Marius was late. Marius was never late. So maybe he wasn't really late, and she was just out in the garden early. All Cosette knew was that she had been waiting her for at least ten minutes, and she wanted Marius to arrive already! How hard it was to go whole day without seeing each other!

Eager to surprise him, she got up from her seat at the bench and walked over to the gate. She wiggled loose the bar and stepped out of the garden. She would surprise him from out here… he would certainly be astonished!

The man was waiting in the bushes, looking at her beautiful form in the moonlight. The little slut, waiting here like that. Just like her mother, taking men in after dark. Well he would show her. Creeping out from the shadows, he stepped out onto the street behind her.

Cosette felt an arm grab her around her waist, and before she could scream, a hand close over her mouth. She twisted and thrashed, trying to drag the hand away from her mouth, but it did not budge. She felt something cool and sharp against her neck and instantly stilled in terror, petrified.

"I'd stop that if I were you, poppet. I am just as willing to slit your throat as I am to fuck you… and mark my words, I'll do both tonight."

Her heart was beating so hard that it threatened to come out of her chest. The whispery voice was not one she could name, but it was strangely familiar, as though it was the voices in her nightmares. She felt something inside of her stir, as though an old memory was telling her to flee, in addition to the rest of her body. But her mind was telling her to stop thrashing. Maybe if she waited still long enough he would let her go.

He began to drag her in the direction of the woods across the road, and her idea of staying still fled her mind as quickly as it had come. She dug her heels into the ground and tried to elbow him, but he just stomped his foot hard on her ankles, causing a crack. She felt one ankle break, and the other painfully twist.She cried out. Tears pored from her eyes at the sharp pain, and then even more as he slapped her across the face for crying out.

"No one's coming for you, slut!"

She couldn't walk anymore, and could do no more resisting with her legs. The pain was too great. He easily dragged her into the woods and pushed her up against a tree. He took his hand from her mouth again, and she yelled. "Help! Help me!" But the man whose face she could not see just pressed the knife to her throat again.

"I'd shut up if I were you, girly. I'm going to get a fuck out of you, whether you're dead or alive. But you might as well enjoy it." He laughed a terrible, thin laugh, and tears pored further from her face. She was shaking so badly that her vision was shaking and unfocused.

He took a piece of rope from his pocket and tied her hands behind the tree, securing her there. The ropes cut into her wrists. She had to support her own weight, and she tried to stand on her non-broken ankle; it was swelled so badly that her leg was shaking. But she could not fall against the tree. He took his knife and cut open her dress, corset, and chemise, leaving her unable to move and completely exposed. Her face was flushed with shame and hatred, and her whole body was covered in a cold sweat from fear. Her neck was slightly bleeding from the shallow cut the knife had given her. What hope was there?

The man's hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them painfully, and she heard a hungry moan. This can't last must longer… she hoped. Then she felt her skirts being tugged at. Despite her protesting ankles, she snapped her legs shut and tried to kick at him. He would not touch her there.

"No, no… Don't touch me!" But he forced her legs open, and his hand went all the way up until he felt between her legs. She had never felt so much hatred, so much anger, and so much humiliation. She felt so violated that she would be happy to be completely alone for the rest of her life. The tears pored ever faster as he stroked her painfully hard, and she felt his fingers thrust inside her. "There we go… that's what I want…"

"NO!" she screamed as loud as she could. "Get your hands off of-" He grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head back against the tree, causing her to see stars even in the darkness. She could barely stay conscious, and she only felt his hands continue their exploration between her legs. She closed her eyes trying to hold back her tears and turned her head up toward the heavens, silently praying for this to end.

But she knew that no one would hear her.