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Chapter Two


The intercom crackles and my mom's fuzzy voice breaks through the white wire. I look up from my sketch.

"Megan, are you there?"

I sigh and drag myself from my cozy, swivel chair and across my room to the intercom. I press the small button and reply sarcastically, "No, I've snuck away to a party in New York."

"Come downstairs and have a snack please. You haven't re-surfaced from that room since you got back from Ashley's this morning."
"I've been sleeping," I lie.

Even with Mom's agreement to the whole Flashlite thing last summer she still likes to know that my homework is done before my sketch is done. And I still have to call Jess for some of the answers to the science lab sheet I, um, forgot to fill out.

Ashley and I did math together last night and I think we did pretty well. Neither Ashley or me is the best at math but her dad's a professor at Middlesex in Lowell and he helped us out.

Ashley wanted to try on bikinis for each other but I said I didn't bring mine (lie). Its not that I think someone is going to break into my house and steal a swimsuit or something but I feel better knowing its by me. Like I'm working up the courage to wear it next Friday. And part of that courage involves being the only person to see it before then.

Mom had to move the party back a week because Gigi is flying in this weekend.

Everyone was upset about this (more the party being moved than my Gigi coming) especially me. Mom and I had a huge fight on Wednesday. She finally gave in to me having a sleepover last night because I threatened to purposely flunk math (I'm already on the range of a B-).

Now that I think about it, Gigi must have gotten in a one or two this morning and was still asleep when I got home from Ashley's at ten. But its noon now, she's probably up.

"Come down and eat. Gigi has made pancakes."

Mom's blurry voice jolts me from my thoughts.

I oblige to release my hair from its messy ponytail and slip into my yellow bathrobe. I pull on my favorite pair of socks and walk downstairs.

When I smell Gigi's delicious baking I immediately forgive her for having only this weekend off. I suppose I should've forgiven her a week ago when I listened in on her and Mom's phone call and she even offered to be there to supervise the party and let her and dad go out to some charity event. But Gigi's the lucky one. I probably won't forgive Mom until she orders actual, honest-to-god Pizza Hut for my party.

I slip into my tall chair at the counter, which is my favorite place to eat on Saturday. Bright sun streams through the four small, square windows above our kitchen cupboards directly opposite me. The shades in front of our screen door are cracked an inch or two.

"How's my Miss Megan?"

I smile broadly.

Gigi is sweeping about in her silky kimono. With a spatula she slides two American pancakes onto a plate and drizzles a line of her sweet, jasmine syrup over them.

She slides the plate over to me along with a fork and a glass of great, sugary Tropicana orange juice.

My mom gets a pained look at my completely, un-organic breakfast and shovels another spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth.

I take a bite with content and give my Gigi another huge smile, this one with her amazing syrup oozing around my teeth.

"You like?" she asks, giving me a nod.

"I like," I reply after chewing and swallowing, then give a pointed look at my mom. "I like it much better than my NORMAL breakfasts."

Mom looks kind of hurt and I immediately feel guilty.

Gigi gives me a sharp look and I chew on the inside of my cheek to keep from being nastier.

"I'm sure she's just kidding," Gigi says quickly. "Right, Megs?"

I look into my lap and nod quickly.

"This wouldn't be healthy for everyday. Its just nice once in a while."

I quickly chug my juice and shove my plate away. I've completely lost my appetite.

"Um, I have homework," I say as I back out of the kitchen. "Uh, thanks, Gigi."

And I retreat, like a puppy that's peed himself. Just like I know I've done something bad.

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