It was the end of his fifth year, the students were done their exams, but for the first time ever, the kids were taking classes till the end of term. Voldemort had been defeated once and for all in the ministry a week before, and all of his loyal followers were kissed, save spies like the Malfoys and himself. For the first time since he was a kid he had his life back, and once this week was over he planned to go far and abroad, away from men like Albus, for some peace and quiet finally. He was seriously considering falling off the face of the Earth, Merlin knew he was not meant to be a teacher.

He looked to the most unlikely pair, his godson and Potter, not sure either one should have been in the room. Potter had lost his godfather in the ministry, and Lupin was having trouble fighting for custody of him. He found himself feeling bad for him, having just lost Sirius and facing a summer with muggles. Draco's father was in the hospital, and beyond how formal they had to be in public, the two were always so close. He did not understand why either boy was made to be there.

Draco had got up under the excuse to come and get something from him and looked back over his shoulder. "Uncle Sev he really should not be in here."

Severus cocked an eyebrow. "Is this concern for Potter I see, or are you worried the classroom will blow up?"

Draco smirked "I don't want my potion blown up." But he grudgingly added "I guess maybe I can empathize with him."

While the two were talking Nott, who was the only one in the room who lost a parent, though many of the snakes lost family, took advantage of the fact Draco stepped away and Severus was not looking. He definitely blamed Harry for the fact he would be living with his Uncle that summer, his widowed father having got the kiss. Beyond that, anyone given the kiss was stripped of title and fortune, meaning Theo had nothing left but his trust fund.

Theo looked at Harry and had a bowl of petals over the cauldron "You should pay; you will pay for killing a lot of people."

Harry looked up. "The only person who I killed other then Voldemort was my own godfather. Your father was a murdering criminal. Piss off."

The guilt of the death of his beloved godfather had been eating away at Harry, and the fact Remus may not get custody of him before the summer was up, didn't help. He knew if he had not been in the ministry, Voldemort would still be out there, and many more lives could be lost, but he had lost the closest thing to a dad he had.

Theo dangled the bowl over the cauldron "Maybe we should see what this does?"

Severus and Draco had finally seen what was happening and had come over. "Mr Nott, no"

Too late, he dropped the bowl into the cauldron and though Severus managed to pull Draco and Theo out of the way, Harry was caught in the explosion of potion and when the smoke cleared in the room for a moment everyone was sure Harry had disappeared.

Then Draco noticed something. "Uncle Sev where is something in his robes."

Severus bent down and sure enough there was movement. "Nott, what did you add?"

Before Nott finished telling him, Severus knew it was bad, for he was not sure where was an antidote of any kind for it. From the mess of robes a little boy of no more then five, and pretty small for that, appeared, with tears running down his cheeks, and a bloody scratch on his head.

The little deaged Harry looked up at them in confusion, his thumb part way in his mouth. "Who are you? You no Uncle Vernon"