Fic - FF7 - Reno's Punishment, Friday night with Tseng

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Reno's Punishment - Friday night with Tseng

Title: Reno's Punishment, Friday night with Tseng

Summary: Things heat up for Reno when Tseng and Rufus find out about what he did to Scarlet.

Rating: NC-17 (Non-Con - Tseng is an utter and complete bastard in this)

Pairings: Tseng x Reno

Other Characters: Mentioning of Rude, Scarlet and other ShinRa employees in general

Beta: none

Word Count: 4425 words

Author's Notes: Characters may appear OOC. Tried to keep them as close to cannon as possible, but considering I'm writing this not the people at SquareEnix, you'll have to deal.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys and girls of Final Fantasy 7, SquareEnix does.



A week had pasted since his unplanned romp with Scarlet, and so far not even a whispered hint of what happened was circulating around the notoriously gossip hungry offices of ShinRa Corporation. Reno had been keeping his head down, figuratively speaking, as well as behaving somewhat. After all, the weekend was almost here which meant Rufus would be going to his townhouse at the edge of the city instead of his suite in ShinRa tower. That also meant Tseng would be accompanying him.

Reno sat at his desk in the office he shared with his longtime partner, Rude. His aquamarine eyes glued to the monitor screen as his finger flew deftly across the keyboard. He was often mistaken for being illiterate and uneducated, but he had a college education and a degree in electrical engineering. He took advantage of that mistake often enough. Surprisingly, it was Rude who took advantage of Reno's compulsive nature to want approval by getting the young man to do the majority of the paper work that their missions created.

A quick glance at the clock showed he had at least a half hour before he could escape for the weekend. Hitting the print button then checking to be sure it was in the print queue, he stood up to go retrieve the documents from the printer. On the way to the printer, Rude stopped him.

"Hey, got any plans for tonight or tomorrow night?" Rude asked, a stack of papers in hand, which he handed to the redhead.

Reno shook his head, eyes darting towards Tseng's closed office door. "No..."

Rude raised an eyebrow, "Are you in trouble with Tseng again?" he asked as he moved to his desk.

Reno gave his longtime partner a hurt look before returning to his own desk. "Why does everyone think I'm in trouble all the time?" he grumbled softly to himself as he sorted through the papers so that he could sign them. He handed Rude his copies.

Neither man noticed Tseng standing in the doorway as they completed the last of the mission paperwork until he spoke. "Because you usually are in trouble with someone or in some way," Tseng said. He had timed speaking just as Reno went to sign his reports, causing the young man to jerk, sending a streak of ink across the nice, neat paperwork. He smiled ever so slightly with satisfaction. There were very few that could rattle the redhead's cage and he was on that list.

If he hadn't seen it, Rude would have thought he'd just imagined the flicker of fear that passed through his young partner's eyes. He blinked then shook his head as he finished signing the reports.

Reno's first thought was 'How did they find out?', closely followed by a mental slap upside his head. Of course they would find out, it was only a matter of when not if. Tossing an outrageous shit-eating grin on his face he whirled around in the chair. "Me boss? I'm innocent I swear it. I haven't done anything lately." He didn't realize that he'd given himself a way. Reno could hide just about anything from anyone, but he couldn't hide anything from Tseng.

Tseng noted the slightest of pauses in Reno's reaction. His eyes narrowed a fraction as he thought to himself, 'So you have gone and done something that you were not suppose to.' He would get the truth out later about what happened when and where. "Do not count on having the weekend free. You have a special assignment Reno. President ShinRa is having a small get together. While I guard President ShinRa, you're to watch Vice President Rufus."

"But... But … booosss…" Reno whined as his expression went from happy-go-lucky, everything's-a-joke to pouty in heartbeats. Underneath it all he knew he was screwed, both figuratively, and later on, literally. "What about Rude? Is he going to be there also?"

Tseng crossed his arms over his chest. "No, Vice President Rufus asked for you specifically. When you're finished with that report, Rude, you can go. Reno, I want to see you in my office once you're finished." It was an order, not a request. The black-haired leader of the Turks turned on his heel and returned to his office.

