Bella Cullen

The Volvo pulled up in front Charlie's house. Me, Edward and Nessie were going for a quick visit to Grandpa's house, and then we were going shopping, at Nessie's request. And, we really did need to go shopping. Nessie needed a dress for Sam and Emily's wedding.

"Hey, kids!" Charlie exclaimed when he opened the door.

"Grandpa!" Nessie squealed as Charlie lifted her into his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"How's my favorite granddaughter?"

"Your only granddaughter," I mumbled.

"She'd still be my favorite, even if I did have other ones," Charlie defended himself. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Hey guys," Seth shouted from the living room.

"Seth, what're you doing here?" Edward asked, walking into the living room.

"My mom was cooking over here, and I came for lunch. She had to go to the supermarket for some stuff. I brought my Halo game and I'm trying to teach Charlie," Seth explained.

"And I suck at it," Charlie admitted.

"Oh, you should see Edward, Emmett and Jasper playing Halo." I snorted. "They've got Nessie playing it too, now."

"Are you any good, kiddo?" Charlie asked Nessie.

"Good? She's great! She beats me and my brothers like it's nothing," Edward answered for her.

Sue came in then. "I'm back—oh, Bella! It's always good to see you."

"You, too. Here, let me get those." I took the groceries from her arms and carried them into the kitchen and helped her put all of them away. Edward and Ness had joined the game, so it wasn't like we were going anywhere any time soon.

"So, how have you been, Bella?"

"Everything's pretty great. We were going to get Nessie a dress for Sam and Emily's wedding now, but—" I gestured to where Edward and Nessie were hitting their controllers like crazy, yelling at the TV, "—it seems like I'm going to be here for a bit."

I giggled.

"Ah, yes, the wedding," Sue said sadly.

"What—oh, right. Well, yeah, they invited us, and Jacob's going to be the best man, so…" I trailed off, feeling awkward. I knew that Sue was going to the wedding. After all, Emily was her niece, and she would be there to support her. But Sam had broken her daughter Leah's heart, so I'm sure he was a touchy topic.

"Oh, Jacob. How is he?" Sue looked around. "Rather, where is he?"

I laughed, knowing how Jake could always be found wherever Nessie was. "I made him go back to school. He's fallen behind, and I want him to graduate from high school when he should. If he's going to be with my daughter, he's got to be smart."

Sue laughed. "You're so motherly. It's sweet."

I would have blushed, but that was impossible. Then, I heard the sounds of men groaning and a little girl laughing and clapping.

"How? How did she manage to beat us?" Seth complained.

"That's my little girl," Edward said proudly.

"Edward, would you rather stay here with my dad and Seth instead of coming dress shopping with us?"

"Trying to get rid of me, huh?"

"Hey, I figured you would jump at the chance to get out of dress shopping!"

"As much as I would like that, how would you get there?"

"Um, I would take the car?" It was kind of obvious.

"I want to go with you to make sure you're okay," Edward argued.

"Edward, I'm a big girl. I'll be fine." I rolled my eyes.

"But I'll miss you," he tried.

"Momma, I think he wants to come with us," Nessie said, patting Edward's head.

"Fine, but you're not going to bother us, understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he saluted me.

"Alright, we'll see you guys soon," I waved good-bye to Charlie, Sue, and Seth.

Once we were back in the car, I asked Edward, "Okay, so what was the real reason you want to come with us?"

"Well, look at you. You're so beautiful. And—" he lowered his voice and brought his lips to my ear, "—your shirt is pretty low. I don't want any guys looking at you," he admitted.

"That's why?" I laughed. "You're so overprotective! Edward, I can take care of myself. I'm pretty powerful, you know."

"Yes, but that won't stop people from thinking about you inappropriately."

"What else is there?" I asked, knowing there was another reason.

"I don't want people thinking they can look down on you. You look so young, and you'll have Renesmee with you. People won't understand…"

"I don't care what they think."

"I know. I don't care what they think either. But I don't want them thinking bad things about you, because you deserve to be regarded of highly. I will make sure that you get what you deserve."

