Live Today, See Tomorrow

Chapter 17

He felt like his heart was going to explode with the rate it was beating, but he couldn't be happier.

It was beating.

This was real. Tears slid down is face as he sat there with his hand over his heart. He wiped his tears away as he remembered that it wasn't over yet.

"Kakashi," he whispered as he remembered his escape. His eyes traveled to the number engraved in his arm, 2497. For some reason it assured him even more that this was in fact real.

He looked around the familiar hospital room. The feel of Konoha. Shikamaru lay back down. The comfort of the bed, something he would never take for granted again. He breathed in and breathed out. Began to drift back into sleep.

He knew he has to find a way to help Kakashi but he knows Kakashi wouldn't be happy if he tried with being less then 100%.

So he'd rest. Figure out a plan. Then save Kakashi.

Kakashi could feel his electrified chakra coursing through his body as he crawled. He heard a strained laughter from behind him.

"This isn't the end Kakashi..." Ritsuka said as he coughed out blood. "I might die here...but it's not over."

Kakashi stopped as pain coursed through his body, the electricity crackling around him.

Ritsuka continued to laugh. "And you're friend is free...just because he's got away?"

Kakashi couldn't question, couldn't yell, couldn't do much of anything. His body hurt and he could feel the stings of the burns he suffered. If he was gonna die here, he just hoped Ritsuka died with him.

"There was an explosion not far from where Nara Shikamaru was found, I want to to go and investigate it."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama," said the ANBU and they disappeared.

Tsunade sighed as she turned to the window. Whatever was going on, she wanted to know now.

Shikamaru heard voices before he felt pain. At first it was an ache then it got gradually worse. He sat up slowly ignoring those who were talking to him, he didn't even know who it was. He hunched over in pain as he felt a surge through his body. He began to hear the voices become panicked as he cracked opened his eyes. He could see his shadow in tendrils whipping around him. He felt a pinch in his arm and then slowly began to loose feeling altogether. A few hours ago he would've been scared if this happed but when he saw the face of his father over him, he wasn't. So he closed his eyes and fell back asleep.

Tsunade sat in a chair as she stared at the figure that was finally laying peacefully asleep. She wanted to cry but the anger that resided in here was so much stronger.

"Tsunade-sama..." an ANBU whispered behind her. "Ibiki-san is interrogating the man as we speak."

"Good. Tell him to use any means necessary," she stood up. "I want to know everything thing."

The moon lit up the small hospital room as Naruto sat beside Kakashi's bed.

"I knew you were alive," he said as he starred at his sensei's face for the first time. "I knew the two of you were out there somewhere."

His eyes wander to the number marked on Kakashi's arm. His face fell into his hands as tears began to fall. "Why did this have to happen?"

"Some questions just can't be answered."

Naruto whipped around in alarm but then relaxed. "You should be resting," he said as he whipped his tears away.

Shikamaru laughed as he made his way into the room. "Am I really hearing that from you?" He stopped as his eyes fell upon Kakashi. "I had to see him. I heard the nurses talking."

Naruto got up from his seat to lean against the wall, Shikamaru nodded in thanks and sat down. He simply watched Kakashi's breath. "So, it was destroyed?"

Naruto looked at Shikamaru with concerned eyes. "Yeah, they only found Kakashi and another guy, everyone else was dead."


"From what I heard...why?"

Shikamaru thought of Natsume but shook his head. "It's nothing."

Naruto hesitated but then asked, "Shikamaru...are you okay?"

Shikamaru shook his head. "No, Naruto," he sniffed and brought a hand up to whip the overflowing tears. "I'm not...I'm not okay..." and he cried.

Naruto placed a hand on his shoulder. "Come on," he whispered. "Let's get back to your room."

Shikamaru stood up slowly, Naruto wrapped his arm protectively around Shikamaru's shoulder as they made their way out. Shikamaru took one last glance back at Kakashi and couldn't help but feel this feeling.

This feeling of...