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This fanfic starts during A New Hope. Padme Amidala has been in a coma for twenty years and has now recovered. Palpatine brainwashes her into serving the Empire and making her go by the name Star Killer. He wants her to find her children so he can convert them to the dark side. Owen and Beru are not dead, but Luke decided to join Obi-Wan. Leia's adoptive parents aren't dead either as Alderaan did not get destroyed.

"Your majesty?" The medic droid said.

"What is it?" Emperor Palpatine asked.

"She has awakened."

A grin appeared on the deformed face. "Good. At last."

Princess Leia cried herself to sleep. Pretty soon, Tarkin was going to have her executed. She would no longer live. Her life was over. At this point, her only hope was that Obi-Wan had received her message and that he had been able to safely deliver her droids to Alderaan. If her father retrieves the stolen plans, he can take them to the Rebel base. There, they could detect a flaw in the Death Star and find a way to destroy this monstrous station.

Leia did not know how long she slept, but a sudden noise woke her up. Leia opened her eyes and saw a stormtrooper standing inside her cell with a gun in his hand. Was this how she was going to be executed? Well, if she was going to die, she was not going to show any fear.

"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" Leia mocked.

"Huh?" The stormtrooper asked in confusion, and then seemed to realize what was going on. "Oh, the uniform." He then removed his mask and said, "I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you."

Leia looked at the young man, bewildered. There was something familiar about him. She felt like she knew him, but couldn't recall a time meeting a Skywalker.

"You're who?" She asked.

There was no time for introductions. "I'm here to rescue you!" Luke insisted. "I've got your R2 unit and I'm here with Ben Kenobi."

Leia jolted at the name. "Ben Kenobi! Where is he?"

"Come on!"

Leia rushed out of her cell with Luke behind. As they proceeded down the hall, they ran into Han Solo and Chewbacca, who were shooting at some stormtroopers.

"Looks like you've managed to block our only escape route." Leia said, as she observed the situation.

Han glared at the Princess and retorted, "Maybe you prefer to go back to your cell, your Highness!"

Leia ignored Han's sarcastic remark, and fell behind Luke and Han as they backed down the corridor. She then noticed a grate on the side of the wall. Snatching Luke's pistol, she aimed it at the grate and blew it opened. Luke and Han stared at her in puzzlement as Leia said, "It looks like it's up to me to save our skins." She then jumped through the small opening and into the garbage chute. Han, Leia, and Chewbacca followed.

"Lord Vader?" An Imperial officer approached the Sith Lord, as he was sitting at the meeting table.

"The Emperor has sent a woman on this battlestation. She was told to see you."

Vader was confused. "Who is she?"

"I was not given a name, my lord. Just that she must see you right away."

"Very well. Send her in."

"Yes, my lord." The Imperial officer opened the door and allowed the woman to step in. She was wearing a black jeweled headpiece and a long black dress, covering most of her skin. Her face was covered in white powder and her lips were painted in black. She grinned as she looked at Vader with hungry eyes.

Vader knew who she was immediately. He had seen her in disguise before. But, he was astonished. It wasn't possible. He couldn't believe it. He was only able to say one word. "How?"

The woman's smile grew bigger. "I was in a coma. That dreadful Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi kept me hidden. But Palpatine found me and rescued me. He sent me here to see you."

Vader's heart was filled with such warmth, warmth that he hadn't felt in a long time. "You're alive?" Was this some kind of dream?

The woman couldn't bear it anymore. She rushed to her husband and threw her arms around him. "Yes, my love. I'm alive. And you, Palpatine, and I will crush this Rebellion so we can rule the galaxy."

Vader couldn't believe it as he returned his wife's embrace. The love of his life had been alive all this time and was now returned back to him. Furthermore, she was willing to rule the galaxy by his side. Palpatine must have made her see the error of her ways.

"My name is now Star Killer."

Vader smiled beneath his mask. "I am happy to have you back with me."

A sad smile now formed on Star Killer's face. "I'm so sorry you thought I betrayed you. I didn't bring Obi-Wan with me that day. He followed me on his own. I could never betray you like that."

Vader placed his gloved hand under his wife's chin. "I'm sorry for what I've done. I didn't want to hurt you."