"That's pretty sweet." I took his hand in mine and kissed his cheek. I turned around in my seat so I could see Nessie, looking so cute in her little booster seat. "You have the sweetest daddy, Renesmee."

"Will you tell me a story about you and Daddy before I was born?" Nessie lived for stories about us. I have to admit, when Edward and I were dating, our lives were certainly… interesting.

"I'll tell you one," Edward offered. "When your mom came to Forks, all the boys wanted to date her. But she didn't want to date them, and let them down the nicest way possible." Edward paused. "Except for me. She practically jumped at me."

"I did not," I grumbled.

"Sure. So anyway, I was taking her to the prom—you know what that is?"

"Of course I do, silly!" Nessie giggled.

"Well, we were going there. And one boy, who wouldn't take no for an answer, called me on my cell phone as we were driving to prom. And he was very angry. He thought Bella was going to go to the prom with him, and showed up at Grandpa's house!"

Nessie laughed, and I smiled not only at the memory, but at my sweet daughter's laughter. What a beautiful sound.

"Of course all the boys wanted her. I mean, she's gorgeous, isn't she? You get your looks from her," Edward went on.

"Edward, what are you talking about? She's a spitting image of you!"

"I have to disagree. I would be kind of worried if that was the case. I mean, then she would look rather masculine, if she was an exact replica of me."

"You know what I mean."

"We do have the same features. But the beauty part comes from you."

"Yeah, sure. Okay."

I turned on the radio, and Edward and Nessie, at the same time, said, "Oh, I love this song!"

Edward had gotten Nessie to like all of the songs he liked. Which meant they had the same taste in music. Rosalie and Alice had been a bit pissed when all the guys drilled it into Nessie's head that Disney music was bad. Which meant I didn't have to deal with the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana. Thank goodness.

When we finally got to the mall, Edward helped Nessie out of the car. We each took one of her hands and swung her arms.

We stood in front of the mall directory. "Okay, so we're going to go looking for a dress, and then to a few other stores. You, mister, are not going to follow us around. We want to have Bella/Nessie time. Is that understood?"

"Yes. I understand that you're trying to get rid of me." He pouted.

"Oh, you know that's not the reason," I whispered in his ear. He kissed me on the lips, getting quite enthusiastic. "Save it for later." I winked at him.

"Okay. Call me when you want me to come find you."

"Alright. Where are you gonna go?"

"The music store. Where else?"

"Okay, see you later!" I pecked him on the mouth, and then Nessie hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"Bye, Daddy."

"I'll see you soon, my angel. Go pick out a pretty dress, alright?"


"Honestly, Nessie? You like this one?" We'd picked out the perfect dress for the wedding a while ago, along with some sparkly bracelets to go with it from Claire's. We were now in Old Navy, and Nessie had decided she was going to pick out clothes for me. So I was now in the fitting room with her, inspecting myself in a dark blue top she'd picked for me.

She nodded. "That color is pretty on you." I smiled. This was Edward's favorite color. He raved about how it looked lovely on me.

"Okay. I'll get this one."

"Finally, you like something I picked out!"

I picked her up and kissed her. "You are too cute, you know that?" She squealed with laughter as I tickled her sides.

My cell phone started ringing, and I didn't have to be Alice to know who it was.


"I'm bored. Can I please come find you?"

"Yeah, I guess you can come. We're just about finishing up in Old Navy. I still have a couple of stores I want to hit, but you can tag along." I grinned wickedly when I thought of which store that was.

"Okay, Old Navy? I'm coming to find you."


You could only spend a certain amount of time in a music store, so I'd moved on to the book store. But it was monotonous, and I missed my girls. So I was really relieved when Bella told me where she was. I was rushing to meet her.

When I was nearing Old Navy, I saw Bella and Nessie in the thoughts of the cashier.

Really pretty. But so young. She looks like what, twenty? And the little girl looks five or six. Well, if she got pregnant at sixteen… Yeah, that's probably what happened. She's so hot, all the guys would've been rushing to—

I blocked that out. I shuddered.

"Daddy!" Renesmee waved.

