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I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!

---Chapter Two: Alice in Wonderland


Perfection had been placed before me and I'd just missed. The opportunity was lost now and she was gone.

Her brown eyes caught mine as we stood feet from each other on the beach. The warm sand sidled between my toes as I approached her. It was my mother's fault; she'd noticed her looking. As she watched me walk closer, a light blush crept up her neck and over her cheeks. I longed to make sure she'd never blush for anyone else.

We'd just left the restaurant, which lingered on the edge of the beach, to watch the sunset. My dark jeans clung to my legs but my dress shirt was open. It was warm and I hadn't seen anyone else on the shore, so I'd unbuttoned it, "Hey there."

I offered her a small smile, not wanting to embarrass myself. Perhaps her blush was because of someone else, but I could only see the beach and her.

"Hi," Her tone wasn't rude, but cautious. I understood. If she'd approached me, I'd be confused and curious, as well.

"I'm Edward…May I ask for your name, love?"

Had I really just said that? I mentally pinched the bridge of my nose and prayed that the agitation didn't shine through my eyes.

"Bella. It's nice to meet you, Edward." As she spoke, the wind carried her voice away, her tone like a whisper.

"The pleasure's all mine. Bella is such a beautiful name." A light perfume entered my nose, as the wind blew. Lavender and freesia… two lovely flowers, a perfect scent for this astonishing creature, "May I ask why you're out here by yourself?"

Bella smiled and ducked her head, "My parents are having a party. I felt suffocated. What about you, Edward? Why are you alone?"

I turned to point out my mother, when I realized that she was no longer walking along the sandy beach with my father, "Well, it seems that my parents left me. But you're the reason I'm still here."

She looked uncomfortable, so I gestured for us to sit on the sand. I didn't want her to ruin the gorgeous dress, so I shrugged the shirt from my shoulders and lay it beneath her, "No, I don't want to ruin your shirt."

I remained standing, gesturing for her to sit, until a voice called from the distance, "Bella! Where are you?"

"I suppose we don't have to argue about this. That's my step-mother. I need to go."


Bella pulled my shirt from the sand and handed it to me, "Don't forget this. Maybe I'll see--"

"Bella! Come here, now!"

Her shoulders heaved as she sighed, "Goodbye, Edward." She stepped away from me and turned, trudging through the sand. My voice didn't quite carry over the wind, as I murmured my goodbyes. But as Bella disappeared into the distance, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you ready, Edward? We have plenty of time to linger on the beach."

My father's touch was soft as was his voice. Carlisle's tone was never harsh, like Bella's step-mothers had been. I turned and offered him a weak smile, "Sure, Dad. I was just…"

I stopped, uncertain of whether he'd understand. Carlisle patted my shoulder, "Let's go, son."


The beach house was a white, two story villa. A balcony stretched from one end of the house, to the other. Columns framed the entrance and the in ground pool lay just a few feet from the front door. My older brother was stretched out on one of the beach chairs, admiring the sunset with his girlfriend.

"Emmett, Rosalie, how was your dinner?"

Emmett smirked and draped his arm over Rose's shoulders, "Oh, I'd say it was quite…filling." The normally overzealous Rosalie blushed, making me think of Bella.

"Where are Alice and Jasper?"

"Enjoying their own dinner." Emmett waggled his eyebrows, earning a smack from Rose. Her face was no longer flushed from embarrassment, as she offered Emmett a firm rebuke. After he rubbed at the handprint Rosalie left, Emmett grinned at me, "How was dinner with Mom and Dad, Eddie boy?"

My mother answered for me, gushing about the exquisite service and the delicious food. I started toward the front of our newly purchased beach house, in pursuit of my sister. Maybe she'd have some advice for me.

Alice and Jasper were engaged in a heated kiss, when I found them making out in the family room, "You guys need to get a room." Jasper chuckled, breaking free of Alice's lips.

"Sorry, Edward, but we figured since Emmett and Rosalie were out there we'd--"

"Defile the couch?" A lazy smirk crept onto my lips, as I rolled my eyes at the two lovers. Alice was a year older than me but Jasper and I were the same age. He'd been my closest friend since grade school and last year, he'd professed his undying love for my sister.

"Is something on your mind, little brother?" Alice adjusted her shirt as Jasper scooted further away from her. I could tell it pained him to end their lip lock so soon but he'd do anything for me.

"Yeah, is there? You look a little 'angsty'. And that's normally my department." He paused and glanced at my still open shirt, "What the hell is all over your shirt? Did you have a romp in the sand, Edward Cullen?"

I snorted, "Yeah because Mom and Dad left me alone for more than five minutes."

Alice grinned and stood from the leather couch, "But you didn't deny that a romp was possible. You met a girl, didn't you?" When I didn't offer up a response, Alice started toward the entryway, where our parents were resting on the loveseat, "Did Edward meet a girl?"

Esme shook her head and closed her lips, but Alice could see it in our mother's eyes, "Oh my God! Who is she? Is she cute? Where is she?"

"Her name is Bella. Yes, she's cute but I don't know where she is. Her stepmom was screaming for her and she left pretty quickly."

"But you like her, don't you?"

"How can you tell if you like someone if you've just met them?"

Jasper grinned. Apparently, he'd finally gotten up from the couch, "I knew that I was in love with Alice from the moment I laid eyes on her."

"Oh please, Jasper. You used to wipe your snot on her shirt. If that's love, then my name is Ru Paul. Welcome to Cross Dressing 101."

He sneered, "Stop ruining my romantic moments, Cullen."

"Or what, Whitlock, you'll wipe your snot on me?"

"Stop fighting or I'll lock you both in your rooms until the end of summer." Esme batted her eyes and waited for our menacing glares to lessen. Once I stepped back and crossed my arms, Jasper wrapped his arm around my sister and kissed her hair. Alice grinned and instantly the chatter about Bella began.

"So, are you going to let her slip through your fingers?"

I shrugged as Emmett and Rosalie approached, completing our family circle, "If I can find her again then I'll see if we can do something together. But I don't see that happening. It looks like she's on a short leash."

Emmett grinned and cracked his fingers, "That's why you buy a pair of scissors. You're a Cullen, Edward. It's time to start acting like one. We're gonna get this girl. Mark my words: She'll be yours by the end of summer."

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