Killer shook her head. "It's alright. I understand. You thought I betrayed you. But, we are together now. And we will be together forever."

Vader nodded. "Nothing can stop us now."

Han returned back to the Falcon to find Obi-Wan there.

"Where is Luke?" Obi-Wan asked the Captain.

"He didn't come back?"

Obi-Wan shook his head. "No. Where did the two of you go?"

"Luke and I went to rescue a Princess that was being held captive here. We ran into stormtroopers and got separated. I told the two to go back to the ship. But it looks like they didn't make it."

Obi-Wan looked alarmed. "We must find them and fast. They cannot be captured by Vader."

Leia and Luke were standing at an edge. They could not activate the bridge to lead them across and there were stormtroopers shooting all around.

"What are we going to do?" Leia asked.

Luke took out a cable and attached it to the other side of the wall. He then grabbed Leia by her waist and held her to him. Leia pecked his cheek for luck before the two swung over to the other side. Luke detached the cable and the two made their way down the corridor only to stop when a figure stood at the end, staring at them with piercing eyes. She was dressed in all black and had a horrible sneer on her face, reminding Leia of Emperor Palpatine.

"Going somewhere?" The woman asked in a sardonic tone. "Why leave so soon, my guests?"

Leia didn't know who this woman was, but knew that she wanted to cause them trouble. "I was not a guest here. I was a prisoner."

The woman laughed. A horrible cruel laugh. "And you think you can just escape? Now, the great and honorable Darth Vader shall deal with you."

Leia held up her gun, ready to shoot this evil woman, when the gun was removed from her hand. Astonished, she looked behind the woman to see Darth Vader standing by. He had taken the pistol from her hand by the Force.

Now what? Luke wondered desperately.

Luke and Leia were brought into a small secluded room. Darth Vader and the horrible woman were inside with them.

"Who are you?" Leia asked the woman.

She glared at the Princess. "My name is Star Killer. I'm Darth Vader's wife."

"Wife?" The Princess asked in surprise. She never knew Darth Vader had a wife. Sith Lords were not known to get married.

"Yes, Princess." Killer spat.

"And now you will tell us where the hidden Rebel base is and where the plans to the Death Star are." Vader said.

Leia clutched Luke's hand as Luke wondered how they were going to get out of this situation.

"Do as he says!" Star Killer hissed.

"I don't know where the Rebel base is. I am not part of the Rebellion. And I have never received any plans of the Death Star."

"That's a lie!" Vader said in a menacing tone. "You are a traitor to the Empire. And you, boy, how do you fit into any of this?"

Luke stared at the Sith lord in anger and with hatred. This was the man that had murdered his father. But before he could respond, Leia spoke. "He's just a friend of mine. He came to rescue me."

"And how did he know that you've been captured?"

Leia's heart raced. She was not prepared for this question. How could she possibly explain how Luke knew she was being held captive without giving Obi-Wan away.

"I can see you have no answer now, girl." Killer said.

Leia was growing more and more irritated by this Star Killer, the wife of Darth Vader. She seemed just as evil and menacing as her husband, and Leia did not want to have to put up with the two of them.

Star Killer stepped forward. "You will answer my husband's questions or you and your companion here will die a slow and painful death."

Luke and Leia stepped back as the woman who seemed like an evil witch advanced towards them. She then grabbed Leia and shook her hard. "Where are those stolen plans?!"

"I don't...know." Leia gasped, struggling to free herself from the evil woman.

"Let her go!" Luke said and grabbed Killer's arm. Vader then sent Luke flying across the room. Luke smashed into the wall and fell onto the floor.

"No!" Leia exclaimed, still trying to get free.

"Listen, you foolish girl. We will give you one more chance to tell us where the hidden Rebel base is and what you've done with the stolen plans. If you tell us, we may spare your pathetic life."

"I told you, I don't know." Leia said, desperately.

Killer threw Leia against the wall, where Leia fell down. She then kicked Leia's leg hard, causing the Princess to groan in pain.

"Kill them, Vader." Star said to her husband. "I want to see them die slowly and painfully. Give them the worse pain possible."

"As you wish, my lady." Vader said as he and his wife looked at the girl and the boy lying down on the floor, in pain. Star Killer laughed cruelly. She was going to thoroughly enjoy watching them die.

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