"Hi, baby." I picked her up in my arms. "Hello beautiful," I whispered in Bella's ear.

"Hey handsome." Bella over dramatically batted her eyelashes at me.

"Alice is going to kill you when she finds out you went shopping at Old Navy," I chuckled.

"Well, I grew up in middle class. I never went shopping at Armani, and I turned out just fine. This is what I like, and Nessie likes it too," I defended myself.

"I like you best when you're not wearing anything," I whispered so low that even Nessie wouldn't be able to hear it.

Oh, yeah. Definitely pregnant at sixteen. But I can see how. They're frickin' supermodels. That kid is adorable. Most pregnant teenagers don't really have a great relationship with the father of the kid. But these people...of course they would stay together. I would definitely stay with her if I was the dad of her kid.

I guess I wasn't so annoyed at the cashier anymore. Though Bella had been pregnant at eightteen, not sixteen, he hadn't thought anything bad about Bella or Nessie. He'd even thought nice things about them. The girl cashier next to him, however...

Ugh! Super hot guy alert. But look at that! He's a daddy! Great. Why are all the good ones taken? I wish I could look like her. I could get any guy I wanted if I looked like that, and make a pretty kid, too. They should have a reality show: What It's Like to Look Super Perfect and Have a Super Perfect Kid and Live a Life of Perfection Because You Look So Perfect! I hate her. She must be so loved, by her baby and her boyfriend. Look at the way he's holding her, the way they're standing together! I can almost feel the adoration coming off of them...

Well, she was just jealous, but I did feel a bit sorry for her when she thought of how she was desperate for someone to care about her like I cared about Bella. I could understand that.

Once we had paid for everything, I took all of the bags from Bella.

"Okay, I just have one more store I need to go to."

"Lead the way."

Bella Cullen

I walked into Victoria's Secret and glanced behind me to see if Edward was following.

"You have to go in here?" he asked.

"Yeah. Is there a problem?"

"Why do you have to shop here?"

"Because," I put my hands on his shoulders and whispered quietly so that Nessie wouldn't hear, "all of my panties are ripped into shreds."

His eyes widened. "Why?"

"Because, a certain husband of mine is very impatient." I giggled.

"Oh." Then he grinned wickedly. "Emmett would be so proud."

I smacked his shoulder playfully. "Come on."

"Why don't you go in and get what you need, and I'll wait out here with Nessie?" he suggested.

"Nessie is already in there, Edward." I motioned to where my daughter was staring at a mannequin in awe. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in.

"Bella, I feel uncomfortable," Edward said, running his hand through his hair, trying to avert his eyes from the pictures of the half naked girls, but failing, because anywhere you looked, there they were. He looked to Nessie for support, but she was too busy resting her head against my breast with her arms wrapped around my neck. "Here, why don't I take Nessie?"

"No," Nessie mumbled. "I want to help Momma."

"Go hang out at the door, Edward."


I started picking out different undies. Nessie held up a black one.

"Pretty," she sighed. She was obviously tired after our shopping trip.

"It is pretty. Thank you, baby." I kissed the top of her head. "You're exhausted. Go to sleep, angel," I cooed.


I had picked out enough underwear for an army, but I needed them, with the way Edward was…

I took them to the register to pay, where the girl behind the counter cooed at Nessie. "She's so sweet. Adorable! Is she your little sister?"

I smiled. "No, she's my daughter."

"Aww, she's so cute!" the girl exclaimed, though I could tell by her face that she was shocked that Nessie was my daughter.

"Thank you."

Edward looked very relieved when I announced that I was done. He took my bag, and I wrapped both my arms around my baby. She breathed softly, and I could feel her warmth on my breast. Nessie loved to sleep on me. Maybe it was the extra protection she felt from me, or the love in my embrace. Whatever the reason, I loved to hold her in my arms and watch her innocent face as she slept. She was my baby, my daughter.

I knew from before I even knew she existed that I loved her.

That much would never change.


Author's Note- Hey guys! I hoped you liked this. I noticed that Breaking Dawn had almost no real family bonding scenes, so I decided to try to fill the void. What do you think?

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