Harry and his dads had been happy to come to Beauxbautons mid week, even if Harry had to miss a day of school. Sirius and Lee had the baby in France as it was both their homes now, but the Malfoys and Tonks also had come down. Lee had done the impossible when she got playboy Sirius to marry and now have a baby, and they were all so happy for the couple. Sirius was the last of the true marauders to have a child, though he and Lee hoped to have another one if not two down the road Sirius had been making a real effort to learn how to be a good dad, Ian and Remus both had a free baby sitter a lot.

Harry and Paul led the way when allowed into the infirmary, all anxious to see the baby. They were all certain it would be a boy though a few thought Sirius with a girl would be fun, and they were not to be disappointed. Sirius was in bed next to his wife, holding a blue bundle in his arms.

Harry was put on the bed by Lucius as Remus had Sadie. "A little boy. But Papa wanted you to have a girl, after all your funnies about him."

Sirius shot a look at the man in question but he laughed. "I hope for a daughter one day, but just like your dads I got a son first."

Lee loved seeing her husband and their son together, though the image was even cuter when Harry and Sirius held the baby together for a photo. There was no doubt the little boy was a Black, he was Sirius all over again, but with Lee's eyes and dimples. Lucius pointed it seemed to be the way of marauder kids even Sadie, the looks from their sire but eyes from their mother or carrier. Sirius was happy, but he hoped when they had a girl she would look like Lee.

Paul and Remus had been asked to be godfathers to the baby, they were the closest thing to brothers either Lee or Sirius had left. Both men were so honoured to be chosen, Remus happy since he had not chosen Sirius. Sirius reminded him he was already godfather to one of Remus', and he understood.

Paul looked with pride when handed his nephew. "He is so beautiful you two. Your brother would have loved to be here for him."

Lee knew he thought not only of his husband but the son he also lost to the drunk driver. "You know I hope you will be active in his life."

She and Sirius both had no siblings or parents left, but where he did have blood family and Remus, Lee had Paul. She hoped he would date and one day marry as she knew her brother would have wanted him happy, and she would be by his side when he did. Paul knew she would remain a sister to him and his husband would be happy if he moved on, but for now he wasn't ready. He was content to run his restaurant, and be there for Lee and the baby as well

Andromeda smiled at the new little Black heir. "What name have you chosen for your little boy?"

Sirius did the honours. "After a bit of debate we have chosen the name Craig Mathew Black."

They had wanted to honour both their brothers, and Mathew was for her late brother. Sirius couldn't decide between the marauders or his own baby brother so he took a name from myth for the Blacks and Remus, but one with roots in British culture. Craig was a Scottish clan name so a link to Harry and his birth dad, but also came from a minor Greco-Roman god of victory and strength. Since the little one stood to be Lord Black one day, they used Craig first.

Harry shook his head when asked if Craig changed his mind about Beauxbautons. "No, I want to go to Hogwarts. I will be a Slytherin and Gryffindor like my dads."

An: so there will be a sequel in a few days, how long it is may depend on how interested people are to read it. It will have Harry and his new friends at Hogwarts including Corine, more Alberi and the Fae.