Reno stared after the retreating back of his superior, mouth moving but not a sound coming out for several moments. He turned in his chair, his expression quickly turning to one of rage. "Hades damned, son of a bitch, Fucking Bastard!!" the last several words were yelled as he slammed his fists onto the desk. Everything on the desk's surface jumped. A few items even turning over as he pounded his fists onto the surface several more times before suddenly stopping. He covered his face with his hands letting out a growl that became a frustrated sigh. "Damn him," he muttered as he drug his fingers though his flame red hair. They curled around the strands tightly before being yanked several times.

"Whoa! Calm down, Reno," Rude said getting up and moving behind Reno's chair. He gently but firmly took both of the younger man's wrists in his large hands. He knew how to apply just the right pressure in just the right place to force Reno to uncurl his fingers and let go. Using a move he had perfected years ago, he was able to get Reno to lean back in the chair. "Just calm down."

The youngest Turk struggled for several moments before closing his eyes and taking several deep breaths. He calmed down finally. "You can let go now," he said even though his body language said he was anything but calm.

Rude kept his grip for several more seconds before cautiously letting go. He'd been on the receiving end of his partner's sudden and unpredictable bouts of rage before. He didn't feel like either having to dodge, block or get hit. "You feel like telling me what's wrong?" the big man asked as he stepped back and leaned against the wall nearest Reno's desk.

If anyone could pull off looking like a petulant 5-year old as they curled up in the chair, it was Reno. "It's nothing," he huffed. "Damn it, I wanted the weekend off!"

Rude raised an eyebrow, pulling his shades down just enough to look at the young man over the top of them. He needed no words to tell Reno he thought that was a load of Chocobo shit. And he said as much. "By Holy it's not nothing," he said. "We've been partners for six, almost seven years Reno. I've known you since you were about 15. I'd think by now I'd have earned your trust and that you know I'd keep anything you tell me in confidence to myself. And you know we are never truly off duty."

"Needed the down time… I know, I know. Always on call." Dragging his hands down his face Reno sat up straighter before fishing though his desk drawers for the pack of smokes he kept there along with the lighter and ashtray. Taking one out of the pack then tossing it on the desk, he light up with an old flip top lighter. He took a deep drag, letting the smoke settle into his lungs before exhaling. The flavor on his tongue and the nicotine hitting his system helped calm him down further. "You have, but this is something that I have to do on my own. If I don't I'll always be a slave to the habit," Reno said. Shifting in the chair so that one leg curled under him and the other was folded up, knee pulled tightly against his chest, he took another drag. "Please Rude… don't worry about me and just go home." Closing his eyes he pinched the bridge of his nose, exhaling the smoke as he did.

Shaking his head, Rude pushed his shades back up. "Wish you'd at least switch to something less… harmful to you. Those imports are just nasty."

Reno let out a soft snicker. "Considering the line of work we're in, this is one of the few things we don't have to worry about. Now get out of here before he really gets pissed off," he said tilting his head back to look at the taller man.

Rude nodded. "Right. See you Monday, kid."

Reno stuck his tongue out at Rude then grinned. "Yeah old man, catch you Monday." Taking his time he finished the smoke then stubbed it out so that he could complete the paperwork. With that finished he reluctantly left the quasi-safe haven of his and Rude's office for Tseng's office. Report folders clutched in one hand, the other tapped lightly on the door as he stood there waiting. When no answer was forthcoming, he turned to make a hasty retreat back to his and Rude's office. Instead he came face to face with Tseng. "Shit!" he yelped in surprise jerking back. He hadn't been standing there that long, nor did he hear his boss sneak up behind him.

"Going somewhere Reno?"

Reno swallowed whatever he was about to say at the look he was receiving from his boss. "No sir," he said finally.

"Good," Tseng said then gestured for Reno to enter his office. "We have much to discuss before we leave tonight."

Reno reached behind him for the doorknob. With a twist and a push, the door swung open silently. Stepping back and turning he entered his boss's office. He tensed as he passed the threshold, knowing he was no longer in what he considered safe territory.

