This is ZEN'S POV. And I wrote it out of boredom, and for those of you who care.

Song: "Your Star" by Evanescence.

I love Zim. So why do I feel so hollow? Guilt? Or perhaps… it's much more than that.

I had called an ambulance before I left my house, but they arrived only after his heart had stopped. Gam was dead for over ten minutes. He'd been worse, but…. Then, he had been trying, fighting tooth and nail for life. And now…

I lied to them. I told them he had only just stopped breathing before they came in, so that they wouldn't give up, like he had. I didn't want to lose him.

I still don't. I hold my friend's hand. He's been sleeping for a long time, and I'm afraid he may not wake up. I sigh.

Zim enters the room. I look up. "Zim?" I ask. "You're here?"

He sighs. "Damn it, Zen. Why'd you give them my number?"

I shake my head, not really knowing. I know the two hate each other, to death, but…

Gir stands behind Zim, with a look of curiosity. He's biting his thumb nervously. It surprises me how much Gir has grown since I saw him last. He recently turned fifteen, which means Zim, Gam, and I must be nineteen… time flies, and I don't keep track.

"Can I go now?" Zim asks. "I only even came for Gir."

I slowly shake my head. "Please."

Zim sighs. He looks at Gir, who softly says, "Stay." He had matured, as well. But I have no energy to be surprised, or proud.

"Zim…. He…" I look at the sleeping form of Gam. "He told me… he loved me."

"So what did you say?" I don't answer. He sighs. "Stupid woman! Don't tell me you still…" I'm stared at.

"I can't help it, okay!" I say in self defense. "No one can help who they fall in love with!"

"And you love me. Yes well….. DON'T MAKE ME GO CHRIS BROWN ON YOU, MENTALLY UNSTABLE HUMAN FEMALE!!" Gir makes a weird face, as if he has no idea whether Zim planned that to be funny, or if he shouldn't laugh at risk of his own life. "Don't you get it? I. HATE. YOU! I hate you! You drive me insane!" Zim points to Gam. "HE doesn't! I do! And it's very easy to see that you MENTALLY UNSTABLE FEMALE MOOSE are in love with BOTH of us, or else you wouldn't be sitting here, crying like a damned fool!" He looks at Gir. "Come, Gir!" The boy hesitates, then follows him out. I hear Zim's voice in the distance: "Be HIS psycho fangirl banshee from Hell, not mine!!"

The tears fall. I know now. I see what I couldn't before. I am. I am in love with him. I always was. But I was so stupid, it took an angry, yelling fit to show me.

But now it may be too late.

I sing to him, the song that was playing in his room when I found him. I like it, and have memorized the words.

"I can't see your star

Though I patiently waited, bedside for the death of today

I can't see your star

The mechanical lights of Lisbon frightened it away

And I'm alone now

Me and all I stood for

We're wandering now, all in parts and pieces swim lonely

Find your own way out

I can't see your star…

"I can't, Gam," I say. "I can't see it. I'm scared." I get closer. "I love you."

He wakes, slowly, and puts an arm around me.


"How about now? Can you… see it?"

I nod. I want to kiss him, but I'm afraid of what would happen if I did. He might get worse. And so I say, "You're my star."

And I'm alone now

Me and all I stood for

We're wandering now, all in parts and pieces swim lonely

Find your own way out

I can't see your star…