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Chapter 15: Speculations

"Oh! Pauline! Is that you?"

"Hey there Éclair, we need to talk."

. . .

The sound of a liquid one called tea poured onto a white cup as two women sat right across each other at a table in a vast, beautiful garden.

"Thank you dear, you are now excused," said one of the women to a servant who was pouring the tea. The servant bowed at woman who she considered to be superior. "Yes your highness," she said softly and walked off.

"It's been a while since I've been here," the other woman said as she sat across from the other who excused the servant. The other woman let out a light laugh. "Yes it has Pauline. What brings you here to my kingdom?"

Pauline took hold of her cup filled with hot herbal liquid. "Well Princess Éclair, you don't mind if I take some of your time to tell you the story that leads to my presence here, no?"

The princess shook her head and smiled. "Of course not, we have all the time in the world, Pauline. After all I am a friend of yours, and friends listen to what their other friends say. Well, tell me, you may begin whenever you like."

Pauline smirked at the Princess' positive response. "Excellent. Princess, sit back and relax, let Pauline here tell you the story. . ."

. . .

A car parked near the gates of the glorious castle of the Mushroom Kingdom. Otherwise known as the castle of Princess Peach. Once the car stopped its motor. A red capped plumber swiftly went out of the car and slammed the door shut. He locked his vehicle and ran to the gates.

One of the castle guards stopped the plumber's motion. "Halt!"

"Oh! It's a me! Mario! Her fiancée!" the plumber exclaimed. "I need to see Peach!"

Another castle guard nodded. "Ah, well you may enter. Open the gates."

The gates were opened by a small Toad guard and Mario entered the path to the castle doors without hesitation. "Peach!"

"I knew it," said a blonde haired princess to a green capped plumber. The two were in her bedroom. "He still has feelings for her! He ran off with her!" The princess jumped into her bed and sobbed. He face dug into one of her pink, frilly, comfy cushions.

"Aw, Peach, don't say that," consulted the plumber as he sat on her bed looking at her head that was showing her back/hair. "Didn't you say Pauline kidnapped him? It wasn't voluntary on his account, against his will. I bet he's trying to escape by now."

"Why isn't he picking up his calls by me then? He's not even picking up yours!" sobbed the princess.

"Maybe Pauline took his phone?"

"Master Mario! I ask of you please do not run!" cried a voice from outside the room. "Master Mar - !"

The bedroom doors swung open and Mario entered the room, with Toadsworth following him. "Peach, Luigi," he puffed. He panted due shortness of breath by running.

"Mario!" exclaimed Luigi in delight. "Thank goodness you are here! We were worried!"

"I tried to stop him from running but he was so desperate to come here!" Toadsworth explained, trying to cover Mario's abrupt behavior. "I apologize Princess."

Peach lifted her head from the pillow and turned her head to Mario. Her eyes red from the tears and she placed a frown. Signaling Mario of discontent. Mario gulped a bit. "It's fine," she spat. "You may leave Toadsworth. I need to have a talk with my troublesome fiancée." Toadsworth nodded and curtly left the room. Peach then turned to Luigi. "I suggest you leave too for the time being. Wait in the hall."

Luigi hesitated at first, but finally agreed. "Okay." He arose from the bed and disappeared out of the room quickly, shutting the doors, leaving his older brother with his bitter fiancée.

Mario gulped once more at Peach. He began to sweat causing him to get grab of bit of his sweatshirt near his neck. "It's a bit hot in here, huh?"

There was no answer. Peach glared at Mario. She arose from her bed and walked towards him. Mario took a few steps back uptight for what may happen next. The next move played by the princess was a slap on one of Mario's cheeks. Mario rubbed his swollen cheek. "Ouch."

"Must have had fun when your ex kidnapped you hmm?" Peach barked with her hands to her hips.

Mario gasped. "No! Nothing happened, I-a swear!"

"Then why didn't you answer the calls made by me or your brother?"

"My phone was on vibrate!"

"Uh-huh, okay, we'll go with that."

Mario stomped his foot, "Look Peach, nothing happened when Pauline kidnapped me! We just had a talk while in the car! That's all!"

"A talk of perhaps trying to get back together?" speculated the princess bitterly.

