Inner Child

Chapter 5


Draco led the way through the halls, always within the sight of Harry and Blaise. They were in the halls that hadn't been used in many years, when the rest of the school went to class then they would explore some of the more used hallways. He flitted from doorway to doorway, and from painting to painting. Nothing kept his attention very long.

Though Harry and Blaise were keeping a close eye on him, it didn't seem to be close enough. One second he was in sight and all was well in good. But the next second the two had turned their backs momentarily and soon after they heard a startled scream and Draco was racing back to them from around the corner. Draco was racing around the bend, thick smoke was billowing out behind him. He barreled into Harry's legs before stopping.

"Harry! Make them stop, make them stop! They're scary!" he was whimpering as he clutched on to the front of the denim jeans.

The sentence had barely left the child's lips before two familiar red-heads sauntered around the smoking corner and towards them.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" teased Fred as his twin and he grew closer.

"This is why you weren't in the dorms last night, Harry?" asked George when they reached the two sixth year students and the little boy before them.

"Yeah, no one knew what was going on," said Fred before squatting down to take a closer look at the cowering child that was hiding. He reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to a peppermint. He was handing it to Draco and the little boy smiled and took it from him. But he didn't put it in his mouth; he looked at it from several different angles. It seemed like he had deemed it suitable and raised it to his lips. Fred smiled and opened his mouth to let out a laugh as it appeared the little boy had eaten the trick candy. Suddenly the little boy's hand flashed out and smacked against the red-head's mouth. His other hand reached up and held Fred's nostrils closed forcing him to swallow. Seconds later, there was a big bright peppermint stripped boy in front of him. George, Blaise, and Harry along with Draco burst out into giggles which soon turned to full-out belly busting laughs. The Prankster Co-king had been had. Served him right, too. Draco wasn't a Malfoy or for nothing.

Fred looked shocked for a moment before bursting out into laughs, too. He swept his arm out and back in, bowing as best as he could while sitting on the castle's stone floor. "I bow to the better prankster."

"As you should," Draco replied. Harry was worried for a brief moment. Was Draco just playing around or was he being who his dad's brainwashing made him? Seconds later, Draco started to giggle and shook hands with Fred. Harry and Blaise sighed in relief.

"So what happened?" the synced question came from two mouths.

"A spell that went terribly wrong. I'm taking care of him until he is back to his normal age," Harry explained.

"Oh…. Well, then, what are you doing wandering around this fine day?" George asked as he helped his twin back up off the floor.

"Showing Draco the castle. We were waiting until classes were underway or until dinner to show him the more frequented areas," Blaise explained eloquently.

"May we join you? That is if it is alright with Draco?" Fred asked, directing the last part at the little boy that barely reached the top of his thighs.

"Mmkay!" he said excitedly. The two identical people in front of him seemed very funny and looked like a lot of fun.

"Great then. Well, if we are giving a tour of the castle we need to give you the Weasley Twin Tour ™ of the castle. We give it to a few select first years of all the house every year. Even the Slytherins!" Fred chimed as they started walking down the hallway again.

"Lead the way then!" Harry said with a smile and a broad wave of his arm.

"And down this hallway you will find not only Hufflepuff Basement, which is very cozy by the way, but the entrance to the kitchen here in Hogwarts," George explained as they drew closer the portrait of fruit at the end of the hallway.

"But there isn't any doors, only paintings!" Draco protested whipping around wildly looking up and down the hall.

"Come here really quick, buddy," Fred wrapped his arm under the little boy's arms and around his chest; the other went under his thighs, pulling him up so that he was sitting on his arm and leaning back against the elder's chest.

"Reach out and tickle that pear three times. No more, no less."

The little boy did as he was asked and rubber his fingers over what he thought would be canvas but felt like an actual pear.

Seconds later he was turning the knob and pulling the painting open.

"WOW!" Draco screeched with excitement

A/N: I'll end it there. It was supposed to be longer but the next chapter is like twice as long so, that will hopefully make up for it. This is for New Years!