Please enjoy this story, and please realize this had a few very mature adult scenes in it. If anyone had problems with Language, physical abuse, sexuality, or anything that even just hints at rape you should not read this story. This is one of my darker stories, not one that you should take lightly. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

The fight to end all fights

Claire sat in her room and looked out the window, it was pouring rain and the lightning and thunder made the windowpane shudder. She sighed and rolled her head lazily to the side. She could hear her parents really going at each other tonight. Their voices rising and falling as each decided that the other was wrong and incompetent.

Suddenly, "Claire! Claire come down here now!" Came her mother's rather angry voice. Claire sighed and stood up, she could only imagine where this was going to end up. Exiting her room and making her way down the hall to the stairs she really hoped this wouldn't be another argument that left her in the middle, with her parents on either side making her choose.

She wished she wasn't home, she wished she had taken John and the rest of the breakfast club up on their offer of movies and cards at Andy's house. But she had so much homework and her folks were already angry she had spent all weekend with John.

At the thought of John and the Breakfast club she smiled and a little bit of the nervousness left her stomach. She reached the bottom of the stairs and walked through the entryway into the kitchen. Her father had his head in his hands, his elbows resting on the island, which stood in the middle of the kitchen. He was sort of hunched over as if he was trying to protect himself from falling objects.

Her mother leaned against the fridge, one arm crossed across her stomach the other held a Champaign glass with something other then Champaign in it. She took a big gulp and then set the glass down with a slightly shaky hand. Her eyes looked angry and her posture said she was about ready to blow.

"Claire darling, I need you to tell me exactly where you were last night."

Claire looked first from her mother to her father, and then slowly back to her mother. "I was… at the mall." She said hoping to God her father hadn't accidently said something again.

"Oh really…. Then where on EARTH did this come from?" she said pulling an old tattered leather jacket off of a chair nearby. Claire looked at it and realized what it was and whom it was from. She quickly tried something else, "I got it at a yard sale, Allison talked me into buying it; she said I looked cute in it."

"Really." Her mother said, that tone in her voice, Claire knew it all to well, things were getting into dangerous waters now. Claire tried not to fidget or bite her lip, both of which were a dead give away that she was lying. She glanced at her father praying, hoping, wishing that he didn't say something stupid earlier that she had not heard while he had been fighting with her mother. He looked at her and met her eyes and then looked back down at the countertop.

"At a yard sale huh…well… can you tell me what this is in the pocket?" Claire watched in horror as her mother pulled out an old black wallet that had an outside that matched the jacket. Her mother opened it and looked at the picture, "Hmm… this boy looks awfully familiar… don't you think Dan?" Claire's mother said glancing at her husband with a raised eyebrow.

Claire's father didn't say a word; in fact he shrugged and looked anywhere but at Claire's mother.

"I am really starting to believe there isn't anything you won't lie about. And I bet ANYTHING that this boy is the reason that you've been lying like a little skank!"

"Helen!" Dan said shooting up from his hiding position, "I will support you on the issue of that boy, but I will NOT tolerate you speaking to Claire like that."

"No dad it's fine, she has just been drinking a little." Claire said hoping to avoid this fight all together.

"Don't you talk like that to me little lady, you have no clue how much I have drank tonight!" Claire's mother threw the jacket at Claire who caught it, and then she took the wallet and put it in her purse.

"What are you doing with that?" Claire asked.

"I am going to take it to the police station tomorrow and put a restraining order on that criminal you seem so interested in."

"What! No!" Claire said feeling fear strike into her heart.

"Helen! That really is unreasonable." Claire's father said.

"Don't even try to take her side Dan, I know you don't like that little punk either."

"He isn't a punk!" Claire screamed reached for her mother's purse.

"You see! Something is wrong with you! Three months ago you wouldn't have ever brought someone like THAT home even if your life depended on it! Now your dragging white trash home with you every night!"

"Helen stop! You are taking this to far!"

"I am doing no such thing," she said reaching under the kitchen counter and pulling out a bottle of brandy, "I am simply telling her she has changed and it worries me! She never liked boys like this guy before, and now all she does is hang on him."

"I do not hang!" Claire said crossing her arms over her chest and giving her mother a glare.

"You hang more then either your father or I like to see!"

"The only thing we have done in front of you is holding hands! The poor guy is too afraid to try anything else! He won't even hug me or kiss me in front of my house!"

"Kiss you! He better not kiss you! You better not kiss him! That is just asking for trouble. How do you know he doesn't have a disease?" Her mother asked pouring the brandy and missing the glass terribly.

"He isn't a rat mother!"

"He lives by the river doesn't he?" His mother asked.

"Yeah so!?" Claire asked trying to figure out why that mattered.

"He is a river rat! A thief and a liar, he probably drives around picking broken televisions out of dumpsters and sells them for money to buy drugs!"

Claire had had enough, she loved John and she hated her parents, this was so bogus, anytime she got something good in her life, and not something stupid like diamond earrings or a free trip to Paris, but something that actually meant something, something that wasn't just skin deep, her parents had to take it away! It was like all they wanted her to know was how to be shallow and hate everyone who wasn't rich, white and pompously corrupt.

