Cats and dogs

Naruto watched as Kabuto stirred something. There were several weird things about this. One: Kabuto was in Naruto's house. Two: He was making breakfast. Three: It was about 9 A.M. And Four: Kabuto was humming happily as he cooked…what was it? Naruto glanced over Kabuto's shoulder, curious. Pancakes. Of course. Naruto sat at the table and idly watched Kabuto as he continued humming and Naruto imagined a silver dog tail waving behind Kabuto happily. Naruto chuckled at the thought. Kabuto's humming stopped and he looked over his shoulder at the young Genin.

"What's funny?""Nothing.""You have to tell me." Kabuto returned to his cooking so the pancakes couldn't burn.

"You remind me of a dog.""A dog? Why? 'Cause I'm technically Oreo's pet?""No. Not that?""Then how?"I'm trying to figure that out. Hmm…or maybe you're more like a cat…? Mmm…that's confusing."

"What is?""I can't tell if you're more of a dog or more of a cat.""Why can't I be both?""That's a great idea! You're a dat!""…What?""No. That's a stupid name. How about cog?"

"Um…I don't know if that's more of an 'eww' or a 'yikes'."

"Yeah. That's a weird name. I know! A dag!"

Kabuto chuckled as he set a plate in front of Naruto, then sat opposite of him. "That's…better.""By the way, Kabuto. Why are you here?"

"Um…well…let's say…me and fire don't mix."

"My base!" Orochimaru, A.K.A. Oreo A.K.A. Creepy snake tongue dude A.K.A. pedophile, cried, as he watched his burning base. "Why didn't you tell me he had a match, Sasuke?!"Sasuke shrugged innocently. "Didn't feel like it."