Closing the door after him, Tseng made sure it was locked before proceeding forward again. "Stop," he ordered, a Cheshire smile gracing his lips as he reached up to run his fingers though his subordinate's silky fine fire red hair. His fingers found the hair tie easily and removed it, causing the long strands to cascade freely down the young man's back. "Better," he murmured as he stepped around the still figure. He took the reports from Reno and tossed them in the direction of desk without looking at either. The folders fluttered open, scattering the reports across the polished stone floor haphazardly. He reached up and gently caressed pale cheeks, fingertips tracing the bright red markings that adorned each side. "So exotic," he breathed out as his eyes caught the flicker of eye movement beneath closed lids.

Reno stood as if frozen in place, his eyes closed the moment Tseng touched him. He hated the way the older man invaded his personal space, touching him uninvited in such a familiar way. The few times he had said or done anything to stop it had turned out rather disastrous. Not only had he ended up with some of the worst assignments, but also what he thought of as harassment had increased ten fold. There was absolutely no one he could turn to, so he learned to just keep quiet and endure it as best as he could.

Three floor-to-ceiling windows took up one entire wall and the desk was positioned in front of the center window. Other than the high-backed leather chair behind the desk, the only other piece of furniture in the room was a coat rack to the right of the desk. In a city as crowded as Midgar, where space was a premium, the expanse of open space was a declaration of power and wealth. Tseng didn't say anything else as he stepped away from Reno and went around his desk. "Reno, why haven't you given me the reports yet?" he asked in a conversational tone as he sat down in the chair. Crossing one leg over his knee, he leaned back to watch.

Reno was trembling. No one else could cause such a reaction out of him. Not even the Great General Sephiroth when he was alive (and sane) had been able to make him tremble. Shiver, shudder, and draw back in fear, yes, but never tremble. He knew what was going to happen and was powerless to prevent it. He moved forward with the graceless movements of a drunken klutz, tripping over his own feet in his haste. He didn't need to open his eyes to know where everything was located; he'd been in Tseng's office enough. Only when he was down on his knees and the curtain of blood red hair shielded his face, did he open his eyes so that he could gather the scattered report sheets.

With Veld out of the way and him becoming leader of the Turks, Tseng had enjoyed his free reign with the youngest Turk. There had been possible complications with Rude, but after learning that Reno considered Rude his only family, all it had taken was some subtle threats, and Reno had folded like a house of cards in a gale. An added bonus was Reno's own twisted sense of desire to please anyone in a position of authority that was older then he was. Uncrossing his legs, he turned the chair around so he could stare out the large window. His fingers laced together over his stomach as he leaned back and closed his eyes.

The reports were once more straightened out and neatly ordered in their plain looking folders. Still on his knees, Reno waited, his eyes once more shut in the face of reality. The snap of Tseng's fingers was like the crack of a gun going off, sudden in the quiet of the room. Getting to his feet, Reno walked around the desk and knelt once more. He kept his eyes glued to the floor, the bloody waterfall of his hair hiding the ruby-hued tint of his embarrassment and anger.

Tipping the chair back down, Tseng unlaced his fingers so that he could both take the folders from him and wrap his fingers about Reno's wrist. The folder went on the desk without looking. No mishaps this time. And Reno was pulled up so that he lay halfway across Tseng's lap, arm locked behind his back painfully and his head resting against his stomach. He then started to run his fingers though the fine silky strands of blood gently. Tseng watched in fascination as the lights coming though the windows changed those strands of hair from blood to fiery crimson. Those strands caught the light and glittered almost metallically at times. "Do you know how many people accuse you of dyeing your hair to get it this color?" Tseng asked with a soft laugh. "But we know the truth don't we? That it's all natural."

His shoulder was starting to throb from the unnatural angle his superior had bent it in. His position of half-lying, half-kneeling was not comfortable on the knees either, but he voiced none of his pains. Instead he bit back the retort that had formed on his lips and swallowed the whimper of pain. He was a Turk, holy damn it! He'd gone though more painful missions before this without a sound or reaction. This was just another mission, just another job to get though and over with so he could go home to get so drunk he wouldn't remember the events of the past or so high that nothing mattered anymore. Then why did he just want to cry and beg and scream and whimper to be let go, why did he want to cower like a beaten and broken animal in the darkest corner possible?

