there. He wasn't his c ar was gone, but there wasa note under my wiperblade! I pulled it out to see my name writen in elegent scrit


Come to my house around 7pm.

Alice is coming over to get you ready before then!

P.S. I love you

- Edward


"Alice i'm good enough!" I yelled at her as pushed her out of the house. I couldn't stand to made up and fake! I t just wasnt me. I knew it was for edward but i just couldn't bring myslef to care. He loved me for me! Not three minutes later the clock showed 7pm. I left my father a note telling him i'd be home before 11pm and where i was!

The lights changed to green and i went! These where the only lights in town. I heard a squeal, it hurt my ears i truned in time to see a transport truck launching tworads me! I'm dead...

(Okay sorrry bout the ending i love it to much to add i'll update asap!! Also im an editor now!! I cant wait its gonna be soo amazing!) xoxo Jay love you keep reading