OK, this totally isn't going to make sense because of the last episode, which was awesome (Woohoo, Samily happened!), and because of Juliet's abortion, but I may try and work around that.

"What…What do you mean, you are a mother?" Charlie was left sitting upright in bed, with an incredibly shocked look on his face.

"Isn't it obvious?" Anna shouted back. She took a deep breathe and composed herself. "I'm sorry, it's just, I can't believe I let her go…"

"Explain…" Charlie said, more puzzles than shocked though.

"I was 17, and I was drunk I suppose. It was Martha Cambell's, you remember her, she was blonde, slim, and an absolute bitch, but I had drunk sex. It was my first time. 2 months later I noticed I'd missed my period and I was putting on weight and feeling sick. I got Emily to buy me a pregnancy test, and I took it. And I swear I thought I was going to be sick when it said positive. I tried to hide it from my mum, but she could see I was getting rounder. I only went to the doctors at 20 weeks, there were too many risks in aborting it. So I had to go ahead with it. I hated every minute of being pregnant, and tried not to fall in love with her. I gave her up a few hours after she was born. I walked away trying to forget, but the pain just gets worse. I ended up naming her in my head, and giving her a personality and everything. She's only 7 and she's all alone…" Anna burst into tears and fell into Charlie's arms.

"What's her name?" Charlie coaxed her, hoping it made her feel better by talking about it.

"Lily Rose…" Anna whispered.


"You…You love me?" Emily said, a bit shocked to say the least. "You love me?"

"Err…Yeah, that's what I just said," replied Sam. "What don't you understand?"

"The you and the me." Emily said confidently.

"Right, to cut a long story short, we need to get away. I'll climb through that window, and you can…" Sam was cut off by Emily.

"Honestly, do you watch any crime programmes. Didn't think so."

"I didn't answer!" Sam protested.

"But if you watch CIS: Hackney religiously, like moi, then you would know we have to clear the area for fingerprints."

"And how are we going to do that?"

"I don't know, I'm blonde, I don't have to think."


A glamorous, yet, very sophisticated woman pushed her way through the revolving door at Hotel Babylon. She carried no luggage, and walked up to the reception desk, where Ben looked her up and down.

"Just give me a room." She had an Italian accent, and flicked her brunette hair in a seductive way.

"Err…I'll have to check to see if there are any spare rooms…" Ben quickly directed his eye's to the computer and then looked back at the Italian woman. He could see behind a man lugging lots of bags, and guessed he was a poor slave to her.

"I'm afraid we have no rooms left, Madame, but…" Ben leaned back as the woman yelled at him.

"ALL I WANT IS A BLOODY ROOM!" Tony, hearing the commotion came out.

"Excuse me, maybe I can deal with this customer, Ben. Room 1293 checked out early. I'm sure we could let this lady have it. I you would like to follow me, Madame." And off they walked.


Emily got up from her knees and took her gloves off.

"Right, I think everything's done now. If you climb out the window and I'll walk out casually." Emily said satisfied with her work.

"Good, I'll meet you at the alley near Gon Wonk's Chinese shop."

"Got it."


And in that 5 minutes, I lot happened. Tony slipped his hand into the Italian's hand. Charlie and Anna collapsed on the bed from the exhaustion of crying, Sam and Emily met up, and kissed for the first time, the passion taking over, and Juliet regained confidence.

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