Claire looked at her mother and held up her finger at her as if it was a knife, "Well let me tell you something mother! John has a job, he works in a car shop and he actually makes pretty good money! He takes care of himself and his friends and he will sure as hell take better care of me then you EVER have! As far as I am concerned you don't need to be in my life anymore. So I am taking my jacket that JOHN GAVE ME, and I am taking his wallet and I am going to go and stay with John!"

Claire approached her mother and reached for the purse again. Her mother pulled the purse back, but she wasn't fast enough Claire took hold of the strap before her mother could get it away from her and Claire pulled right back.

"Ladies! You both need to calm down! Let's talk this out like gentleman! I mean like grown adult woman!" Claire's father sighed at his own pathetic attempts at calming the two red headed woman down. He approached Claire and tried to take hold of her end of the purse strap. Claire looked at him and said, "No dad! She has no right to do this! Just leave it alone!" Her father dropped his hand and reached for his wife's arm which held onto the purse with a vice grip. "You touch me Dan and I am filling for divorce!" she screamed.

"Bull shit!" Claire jumped in yanking hard.

"Watch your tongue!" Her father said.

Suddenly Claire gave a mighty yank and her mother stumbled forward and the brandy bottle fell from her hand. It shattered on the floor and there was silence for a long moment. Everyone just stared at the pieces of glass and the liquid, which spread across the floor. Finally Claire looked up at her mother who, quicker then Claire had ever seen in her life, flung her hand out and smashed it against Claire's face.

Claire went flying back and landed with a hard thud on her side. She clutched at her eye and was in total shock as the stinging pain coursed through her head and face. Claire's mother stood silent, then she glanced at the hand that she had flung at Claire, her ring was bloody. She dropped the purse and rushed over to Claire with Dan right beside her.

"Claire baby?" She cooed gently, "Claire bear are you alright?" her father asked. Claire instantly shoved herself up and away from the two seemingly concerned adults. "CLAIRE!" She heard them yell, but she didn't care, she wanted out of this mad house! She raced for the front door and threw it open. She didn't even hesitate, she rushed out into the storm that raged, and she ignored the voices that called after her.

Everything after that was a blur, she wanted to go to John's house but she just couldn't bring herself to try to find his house, plus her dignity wouldn't allow it. Covered in blood and bruised up, she looked awful. She just ran, her head pounding, her eye stinking. This wasn't her life, she was not this kid, John had the abusive parents, Allison had the parents that didn't care, Andy and Brian had the parents that wouldn't leave them alone. Her parents were the normal ones, their only problems had to do with their marriage and a little alcohol here and there. She wasn't the one who had to run! She shouldn't have to run or be afraid to go home.

But suddenly reality struck her, Claire had been hit, and who is to say it would be the last time? Her mother had rushed to her side afterwards, had sounded concerned, but in all reality she was probably to drunk to know what she had done or what was going on.

Claire wanted to get out of the rain, she ran and found herself on the school's football field. The bleachers! She ran over and huddled in a corner by one of the support beams. She rolled all together and felt the chill of the night biting at her; she was cold, wet, hurting and scared. She would wait here till morning then go home after her parents left for work. She felt like she would never sleep but the shock must have either worn off or gotten so strong she passed out. Either way she fell into unconsciousness and the next thing she new she felt the warm rays of sun on her face.

Everything was sore in the morning, but to Claire's surprise most of her clothes were dry. She wanted to move but something told her that that just wasn't an option. She felt stiff and her body seemed to protest any movement at all. She looked around; it seemed later in the morning but perhaps that was because she didn't know what time it was.

Suddenly she heard something to her left and managed to move her head enough to look over. A group of boys that appeared rather ragged and excited were walking towards the bleachers. She knew them; they were some of John's friends. They had given the two a real hard time when they had started dating. Now it seemed they accepted it, but would give anything for John to dump her.

Claire knew she needed to move, and she honestly tried. She first tried to stretch out her legs but that really hurt so then she tried to push herself up and that wasn't going to happen either. Finally she decided to stay in her tight little ball and keep her head down against her knees. Maybe if she didn't move they would stop walking a little ways away and wouldn't notice her.

She listened but stayed quiet, "Oh man! I got this new green! New supplier too! Says it's really got a kick to it. I bet I could sleep through gym with this shit." The first one said.

"Good luck with that. Damn gym teacher probably won't even let you scratch your ass." Another spoke up sounding annoyed.

"How we gunna split this?" came the third and final voice, "I bought it all last time I haven't seen a dime!"

"Look, you bought last time, so you get free this time... Alec, it's thirty for you…"

"Thirty?" He said sounding outraged.

"Yeah, you pay for your and Peter's share. Next time Peter buys you don't pay and I do, keep it easy for everyone."

"This was so much easier to divvy up when Bender was still hanging around." The one called Alec said.

