Playing with Fire

Co-Written with blackandivorykeys

Summary: One-night stands are the diving line between affection and lust. For Bella and Edward, one ended the love that was supposed to last forever…

Inspiration: blackandivorykeys' idea


He'd promised me that we'd spent time together. And he was late. Thirty two minutes late.

The candles on the table had already burnt out, and the food now stone cold in the oven.

Our relationship hadn't been what someone would call good. Between kisses it was a mixture of arguments, fighting and misunderstandings, before we curled up in bed, the distance between us highlighting our differences.

It was barely a few months ago when he'd received an offer for medical school, and back then I couldn't have been more proud for him. It was what he wanted, and the smile on his face when he came home couldn't have told me any better.

That happiness didn't last long.

He'd start returning home later and later, until the time we had together was practically non-existent. It also didn't help that he worked weekends now.

I loved him. I truly did.

But I loved the man before medical school.

The man that wasn't afraid to kiss me in front of a crowd, or take me out to restaurants in the evenings because he had the time. The man that loved me for who I really was, and didn't buy me expensive, unnecessary dresses just to take me out to medical events.

I missed him.

My eyes flickered towards the clock, the anger rising inside of me again as I sighed in frustration, yanking the curtains shut. I didn't realise I'd been staring out onto the street for him.

It wasn't the first time he'd been late home, but it still made me wonder.

Where was he?

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