Mario frowned and clenched his fists. He began to grow irritated with his stubborn fiancée. She was jumping into conclusions, he had to put an end. "NO! Nothing of that sort Peach! That's not true at all! All we talked about is how she was shocked of me being engaged to you, being a future king, and a father! I can't believe you would think of such things!"

"Well, what about you?" yelled the princess in return. "At mall where you first saw her in years, you treated her so well as if the two of you were still dating! You completely ignored my presence! As if I didn't exist! Why do you think I would lead to such speculation of you trying to go back to her?"

"Hey! I haven't seen her in years! And I don't see how my actions towards her would lead you to believe that I wanted to return to her! Nor I ignored you!"

Peach crossed her arms. "Um lets see, wrestling, letting her scuffle your hair, going with her to a restaurant, and leaving me with a crapload of bags. Yeah you totally didn't seem like you didn't want to back to her."

"Oh mama mia, Peach you are so stubborn! How the hell are those gestures signals of me wanting to reunite with Pauline?" Mario face palmed. "Stop jumping into conclusions!"

"Hmph," Peach turned her back towards Mario, at this point it seemed hopeless for Mario to change her mind. She sighed. "Well I'll admit, she's pretty. How old is she?"

"I think the same age or a year older than you," Mario stated, calming down. "Why?"

Peach titled a little of her head to the plumber. "Huh, I see. Looks like she still has the hots for you based on the way she treated you at the mall. She's your type hmm? Being so open. Good for you two, there's a chance for you to be together again. Great."

Mario snapped, just when he let some loose ends just a bit with himself. "Peach! I - !" He paused as something caught his eye.

His beloved Princess was in tears. "I'm sorry," she sobbed wiping some of her tears. "I was jumping into conclusions and being mean."

"Oh no! Peach! Don't-a cry!" Mario leaned down to the floor as Peach slumped down. He wiped the small salty droplets of water from her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"No Mario it is not your fault," admitted the Princess. "It's just. . .I -"

"Say no more," The plumber placed his gloved finger on her lips. He placed a small smile. "Peach, you are the only one for me," he declared. "I may have once been a relationship with Pauline, but that's in the past. That's over and we'll never be together again, because I'm happy here with you."

The words of comfort and love led Peach to bring out more tears and hugged her lover.

Mario chuckled and caressed her blonde hair. "Oh Peachy, Peachy. You're so fragile, small, a bit of a crybaby but a sweetheart. You're. . .my sweet little Peachy."

Peach giggled a bit from his response. "You're so sweet, I guess that's one of things I love about you, Mario."

"So, that's the story hmm?" concluded Princess Éclair after Pauline finished explaining her story of her meeting of her ex, his brother and his soon to be wife who she was not fond of.

"That's right," Pauline finished. "So, what do you think about this, Éclair?"

Éclair took a sip of her tea and then placed it back down. "Well first off, I guess it's all true then. About Princess Peach being engaged and pregnant."

"What? Is that news new to you?" Pauline inquired.

Éclair shook her head at Pauline's question. "Oh no. I've heard of it before numerous times. The first time I heard about it was from a servant of mine here. Of course I didn't believe it, I thought it was just a rumor. Then I heard it on the news, I still believed it was just speculation. Finally, I saw Peach's announcement on live TV, still thought it was some sort of an act, some doubt involved. Now after hearing it from you, I am now a firm believer of it."

Pauline told her that she understood but wondered why Éclair would not believe it so easily. Perhaps she had a hard time trusting people after her kidnapping by the Chestnut King, and he was imprisoned from such kidnapping. She was now in peace but with no one.

"So, do you have anything else to add?" Éclair stated, raising a brow. "Because it looks like you only came here to talk and not have some sort of plan. I bet you do have one since you told me the story, yes?"

Pauline smirked she placed her arms on the table, her head on top of her hands that where keep it up. "Yes I do. You see Éclair, I do not like Mario's fiancée."

Éclair laughed a bit. "As expected because you two were once together. Let me guess, you wish to get him back?"

Pauline gave a slight nod. "My, my, Éclair. Hun, you are pretty smart."

"It's actually pretty obvious."

"I see."

"But. . .I wonder what do I have to do with this?"

"Because I need you to do me a huge favor in order for this plan to succeed. Will you help me?"

