Live Today, See Tomorrow

Chapter 1

Pain. That was all he felt. No. He lied. Pain and cold was all he felt. He could feel the hard, cold floor pressed against his face. Where the pain was coming from, he wasn't sure. He had to open his eyes, he had to! They were so heavy though. It amazed him that such a simple task in the past had become so troublesome. He slowly cracked open his eyes. Darkness was all he saw. He blinked a few times as his eyes began to adjust. A cell. Of course that's where they put you when you got captured. The enemy wasn't going to place you in a nice, cozy room and ask you if the bed was soft enough, or if the lighting was just right. No. They threw you in a dark, cell, which normally smelt of death and fear. He saw a dark figure slouched against the wall.

"Kakashi?" he said quietly as he lifted himself up, slow and painfully. Then and there h realized he was topless and that his chest was heavily bandaged. There's the source of the pain, he thought to himself as he painfully made his way over to Kakashi. He placed his hand on the other man's shoulder and shook him slightly, calling his name again.


There was enough light in the cell to see a glazed over, gray eye look his way.

"Are you okay, Shikamaru?" came the rough voice from Kakashi. Shikamaru didn't answer him as he looked over Kakashi. He too was shirtless and heavily bandaged, the only difference was Kakashi was bleeding. Heavily. Shikamaru had noted that this was the first time he saw Kakashi's face, but now wasn't the time to stare and examine.

"These wounds are new." Shikamaru stated.

"I'll be fine," Kakashi said "are you okay?" he asked again.

"I'm fine," Shikamaru said. Other then the sharp pain his his chest and abdomen, he wasn't bleeding, and wasn't injured anywhere else. Compared to Kakashi, he was virtually unharmed.

"Did they just do this?" He wasn't really sure who they was, but knew there was a "they." Otherwise they wouldn't be in this mess. He saw Kakashi look away and close his eye. A chakra seal was present on Kakashi's forehead. He figured he had one too, so he tried to summon up some chakra. A sharp pain flashed through his head and he couldn't help but wince.

"Don't bother, the pain'll just get worse."

Shikamaru rubbed his head and looked at Kakashi. Shikamaru didn't really have a relationship with Kakashi. If anything, their relationship was through Asuma. Sure it grew a little after Asuma died, but nothing extreme. Every now and then they were sent on retrieval missions or even assassination missions. They'd do the mission, complete, then be on their separate ways. The end. This was different though. Very different. He doesn't even remember what he was doing before waking up in this cell. All he remembers is leaving the village, completing their mission, then waking up here.

"Ah, so the boy's awake?" came a voice. Shikamaru turned to look beyond the bars of the cell. A young man stood there, perhaps late 20s, early 30s, around Kakashi's age. He had pale skin and short, spiky brown hair. His dress attire was nothing Shikamaru has ever seen. It was as if he had a weapon at every possible, reachable place. But what Shikamaru looked for at once, was village symbol. This guy was defiantly a ninja. When Shikamaru found none his eyes narrowed. The man began to chuckle and Shikamaru felt Kakashi's hand grip his wrist.

"Who are you?" Shikamaru said in a strong, steady voice. The man chuckled some more.

"Who am I? You should know if you wanna know someone's name, it's polite to introduce yourself first," the man said was he waved a disapproving finger. Shikamaru stayed silence. "Well, anyway, my name's Kentaro." The man known as Kentaro, looked over to Kakashi. "Man, looks like Michio-sama went all out on your friend." Shikamaru felt Kakashi flinch under his hand. He's never seen Kakashi like this before, it frightened him.

"What do you people want?" Shikamaru asked as he looked at Kakashi with concerned filled eyes.

"You people? That's rude. If you want to know what we want you say 'What is it you and Michio-sama want?' that's a little more polite." Kentaro said crossing his arms.

He was really beginning to piss Shikamaru off, big time.

"Anyway, you know, the usual, your powers, your village secrets, maybe some--"

"Kentaro! What are you doing?!" came a strong male voice.

"Ah, Kano, how nice of you to join us!"

"What the hell are you doing?" This man, Kano, was older then Kentaro, and much more masculine. He was a large man and very built. His stern face seemed to be stuck that way and his battle scars did not go unnoticed. His short black hair matched his cold black eyes. Shikamaru felt a chill run down his spine just looking at the man.

"Just having a little chat it all," he said as he waved a hand in front of his face. "care to join in?"

Kano glanced at Shikamaru and Shikamaru couldn't help but look away. "You were told to bring the prisoner to Michio-sama. He's tired of waiting." Kano opened the cell door and walked up to Shikamaru. "Lets go, boy," he said as he roughly gripped Shikamaru's arm and hoisted him up. Kano began to drag him but stopped when he noticed extra weight. He turned and saw Kakashi's grip on Shikamaru as well. Kakashi began to rise slowly from the ground, using that wall as support.

"You're not....taking him," Kakashi said. Even though he was covered in sweat and breathing heavily, then venom in his voice and the murderous look in his eye didn't go unnoticed.

"Look Kano, he can still stand after everything Miochi-sama did," Kentaro said as he stood on his tip-toes, to look over Kano's shoulder. Kano let out a low growl, "Kentaro, deal with him."

"Righty oh!" Kentaro said as he came around and gripped Kakashi's wrist. In a quick, fluentmotion, Kentaro stabbed Kakashi's wrist with a kunai.

"Kakashi!" Shikamaru shouted. He hadn't even seen Kentaro move to grab a kunai. Kakashi's grip loosened and Shikamaru was yanked away.

"Make sure he doesn't bleed to death," Kano said as he dragged Shikamaru out of the cell and down the hall. Shikamaru struggled in the larger man's hold. He knew there was no chance of escaping, but he wasn't going to be dragged around easily like some dog. He heard a door open and then was thrown in. He hit the ground hard and groaned.

"Your friend is quite the shinobi. He didn't say one word throughout our whole session, only screams of pain." Shiakmaru looked up, the bright light burning his eyes. He saw a man there. He had brown hair pulled back into a pony, markings on his face that Shikamaru just couldn't make out at the moment. But what Shikamaru noticed most were the mans eyes. They were a bright orange with a tint of red in them. Shikamaru felt as if these eyes were going to be the last thing he saw before his death. He could feel the cold sweat begin to slide down his face. The man in front of him smiled.

"My name is Michio and I hope you have a lot to say, unlike your friend."