"So Eddy, what is the point in this again?" Edd asked

"Beats me. Ed told me the plan." Eddy said looking toward Ed

Ed looked at them like they were idiots. "Guy's I told you, if we catch the Nofalofagos, we can expose it to the media and become rich and famous!"

"The Nofa-what?" Edd and Eddy said in unison.

Ed still looked at them as if it was obvious. "The giant squid-headed man-horse from issue 46 of 'Man of Regales''"

"ED YOU NUMDSKU-"Eddy began to yell before Edd grabbed him and said "Eddy, were going to have to do it any way, or else this fan fiction will have no meaning." "Fine…"

The 3 sailed out into the ocean, with Ed supposedly having a supposed "Nofalofagos catcher" (a fishing rod with a flag on it)

"……………Guys! I caught something!" Ed yelled

Big Ed fished up a giant squid, thinking it was the head of a Nofalofagos.

"I WILL CATCH YOU!!!" Ed yelled a he threw a harpoon at the beast.

The squid got very angry, and Edd yelled "RUN AWAY!!!"

As they paddled away Eddy yelled "I REGRET EVERYTHING!!!"