Can you believe it? I actually managed to do a wee!Chester fic in only 100 words, woo hoo! Another chapter of "Not So Drunk" is up for those reading it. Happy Independence Day weekend to my fellow Americans!

Happy birthday to the incredible Nana56! Hope your day, and the coming year, are blessed!

word: glimmer
word count: 100

No Balm Like a Brother

Mother's Day, 1986

"Dean!" Little feet padded closer. "Wha's wrong wif you eye?" A small finger poked bruised flesh.

Dean flinched. "Nothin'," he grumbled. The fight he'd started hadn't eased the pain inside anyway. Nothing could touch that.

"Stay here," Sammy bossed. "I go get a bangaid. Make it better." He returned with his doctor kit. Frowning in concentration, he bandaged Dean's cut; kissed a fingertip and pressed it to the injury. "Better?"

Dean swallowed hard. He'd been wrong. There was something that could ease the pain inside, and it wasn't a playground fight. A healing glimmer touched old wounds. "Yeah, Sammy. Better."