"Well little Miss. Cherry sure fixed that right good. Probably won't even let him scratch his ass with out bowing or blowing her a fucking kiss."

"What is it with you and ass man."

"That's obvious… He hasn't gotten any."

Two laughed the other didn't say anything, Claire hoped they would just deal it out, smoke a little and then leave, or perhaps deal it out and leave with out smoking. However luck was not on her side. She heard them start to move closer and despite her bodies protest she pulled herself tighter together trying to become as small as possible and pull herself into the bleachers.

"Well well boys… lookie what we got here!" Came a cry from the dealer. Maybe they wouldn't recognize her.

"No way… is that John's Cherry?" so much for that idea, Claire ignored them hoping they would just move on but who was she kidding?

"What's up Cherry… rough night? Johnny stand you up?" Alec asked.

Claire said nothing, she didn't move, she didn't even dare breath.

"Hey Cherry I am talking to you!" Suddenly she felt a pair of rough hands grab her arms and she was yanked up, she let out a small cry as her muscles and joints were finally torn from their locked or cramped positions. Her legs gave out and she fell to the ground, Alec had not expected that.

"What's wrong Cherry… to tired from being fucked all night?" The third one said a little less hostile then the other two.

The one called Alec grabbed her and picked her up, he took one look at her face and let out a small curse under her breath, "Shit!"

"What? She covered in…" The dealer started to ask.

"Fuck dude, look at that eye… her whole head is fucking bruised… her eye looks fucked up."

"What? Lemme see." The dealer spun her around and Claire felt her knees bend; she went down again just as the dealer saw her face. She recognized him from her math class.

"Shit… you don't think Bender…" the third one spoke up.

"No fucking way, John's a hard ass but I don't think even HE would hit a woman…."

"What should we do…."

"We have three options…" The dealer said.

"What's that?" Alec said.

"One, take her inside the school and leave her with the nurse…"

Claire thought blindly through half open eyes, YES YES YES! That would be wonderful! Maybe these boys weren't half bad.

"Two, go find Bender and let him know his Barbie is out here half dead…."

Oh John! That would be better then the nurse! Having his arms wrapped around her would be like being in heaven, his warmth keeping her from freezing to death.

"Or third, we can have a little fun with the princess and then just put her back where we found her."


"No you ass hat, fuck I ain't no rapist… but I mean come one… feeling up… I'd kind of like to see what Johnny feels is so worth quitting us for."

"I am not even gunna touch her… if Bender found out… if she told him… he would literally kill me…all of us…I am not taking that chance."

Alec agreed, "I agree with Bart Mitch, no way do I wanna take the chance of having to deal with Bender."

"Then how about you two pansies go take a walk… come back in about twenty minutes… I'll be done looking by then."

"Dude, she is gunna tell John! Don't do it! This is so fucked up!" Bart said really starting to sound worried.

"Don't worry, cherry won't say shit… now take a fucking walk… here you can even have my share of the green… I can get more easy." Alec grabbed it faster then Claire could follow and grabbed Bart dragging him off towards the school.

"Have fun Mitch." Alec said quickly unwrapping the green as he made Bart follow. Claire felt her heart racing; her mind was still kind of sluggish though. This couldn't be happening. She was about to be raped, right behind the school! Claire couldn't let this happen.

She shoved at the dealer who chuckled a little and grabbed onto her waist pulling her close, "Come on princess, don't you want to see what your missing."

"Get the fuck off of me!" She tried to scream, but it came out raspy and airy.

"I am not thinking I like that tone, or the idea either. You see, ever since you and Bender hooked up I have really wondered what has been so wonderful about you that could make a guy like him want to go so straight. He walks a line now, in fact the kid hasn't been written up, or kicked out of class once. In fact he is going to all of his classes."

Claire could tell by his voice something bad was coming, something really really bad. "So I have been curious to see if maybe the reason you have such a powerful hold over him is because you are such a good little fucker. You fuck him so good he feels like if he doesn't do what ever you say you won't fuck him anymore…"

Claire thrashed again and felt some of her strength returning, she shoved at him and then kicked his shin. He released her and cursed, "Stupid bitch!" She tried to run but he lunged after her and dragged her to the ground.

"I've wondered lots and lots of things about you cherry, and now I have a chance to find out… and the best part is you wont say a word because if you do… I'll fucking kill you… then I'll fucking kill John… and anyone else who tries to say anything."

He grabbed her harshly and rolled her over, "I am gunna love putting you in your place." He lay down on top of her and Claire spit in his face. Instantly his fist smashed into the other side of her head. Stars and bright lights exploded before her eyes, her body went limp and she lay there helpless.

She was conscious enough to feel his hand run up under her shirt, she felt him pinch her nipple and squeeze her boobs, she heard her shirt ripping and someone biting her nipple too. She felt him undoing her belt around her waist and sliding off her pants. And she also felt a finger snake inside her. It didn't hurt, none of it hurt, but it felt wrong, and Claire felt hot tears flooding her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. Then she heard someone say something, she felt the dealer being pulled off of her and then everything went dark.