Éclair thought for a few moments. Helping her friend getting back her ex and tearing apart his current relationship with Peach. Sounded harsh. "I don't know. . ." was her answer.

"What do you mean 'I don't know?'" Pauline growled.

"It sounds harsh. Why would you want to tear apart your ex's current relationship, if he's happy? Shouldn't you let him go and you find your own happiness with someone else?" Éclair admitted.

Pauline glared at the princess of a delicious delicacy. "Look whose talking. Hypocrite, you're telling me that I should move on and find someone else while you still yearn for the younger Mario brother."

Éclair froze.

"Didn't you say you had interest in Luigi after he saved you from your evil fiancée? But you couldn't be with him because once you found out he was once in love with you, he was already with someone else. Erm, what's her name. . .Daisy. You even cried to me about it and you want him. Isn't that right. . .Éclair?"

Éclair was silent, she spoke no word. Pauline snickered. "Gotcha."

"I do. . .want him," Éclair finally admitted.

"Ah, so you do. Well. . .oh!" Pauline's face lightened up with such excitement. "If you want I could help you get the younger Mario brother for you."

Éclair unfroze. "What?"

"Why not? Let us work together to get the men we deserve! You see I originally wanted you to find someone that uses magic or has potions so that I could go to see if they had any to do with love. But now I guess I have find two potions. I ask you because you're a princess whose kingdom has many alliances with many others and I'm sure there's bound to be one that has a place or someone with magic related items."

"Ohhhh," Éclair stated. "I see but, Pauline I may want Luigi but I don't want to ruin his current relationship with the other princess. He's happy."

"But you're suffering, that's not fair! For him to be happy and you not! Éclair let me help you!" Pauline objected. "You always are so considerate of others! But never yourself! Let yourself be in spotlight for once! It's okay to be a little selfish."

"But, But-"

"Oh don't 'but' me, hun," Pauline interjected. "Éclair as a friend I would like you to be happy and you shall. Luigi will be yours. No matter what. You deserve him, after all he saved you. I can tell you two are perfect for each other as me and Mario. So hun, what's it gonna be?"

Éclair had no say because she was so unsure and uncomfortable with his conversation. "Um can we please -"

"Pfff, hun, decide now."

To gain Luigi's heart, or to not gain his heart, Éclair thought. She began to put deep thought into it. Maybe she did care for the feelings of others but never herself. But if one truly loves another but they are already happy with someone else, wouldn't the other person be glad that their loved one is already happy? However, Éclair was upset that Luigi had a special someone and she was all alone. She yearned for the company of another and felt guilty for not realizing his love for her before and that the Chestnut King was not the one for her. Maybe, for once she should think about herself.

Éclair frowned. Maybe it was time for a little change.

I always allow people to trample over my feelings and care more about theirs rather than mine, in fact no one cares about mine. That's it for once, I will be one whose is cared for and the one who is happy.

Éclair took a deep breath. "Pauline," she stated. "I accept your offer. I've always been trampled, hurt, especially during my relationship with the Chestnut King. It was awful. And now it's my turn to get dirty. I wish for Luigi to be with me and it will happen, even if I have to hurt his special one! Because she will see how the Chestnut King treated me!"

Pauline's face lightened with joy. "My, my! Finally you came to your senses sweetheart! About time! Do not worry, my plan will not fail! Let us begin with phase one of the plan now shall we? And that is finding a place or someone who has a love potion that can be given to us!"

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Oh and Title Reference Galore!

In Chapter 3: Complicated Thoughts for this fic, I explained the meaning of the title but I think I found another meaning for it!

Lets break it down:

My - Peach has been addressed by many using this word. Such as by:

Mario: My Love

Daisy: My Friend

Toadsworth: My Princess

Toadstool: My Daughter

Sweet - Peach is a sweet girl as we know. One of her traits.

Little - She's fragile, easy to break. Small. Delicate, to be treated with care and a bit of a crybaby. This is how a characterize Peach to be honest.

Peachy - Her nickname given by many such as Mario & her father.

Overall the title emphasizes one character: Peach. She's main character after all. To show that it's about her. You readers could say that this is an alternative meaning to the title of the fic besides the original one that's said in Chapter 3.

Hope I explained it well to you!

Well I wish you peace, love, and pie readers! I must end this chapter here but we'll meet again in the next one!