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Chapter 17

The next morning, Chad was brushing his teeth as he gathered the bathroom toiletries he brought on this retreat. After dumping them unceremoniously into a bag, he stared at himself in the mirror, still cleaning his teeth. Only, for the first time, he wasn't admiring himself.


He was thinking.

After they had found Sonny- after he confessed everything- he and the Randoms headed back to the beach house, Sonny leading the four, her fingers intertwined with Chad's as she skipped unsteadily back towards shelter.

When they reached the living room to find Tawni asleep on the couch, Grady gently nudged her awake. When she realized that she had been woken up, the blonde had demanded to be carried to her room. This led Chad, Sonny, and Nico to follow Grady, who was carrying Tawni, to the girls' room.

"Night boys!" Sonny said cheerfully. Before Chad left, however, Sonny grabbed his arm and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Good night, Chad," she whispered in his ear before pulling away and grinning, a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks.

"Night," Chad muttered back, returning her grin with a small smile of his own before backing out of the room.

And now here he was. Brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. He had no idea what kind of reaction to expect from Sonny this morning. Hell, he didn't even know if she remembered what happened last night! She hadn't been that drunk...but was it too drunk? Would Chad be able to tell her again, when he didn't even tell her in the first place?

The blonde spit out the toothpaste into the sink, rinsing his mouth and brush with water. He looked into the mirror, this time admiring his reflection and fixing his hair.

"Okay, Chad, now you're just putting it off," the heartthrob told his reflection, sighing as he stuffed his toothbrush into a bag and headed out of the bathroom.

He walked over to one of his larger suitcases and paused as he got lost in his thoughts. What did he want Sonny to say? Did he even want her to remember? What happens if she did, and didn't feel the same? Would he deny it? Or would he actually stand his ground, like he knew he should?

He sighed and flung himself down on his bed. He honestly had no idea what he'd do if any of that happened. Hell, he didn't know what he'd do even if she returned the feelings, by some miracle. He sat up, deciding he'd just cross that bridge when he got there.

As he began gathering clothes scattered around the room, he heard three knocks on his doorframe. He lifted his blue eyes to find none other than Sonny Monroe, clad in an electric blue sundress, leaning against the doorframe, clutching onto it, a shy smile on her face.

"Hey, Chad."

Chad lowered his gaze and continued packing. He couldn't trust his vocal chords right now; after last night, he had put them in time-out for misbehaving. He reached for a shirt, only to have his hand connect with a smaller, daintier one on the white fabric. His heart seemed to think he was doing cardio or something, because it was beating about twice as fast as it should be. He felt his stomach do a flip...or seven as he brought his gaze up to the brown eyes observing him.

"Tawni told me what happened last night," she spoke, casually.

"Did she?" Chad asked, sounding uninterested.

"Yes..." Sonny trailed off. Seeming to make up her mind about something, she smiled at him. "Thanks for going to find me last night. Who knows what could have happened to me," she thanked the blonde boy in front of her.

Chad blinked. "Oh. Yeah, that. No problem." So she doesn't remember, a part of him thought, despairingly.

"So...yeah," Sonny finished lamely, standing up, shirt in her hands. She handed it over to Chad, who also rose. "See ya later, Chad," she said before walking towards the hall.

Chad's back was facing the doorway when he heard a sigh and a door close. And lock. He spun around to find a very timid-looking Sonny with her back leaning against the door, eyes staring at the ground.

"I know what you said last night, Chad," she said in a whisper. "I remember, so don't try to pull it off as one of my cast mates pulling a practical joke."

Chad observed her. Her eyes were downcast; her dark hair was loose around her shoulders, her blue dress hugged her abdomen to perfection before poofing out at the skirt, and her right foot was nervously making circles in the carpet.

"Chad?" she asked, waiting for a response.


"Are you gonna say...I mean...were you just kind of caught up? Or were you...I mean...did you...um...did you...mean it? What you said?" the brunette stuttered.

Chad held his breath. Here it was. The moment of truth. You could lie so easily...just lie! A part of him said. Yes, but at what cost? Hurting Sonny?

Apparently, Chad's internal battle took long enough for Sonny to regret asking.

"You know what Chad? I'm sorry I asked. It really doesn't matter, I mean, I shouldn't have asked, I'm just gonna be going now..." she trailed off, turning to unlock the door.

"Sonny..." Chad called her name gently, his voice stopping her from unlocking the door. She slowly turned around, her eyes finding those of Chad's, who simply nodded, a small, hesitant smile gracing those gorgeous lips.

He didn't need to say a word. Everything he could possibly say and more was reflected in his eyes; those two perfectly beautiful windows to his soul.

Sonny felt a shy grin start to spread on her face. "Well, good," she shrugged, her cheeks burning red. Her eyes circled around the room nervously as she brought her shoulders up to her ears. "'Cause...I kinda love you, too," she admitted, biting the inside of her bottom lip as she bashfully peered up at Chad.

She could see him visibly relax and perk up when she confessed.

"Really?" Chad asked her, double-checking to make sure she wasn't just pranking him.

"Really," Sonny nodded, beaming. "Of course, I don't think I would have recognized it if it wasn't for this retreat. It's kind of weird...I don't think it's the kind of love you read about. It's different..."

"Oh, definitely different," Chad agreed seriously, making his way across the room. "Not only do we care and love each other, we have passion," he told her, matter-of-factly, his face inches from her's.

"That we do, Mr. Cooper, that we do," Sonny agreed before placing a hand on the back of his head and pulling him forward, their lips crashing into one another with a fervor that either could have hardly imagined.

Chad's arms wrapped around her waist as Sonny's arms locked behind his neck, each of them putting their entire selves into the kiss, exploring each other's mouths, both entirely sober this time 'round.

There was pounding on the door behind Sonny, causing her back to vibrate with the wood.

"CHAD DYLAN COOPER AND SONNY MONROE! The bus will be here in five minutes to take us back! I know you love each other, but seriously, give it a rest for like, ten minutes and get your butts down to the yard!" Portlyn's voice screeched.

Chad and Sonny both grinned against each other's lips before pulling away.

"We need to get you packed," Sonny observed, looking around the half-clean room.

"I'd rather." Chad began, kissing the brunette's collarbone, "Just. Keep. Doing. This." He managed, between trailing kisses up her neck.

"Chaaaaaad," Sonny groaned, half from pleasure and half from annoyance. "Stop it. As much as I'd rather you continue that, we need to get you packed."

"Sonny..." Chad whispered as he nibbled her ear.

The So Random actress gave in. After all, who was she to resist Chad Dylan Cooper? She grabbed his face in her hands and brought her lips to his, devouring them.

"PACK! NOW!" Portlyn beat the door again.

The two lovers sighed as they broke apart, Chad taking Sonny's hand as he led her away from the door. The two quickly threw the remaining unpacked contents of Chad's belongings into suitcases, zipping them up and unlocking the door.

Sonny stopped by the girls' room to grab her one suitcase before exiting the beach house with Chad. They were met with Portlyn and Tawni at the bottom of the stairs, arms crossed, identical smirks on their faces.

However, the two girls said nothing. They just rolled their eyes at the memory of how oblivious of their feelings the couple had been the day before and walked away.

"That was weird," Sonny spoke.

"Yeah. And I know it might be a little soon, but I should warn you: we have to name our first daughter Portlyn."

"Funny, I promised Tawni the same thing."

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