This & That From The Author: Hello there and welcome to my second fanfic. I really hope you enjoy it so, lets begin.

Synopsis: Princess Peach is pregnant, Mario claims to be the father, the whole Mushroom Kingdom knows, everybody is happy, right? Plot twists, fluff, surprises, love triangles, suspense. No, this is NOT your typical love story.


Super Mario Series (c) Shigeru Miyamoto & Nintendo

My Sweet Little Peachy


The sun shines on the parasol of Princess Peach as she continues to walk back to her castle.

Of course she told Toadsworth where she was going, a walk was the answer, or…was it?

Only she knew where she went. Returning back from the doctor's office, after all she had some worries lately.

Her period hadn't came as it was supposed to come as well as the sickness she's been having during the mornings.

So she took a test to see if she was pregnant. It ended up being positive, but she wanted to be sure.

It seems that the test was correct, she is indeed pregnant. Peach was indeed shocked when she found out.

Even so, the princess was also happy to see that in nine months she was going to see her child.

But there is one problem, who was the father? Yes, the princess didn't remember who she slept with.

Will she ever find him, also what will happen when the whole kingdom finds out? And if she ever does find him, will he bear the responsiblity?

Will there be obstacles along the way?

Yet, her most concern at the moment is who is the father of the child she's holding? The princess had no answer to that yet.

The Princess didn't feel ready to tell anyone her secret, not even to her closest friend, Daisy.

But what about her hero, Mario? No, Peach could not tell him yet, nor anybody.

So she continued walking, walking to her castle with many emotions inside her along with her child.