A cruel smile blossomed on Tseng's lips as he felt the young man start to tremble between his thighs. It awoke the predator in him, making his desire to just take the redhead here and now rise. It was easy to pull up memories of the redhead bent over his desk, mewing in pleasure as he got it up the ass hard and fast. Oh, the delicious warmth as blood rushed to his groin, the distinct pleasure that came with the tightening of the material that covered his growing erection. He shook his head, tsking ever so softly. "My, my Reno looks like you're causing trouble again. You know what that means don't you?" he said as he threaded his fingers though Reno's hair then pulled his head up.

Reno reacted without thinking as he let out a pained gasp, reaching up to grab the wrist of the hand that was entangled in his hair. The gasp became a cry as his arm was wrenched up further behind his back. He could have sworn he heard and felt something give quite ominously.

"Let go, Reno." It was a deadly quiet command.

Trying to twist around to relieve the pressure on his shoulder and arm, Reno let go of Tseng's wrist as if he had been scalded. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please, it hurts!" he shamelessly begged.

With a growl, Tseng threw Reno out of his lap onto the floor. Standing up, he shoved his chair out of the way then slowly started undoing his tie. "You disappoint me, Reno." The suit jacket came next as he walked to the coat rack and hung it up neatly. "My expectations for you are not that high, yet you continue to fail even those." The dress shirt followed the jacket, then the shoes and slacks. Standing there with not a stitch of clothing he threw a sneered glance at Reno, who was still on the floor where he had been thrown. Retrieving an old, Wutain style robe he slipped it on then padded barefoot across the floor.

Reno lay there on the cold floor, his shoulder throbbing in time with his pulse. Everything felt hazy and unfocused for him. How had things gone so wrong so fast? Then like a lightening strike, his emotions flashed over into sudden clarity. His entire view narrowed down to just one thing, attacking that which had hurt him.

The Wutain Turk smiled. This was what he wanted. This enraged berserker that went for blood that attacked without care for his own safety. He didn't need Pre-Emptive Materia to know when Reno was about to strike. He could see every move telegraphed as clear as day. With precision grace, he arched back as Reno's leg came up and around, slashing though the space his head had been a moment ago. Bringing up an arm he easily blocked the arm that came as a follow though. "You're still disappointing me, Reno. Your every move is predictable and even announced," Tseng said as he allowed the enraged Turk to force him backwards. He controlled the fight every step of the way.

With every scornful word Tseng spoke, Reno's anger and rage just increased. His inability to get a single strike on the black-haired devil fueled that rage making him reckless and wild. All he needed was one or two hits and the balance of the battle would shift to his favor. Kick, swing and lash out followed by a backhand strike and another kick. Like a dervish whirling about, lashing and kicking yet hitting nothing.

Tseng was enjoying himself, playing with Reno like a child cruelly plays with an injured animal. And like that child, he grew bored of the game. With the next high kick, he ducked slightly hands lashing out to catch Reno by both the throat and the back of the knee before he delivered a nasty kick to the back of Reno's supporting leg.

The force of the blow spun Reno half way around. He landed with a bone jarring impact when his upper back and shoulders along with the back of his head meet the solid unmovable floor. His breath exploded from his lungs at the same time his throat threatened to close completely by the force of Tseng's grip. He could only lay there stunned and gaping like a beached fish.

Reaching down Tseng unfastened Reno's belt and slid it free. He also unbuttoned his shirt before flipping the still stunned Turk over. After stripping off the jacket and shirt, he yanked both arm back and secured them with the belt. He then rolled Reno back over onto his back once more. It was child's play to strip the rest of the clothes off the young man that lay barely moving on the cold stone floor. Settling between Reno's spread thighs, Tseng bent over him, his robe spreading over the both of them as he did. His mouth hungrily attacked the delicate flesh of Reno's throat. Nipping and licking along the racing pulse in his throat, he rocked his hips slowly rubbing his hard sex against Reno's still flaccid organ. When he got no response at all, he sat back up and stared down at the young man.

The ache in his shoulders and arm, the pounding going on at the back of his head and the ice cold floors on heated flesh was not very helpful. He kept his eyes closed as he panted, mouth partially open as he swallowed then licked his lips. Why wasn't Tseng just getting it over with?

