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The snow was falling around him. He knew he would not make it. Realistically the snow would cause him to freeze. That is if the bloody wounds on his back didn't first. Or if the others found him. The list of what could kill him was too long to think about. Not that he wanted to. If had been a blonde dobe then maybe he would have the will or bright outlook to survive until he could be saved. But he was not Naruto. He was not Shikamaru, who would have been smart enough to think his way out. He was almost a Neji, a person who thought that this was fate and so that there was no point in trying to live. If by some miracle fate decided that he should live then he would.

He was Sasuke Uchiha. An arrogant basted who hated everyone. No, that wasn't quite true. He did love someone. Well, many some ones. Naruto and Sakura and . . . Itachi. But the one he loved the most was Kakashi. That's right. The Hatake Kakashi. The one man who was always there.

Memories raced through his mind almost to quick to comprehend. The first time he had seen his sensei: the eraser on the head prank. The bell test; being so close yet so far away from his target. Land of the Waves . . .being dead and then alive. Hoping his sensei was okay. The Chunin exams. All of it. It rolled through his mind like a tornado.

Somehow, Kakashi knew he came to late. He just knew. He had woken up late at night in a cold sweat with the memory of his night mare fresh in his mind. A dying Sasuke just outside the village. Nearly buried in snow.

For some reason he had to go check. And he was glad he did. Kakashi followed his dream and found a half dead Sasuke. But he was too late. Crying, he brought the young b- man into his arms. He stirred. Praying to Kami that he would survive.

"Hold on Sasuke! I'm going to get you to a hospital," he said in a shaky voice.

"Don't . . . bother. . ," the Nin rasped, "Kakashi . . . I love. . . yo-," he never finished his sentence and Kakashi cried harder.

"I love you too, Sasuke. I should have told you sooner," wept Kakashi.

Sasuke's lips turned up into a smile. And the snow started to fall.