Carnivores and Herbivores

Kabuto like putting people in his own categories. Depending on their natures or attitudes, he put them into a "Carnivore" or "Herbivore" category. But one ninja from Konoha confused him. It was either people were a carnivore, herbivore, or neither. And the ninja definitely wasn't neither. So, he decided to do some research one day.

"Where are you going…?" Orochimaru asked, as Kabuto headed to the door.


"Stalking that Naruto boy?"

"No, it's research." Kabuto snapped, closing the door.

"Whatever you say." Orochimaru murmured. "It's still stalking."

Kabuto watched the young ninja Naruto as he headed to Ichiraku.

He's in herbivore mode… Kabuto thought. Hmm? Kabuto glanced to the left, noticing a small ruckus. Now what are you going to do, herbivore?

Naruto looked at the small gang picking on an innocent kid and immediately stepped in.

Kabuto watched in interest as Naruto used shadow clone jutsu and easily defeated the gang. Now he's a carnivore.

Naruto snorted and entered Ichiraku.

Back to herbivore.

Kabuto continued watching Naruto until he exited Ichiraku, bumping into the leader of the gang he had beaten an hour ago. But the gang had back up. It was 50 against 1. Naruto was about to fight them again when Kabuto stepped in and beat them fairly quickly.

"Omnivore." With that being said, Kabuto left before he got caught.

Confused at what just happened, Naruto blinked. "Um…okay…" Naruto was about to head home when he stopped. "…Wait…did he just call me an omnivore…?"

Kabuto felt proud of himself as he headed back to the base. He had figured out what Naruto was. There were only four people who were in the rare omnivore list: Himself, Sasuke, Kimimaro, and now Naruto. There was only one person that Kabuto had yet to figure out. Kabuto didn't want to get involved with Itachi Uchiha, so he decided to put Itachi in the carnivore category and call it a day.