Seeing the fine tremors coursing through the redhead, not to mention the cold hardness beneath his own knees, decided the next course of action. Getting to his feet with the grace of a hunting cat, he hauled Reno up into a sitting position before pulling him to his feet. Once they were around the other side of the desk, Tseng shoved Reno up against it then forced him to bend over.

The position Reno was in wasn't very comfortable, but better than the floor. He heard a drawer open then close a moment later, the small click of something opening then closing. His eyes opened wide when he felt the blunt head of Tseng's cock at his puckered entrance then the searing pain as he was entered. He'd not even been given the chance to relax let alone was prepped for it. "Tseng!" he screamed as he arched his back and tried to squirm away from the burning heat but it did no good. The bruising grip on his hip and shoulder held him in place.

Tseng wrapped his arm around Reno's throat as he buried his face in the loose red strands. The sound of Reno's voice as his name was screamed was as intoxicating as the finest Wutain liquor ever made. There were times when Rufus's submissive nature in the bedroom was just not enough and he needed more, when he needed that fight to stir the blood in his veins and make the victory that much sweeter. Pulling nearly out, he thrust back into the tight, hot body under him, eliciting another scream of his name. His teeth found flesh below the strands of hair as he bit down.

The arm around his throat tightened in warning after he screamed the second time. Even though the office was sound proof, it didn't mean Tseng liked a lot of noise. He tried to lash out with a foot, earning a bite hard enough to draw blood in return. He felt the shift of weight as the angle of thrust was changed. His cry was once more choked off, but this time it was different. It felt like a bolt of lightening had seared up his spine as a ball of fire settled in his gut. All he could do was endure and hope Tseng spent himself quickly.

"Like that, do you?" Tseng murmured into the shell of an ear before licking then biting it as his free hand wrapped around Reno's hardening member. With every thrust he counter-stroked the hard flesh, stopping to rub a thumb over the sensitive head and slit.

Pain and pleasure became one and the same as he writhed under his superior, mewing and crying with every torturous thrust and stroke. If this were anyone else he would be demanding it harder and faster. If he'd been on a mission and had gotten captured, he'd be ridiculing his captors with stinging insults and derision. But no, because this was Tseng he was acting like a virgin girl being raped by that fat bastard Don Corneo. His eyes widened when he felt the churning, burning build up in his groin. "Tseng, I.. I can't.. Nngh! Please! Stop.. I-"

Tseng felt the muscles that surrounded him clench down hard as sticky strands of warmth covered his hand. He kept going, milking Reno for everything he had as his own peak was nearing. Once the shuddering stopped, he uncurled his arm from around Reno's throat. Gripping the hips of the spent redhead tightly, he started thrusting fast and hard. When he slipped free, he'd pause just long enough to correct the problem and continue on. With one final thrust, he came, buried to the hilt in the tight heat that was Reno. His muscles quivered and spasmed for several minutes afterwards before he felt he could step away without collapsing on his own.

He undid the belt then without a backward glance; Tseng walked away from the redhead sprawled across his desk. Once he had cleaned up in the private bathroom attached to his office he redressed. "I have to go attend to the President now. You had better get cleaned up because Rufus will be here soon so that you can escort him home." With his overcoat thrown over one arm, he calmly headed to the door. "Good night Reno, I'll see you tomorrow." The lights dimmed as Tseng exited his office for the night as if nothing had happened.

After what felt like ages, Reno was able to unbend his arms enough to push himself up. A few steps were all he got before his legs gave out and he went sprawling across the floor. Dragging himself forwards, he reached the window where he propped himself up then passed out. His next waking moment was of Dark Nation pressed up against him purring away like crazy and Rufus crouched next to him.

"Fucked up again, didn't you Reno," Rufus said as much as asked. Shaking his head he stood and gathered Reno's cloths. With his help, Reno was able to dress.

With the help of a potion or two, Reno was able to walk out of the Turk's office and out of the ShinRa building all together under his own power. Once inside the limo though, he simply collapsed once more into blessed oblivion until they arrived at Rufus's townhouse.