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Chapter 5

Let's talk

Claire had been at the hospital three more days before she was released with a clear bill of health. She was relieved and happy to know that some small form of normality was coming back into her life. She was home now, and she had just woken up.

It was Monday and she had to go into school. She was dreading the looks and the comments and the rumors. Claire heard the doorbell ring and rushed down the stairs, her parents were usually gone by now so she had to answer it.

She was surprised but happy to be greeted by John Bender.

"What happened to your eye!" Claire gasped looking at the nasty blemish on his face.

"Ran into the lead singer of Iron Maiden and asked him to autograph my face." John said with a smile."

"Of course… because that makes sense. Was it your father?" Claire asked casually.

"Don't worry about the eye slugger, I came to walk the pretty princess to school… and of course to discuss some very important business."

"Okay," Claire said with an uneasy look on her face. "Let me grab my stuff and we can go." Claire allowed John to cross the threshold of the house and then closed the door.

She spared one quick glance at him and then ran into the kitchen to grab her bag and books and other such things.

John felt his heart slowing down; she sure looked beautiful today; at least he wasn't drooling all over himself. Not that he would ever give her the pleasure of knowing she drove him wild but man was she a fox.

When she came back John couldn't help himself, he gently grabbed her by the waist and pushed her against a wall. He leaned down and she pulled back a little timid.

"You are to shy princess… come on… give me those lips." He said, his eyes flickering between her pink lips and her dark brown eyes.

Claire blushed and spun out from under his arms, she backed up to the door and bit her lip with a smile, "Come on we can't be late…"

"Not until you give me a reward, I saved you remember? Your white knight demands a proper thank you." John said with a smug smile.

Claire suddenly frowned and took an unsteady deep breath, "Have they caught him yet?"

John realized his mistake and scowled at his own stupidity, "No, not yet, but don't worry. Mitch isn't the brightest crayon in the box, he knows where to go and what to do to lay low for a few weeks but beyond that he will get impatient and antsy, I bet he will drop the ball any day now and screw up."

"I never did really get to thank you John… what you did for me… you stopped him. He was going to…" Claire slid down onto the ground and John cursed himself for being so thoughtless. He crossed over to her and sat down next to her.

"He didn't and that is all that matters, he didn't touch you like that and he never will. Not as long as I am around. You're my princess Claire, and people don't mess with my stuff."

Claire wasn't sure if she should be offended that he had just objectified her or if she should let it slide since it was in fact John Bender who said it. He meant it to be reassuring and nice but of course it just made her sound like property.

She gave a small smile anyway and said, "Thank you." She leaned over and kissed him gently on the mouth.

He leaned into her and breathed deep, she smelled like sweet flowers and gingerbread cookies. A weird yet charming combination, and John couldn't help but put his hand on her thigh. He felt her tense but he didn't pull it back, in fact he didn't move it at all. He just rested it on her thigh, it was going to take some time but Claire would eventually be comfortable with him again. John would make sure of that, even if he had to go at a pace that was unnaturally slower then what he used to go at.

"Come on prince charming, let's get to school." They both stood and together left the large house.

As they walked down the street John kicked at the small rocks and pebbles that occasionally popped up and debated if he should wait to ask or not.

"You said you wanted to talk to me about something?" Claire asked.

So much for waiting, John thought with annoyance. He sighed and decided it was not or never.

"Yeah uh, just a question or two. You remember talking about living with your brother way back when?" John started hoping to not raise suspicion.


"Well do you think… I don't know… do you think your parents would really let you do that? Live with him and all? Does he live around here?"

"He lives in the business district right outside of the big park across town. He has a nice size apartment right next to the school actually. I am sure dad wouldn't care, convincing mom could take sometime."

"But could you?" John asked feeling a small trace of hope rising.

"Probably, if I really begged, like on my hands and knees. But I'd never stoop that low and give her the satisfaction. Not after how nit picking she has been about my hair." Claire said off handedly.

"Well you better make an exception because princess, have I got a plan for you."

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